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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Americans Stirring Iranian Students

Curious how student action in Iran is getting attention, but similar student opposition to the Bush administration is laughed off.

* * *

Gonzalez faced the ire of Georgetown Law students, and Congress rewarded his arrogance with an illegal military commisions bill.

Suddenly, Iranian students dare peep, and the US begins to scream, "Oh my, look at the students." Same thing happened in Iran when the CIA removed the Shah -- students were mobilized.

* * *

Notice what's unfolding:

- Revelations there is no WMD program in Iran;

- The phony spy story involving NATO;

- Deletions of US-Iranian cooperation in Afghanistan;

- US combat losses in Iraq;

- Calls for NATO enlargement.

The US and NATO have joinly agreed that the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be swept under the rug.