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Friday, December 22, 2006

Congressional Act After Bush Leaves Office

We the People elected to Congress our represenatives. If they do not want to do their job, we can find new leaders.

If Bush remains in office until 2008, there is nothing stopping future Congress from doing what these Members of Congress have said they will not: Remark for all of history the Congressional disgust with his abuse of power.

* * *

Members of Congress ni the 110th are acting as if they're secretaries for the White House war criminal. In truth, they're represwenatives of We the People. When they don't do their job, we need to find new leadership, even if it is outside teh GOP and DNC ranks.

What the 110th Congress does or doesnt do before 2008 is irreelvant. After 2008, the 111th Congress (and all other COngress) will have the power to take action. The error is to presume that if Congress decides to do nothing between 2007 and 2008 on issues of impeachment, that the 2008 Presidential election will close the door on Presidentail accoutnability. Rather, the legacy of inaction will be the basis for other Members of Congerss in future COngrses to lead action where the 110th refused.

* * *

Let's suppose the lazy toads in Congress decide to do nothing about the alleged war crimes, leaving heathenous
Bush in office without a censure.

That's all that can be said for the 110th congress -- there are others, after the 110th, than can impose sanctions on Bush: Publicly censure him, retroactively do things to him.

If Congress is giong to make a law retraoactively granting immunity for war crimes, future COngresscan retroacdtively do other things to Bush as well. If one set of retroactive things are enforced -- whichthey should not be, but let's put that side -- then so can another COngress do teh same, undo the mess,or rewrite the law condemning Bush to permanent exile.

However, if some toad in the DoJ is going to argue that Bush "can't be sujbect to that retroactiveaction by future COngerss," then Congress cannot retroactively immunize anyone for illegal, international war crimes. Can't have it both ways.

* * *

Discuss with your friends the possible things future Congress could do to Bush and his alleged co-conpsirators in Congress:

___ How many retroactive bills will be passed to throw them in jail without trial;

___ How might a future Congress treat this Congress in terms of stripping it of any immunty, or doing things to thsi COngress and PResident that seem unimaginable.

___ How many times might a ftuure Congress censure a former President "Just because we can"

___ How many bills of censure will might future Congressional sessions after the 110th pass against a former President

* * *

There is no law against Congress passing a proclamation, bill, or other sense of congress in a censure bill that will target a former President.

The man has alleged committed Genocide, war crimes, and other things which there is no statute of limitations. Surely, future Congresses after the 110th with see the opportunity to do what the 110th refuswed to do: Forever document the disgust We the People have with this conduct.

* * *

It's all well and Good for Congrses to pretend that it can or cannot do something: It acts like
it can illegally pass a retroactive bill -- which it can't -- but then claims future COngress cannot do teh same.

111th Congerss and those beyond will have the power to do what the 110th Congress refuses to do: HOld
the Members of Congress accountable, direct US Attornys to target and prosecute Members of Congress;
and lawfully eject from Congress those Members of the 110th Congress who didn't do their job.

The message is simple: Whatever the 110th Congress does or doesn't do is something which will form the
basis for future COngressional action: New rules, retroactive action, and subsequent subpoenas.

INdeed, Members of the 110th Congress could be called before any committee, especially if they are no
longer a Member of Congerss, and expalin their action or inaction on various matters related to ivnestigations,
what they didn't do, or other things under the laws of war.

* * *

Make a list of the things you would like to see the 111th Congress (or future COngress) to do the 110th Congress
and PResident after they've left office.

___ Retroactive bills

___ Censures

___ Subpoenas

___ Proclamations directed at specific Members of Congress

___ Information to present to war crimes prosecutors

Be creative. Think long term. Just because the 110th Congress may leave power in 2009, it doesn't mean
that they're gong from the political landscape. Future Americans should know that the 110th Congerss
was forever hounded for their laziness, refusal to assert their oath, and they were lawfully subject
to lawful targeting by war crimes prosecutors, We the People, and future generations.