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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Presidential Veto of DNC 100 Hours Agenda

Ref DNC can try all they want to exclude the GOP from deliberations.

Small problem: President can veto anything, and without keeping the GOP in the original debates, the DNC won't have enough votes to override the veto.

* * *

I've heard alot of DNC talk about "bipartisanship, and we don't have enough votes to support impeachment."

That may be true, but DNC can't then argue it's going to exclude the GOP from discussions, and expect the President to become a rubber stamp.

* * *

The DNC has taken impeachment off the table.

___ Is the DNC going to argue, because the President wont cooperating with marginalizing the GOP Members of Congress, that the President will be impeached?

___ If the DNC excludes the GOP from deliberations, why should the GOP support the DNC in overriding a possible Presidential veto?

___ Does the DNC plan to threaten impeachment if the President does not rubber stamp legislation that did not get GOP input?

* * *

The DNC may have an agenda, and the GOP may have not been nice for the last 12 years, but the DNC doesn't control the White House.

___ Does the DNC hope, by excluding the GOP from the deliberations, that the DNC might use the White House opposition to the lack of bipartisanship as a means to justify to the voters that the DNC should control a rubber stamping White House?