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Thursday, January 04, 2007

GOP Remains A Legitimate Military Target

We're at war: The Constitution remains under attack. No reason to cooperate with those who intend to force us to show our cards.

* * *

After years of abusive GOP propaganda, I find it offensive that our national leadership would expect full disclosure. We the People haven't been given balanced respect; no reason to give what we haven't been given, especially when it is not required.

The GOP, despite the clear Constitution, was required to follow the Constitution, but didn't. Now that the GOP has a problem and is in a minority position, they want a faster way to find who to target.

I'm in favor of disclosure only if there is a credible enforcement mechanism, and there is nothing that would prevent the GOP from being held accountable for their propaganda. Until then, we cannot have regulations on speech, especially when the rules are inconsistently enforced, and openly violated.

Make life difficult for my peers in the GOP: Keep them in the dark about whether you are for or against them. Maybe they'll wake up and realize this mess is theirs; until they wake up, don't wake them up by helping them understand that they remain under siege and are lawfully being targeted by foreign fighters under the laws of war.

Do not take the bait and agree to disclose something the GOP is not serious about enforcing or obeying. The larger issue remains the Constitution. Until the GOP agrees they have been complicit with war crimes, efforts to require disclosure of who is funding a particular blog should not be required.

If the GOP is not happy with who is lawfully targeting them under the laws of war, they should not have violated the laws of war.

Don't agree to show your cards until the jailer arrives at the gambling table; even then, you haven't given up your rights to speak or not speak anonymously.

Buyer beware: If you have to be told that someone might have an opinion or they have been funded by someone, perhaps you shouldn't be on the internet. Assume all information on the internet is linked to an agenda that may or may not be consistent with your interests. The GOP plays to make you lose; don’t cooperate with them. They are the enemy, not your friend.