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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Expanded Combat Operations Against America

Whether the United States accepts it or not, foreign fighters have expanded the scope of combat operations against all US government officials worldwide Ref

* * *

The opposition is based on simple principles: The Americans have arrogantly defied the Afghan culture, and imprudently abused power on the back of propaganda and lies.

America is unprepared to lose, and may pay a high price to understand what it means to annoy people who genuinely detest America's arrogance, abuse of power, and hypocrisy.

The Afghanis do not consider themselves responsible for what happened in Sept 2001, and are confident they can prevail over the United States and NATO as they defeated the Russians. They are determined, and plan to take advantage of America's lack of progress in Iraq, and the stalemate in Afghanistan, to achieve their goals.

NATO is unwilling to support expanded combat operations, and is not prepared to use all required resources to prevail over those who view their lands as having been illegally invaded.