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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lawfully Targeting GOP Members of Congress for War Crimes

If the GOP was serious about doing things differently -- which they are not -- they would demand of the DNC leadership that their peers in the GOP be investigated.

* * *

Rep. Patrick McHenry, if you're serious about wanting change, start looking at the cess pool in my party: The GOP. My leadership has gutted the Constitution, defied America's Bill of Rights, and you have the audacity to expect other people to clean up our party's mess. What a crock of non-sense, Patrick.

If you want something Patrick, demonstrate it: Let's get the GOP leadership in Congress behind oversight that will lawfully target the alleged fraud and malfeasance by my party's leadership. The Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports are a place to start: Read more here.

It's time for the GOP to stop demanding that the DNC do or not do anything. The GOP has the responsibility to manage its own, and can ask the IG and US Attorney to review the alleged malfeasance by any Member of Congress over issues of war crimes, FISA violations, prisoner abuses, and illegal warfare.

It is absurd for anyone to demand the minority be given rights: The Bill of Rights, the ultimate protection for all minorities, has been ignored.

The GOP needs to explain why, despite knowing it had lost the November 2006 election, why it did not use the last two months of the 109th Congress to put into effect the very rules you are calling for. Shame on you. My party fell down, and it's left the 110th Congress with the responsibility to pass the budgets the 109th should have passed long before the election.

What did my party do? Rather than solve problems, it failed to exercise the power it had, and didn't pass legislation and rules while it could have done something. You're lazy and do not deserve to be taken seriously.

The bill McHenry offered could have been introduced long before the 109th Congress ended. It did not. You have not basis to call for the US Congress to "ensure" anything. The GOP should be lawfully targeted for fully investigations by the US Attorney for alleged complicity.

If you fail to fully assert your oath, and document your known concerns with violations of the law, then the GOP Members of Congress, even if they are new, could also be complicit with war crimes.

McHenry claims that he’s not behold to what former Congresses did. Fine, then it's his responsibility to break ranks, and lead the charge against the failed leadership in my party which refused to break ranks with the President's alleged illegal war crimes.

Indeed, McHenry is talking about things -- whining -- because he's not willing to really break ranks and target his peers.

____ Where's the House Ethics Investigation against the GOP Members of Congress for their failure to review the FISA violations, unconstitutional conduct, and other activity which shows GOP Members of Congress are not serious about their oath of office?

The GOP has no credibility complaining about anything the DNC leadership does. Ata this juncture, the DNC leadership in the Senate is still baffled by the victory, and has no credible plan in place -- yet -- to do anything. It's absurd for the GOP to claim that the DNC leadership is heavy handed. My party's leadership was allegedly complicity with war crimes on a scale only overshadowed by Hitler. The abuses were the same, only different on scale.

* * *

As to claims that minorities do or do not have rights, my party would have illegally shut down Sheehan's protest. What did the DNC do? They let her speak, as the failed NYPD refused to do during the RNC conventions.

* * *

House Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam is a poodle. He should quit whining about what the DNC is or isn't doing, and provide leadership to the failures in my party: The failure to enforce Geneva; and the failure of the GOP Members of Congress to fully enforce the Constitution.

___ Where is you plan Putnam to review why your peers in the 109th passed an illegal military commissions bill which retroactively stated Geneva did not apply?

___ Why should anyone take your comments seriously about what the DNC is or isn't doing?

Next time you get the pancake batter on, use some better tissue. The makeup is getting stuck to your nose.

* * *

Quit your whining about whether you are or are not disappointed. You in the GOP have failed. GOP supporters switched sides and voted to support the DNC.

The DNC is in charge because you failed to do your jobs: Protect the constitution, not let it spiral into its inferior state.

America's disappointment about the GOP can be measured in terms of the GOP losses in the 2006 election.

The GOP has missed an opportunity to change the way the House does business, Putnam. You and others my party were in charge, had the legal power to do things, and you refused.

These are not partisan matters. These are matters of international criminal law.

If you want a "new way of doing business" we can lawfully take you and your alleged war criminal friends to the Hague for prosecution.

Republicans, as Dana states, do have some explaining to do: To the Grand Jury:

___ Where were you guys?

___ Did you plan to implement your oath?

___ Does the GOP have any other defense other than, "The Democrats are disappointing?"

The Republican Party failed.

* * *

The GOP was in charge in the 109th Congress, and had no plan for Iraq or complying with the law.

All the Republicans do in 2007 is complain that "nobody else has a plan." That's not an argument, that's a diversion.

___ Where is the GOP plan to fully cooperate with the war crimes prosecutors?

___ Why should American have confidence in anyone in leadership who can only parrot, "It's disappointing."

* * *

Twelve years of Republican disappointment topped with alleged war crimes, inaction, and a failure to assert power in the last months of 2006. There is no excuse.

The GOP remains a threat to the American Constitution and it should lawfully be destroyed through all lawful means at the hands of international actors, legal experts, and foreign fighters.