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Thursday, January 04, 2007

NY Gov. Spitzer: Bringing Responsive Government, Disarming The Status Quo

Please contact NY Governor Spitzer, and ask him to (a) encourage his Attorney General to prosecute the President, as is permitted; and (b) encourage the NY State Legislature to pass an impeachment proclamation.

These acts will help ensure the US Government remains responsive to We the People, and not asleep.

* * *

Spitzer in his State of the State address to the NY Legislature, some themes bear repeating [my thoughts]. Unlike the President's vague ideas, Spitzer outlined specific actions.

- The Governor is proposing a Constitutional Amendment to bring judicial reform: [Constitutional Amendments are possible to solve problems, unlike the GOP plan in Congress to enforce minority rights, without a plan to enforce this requirement should the heathens in GOP consolidate power and return].

- Congress is a partner of the States in bringing change [and cannot be an obstacle to the needed changes ].

- Government is in disrepair [It must be reformed, or lawfully destroyed and rebuilt].

- The unacceptable status quo must be confronted [If it is not confronted, it will continue and give us more of the same -- GOP non-sense].

- We are all responsible for changing what is unacceptable [Those who want to make excuses will get more of the same excuses, not solutions].

- "The future belongs to those who seek change" [Not to those who make excuses for accepting what is unacceptable].

- New Yorkers shouted for change [Congress doesn't appear to listen, especially the GOP].

- The army of special interests shall be disarmed [If they refuse to cooperate, they may be lawfully targeted by foreign fighters who may lawfully impose consequences on contractors for supporting war crimes].

- There are solutions [Solutions are easy, getting people to believe there is a specific solution can be difficult; and Americans can be most difficult when they have been beaten down by the arrogant GOP for over a decade to believe that solutions are a threat].

* * *

Gov. Spitzer:

Let us remember the lessons of two great governors, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt instructed, "It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on to better things." And Franklin Roosevelt advised us to be, "bold," and to recognize that people demand "action, and action now. . . .As New York’s former Governor Theodore Roosevelt once remarked, there can be no great progress without first entering the arena." Ref

* * *

Constant's Corollary on Presidential Impeachments:

A Constitutional Confrontation cannot be avoided when the President has confronted the Constitution. It is our job to be resolute, and do what must be painfully done: Confront the President.