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Sunday, February 12, 2006

State proclamations for impeachment: Archive

[ For your convenience, there is a State Proclamation Archive; Click here to read other content in the State Proclamation Archive.]

Welcome to the Archive on the State-level impeachment effort!

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Status Update
Status of state level impeachment: Rhode Island and Vermont are in the lead! [ Click ]


Case law showing the President and Joint Staff have committed war crimes; and the Congress assents to this illegal conduct. The States have a reasonable and lawful basis to issue proclamations calling for impeachment. Click

71 U.S. 2, discussion: Click

State Proclamations

No excuse for Congress not to impeach by 1 March 2006 [ Click ]

Mandates House action: Voters have Nine Months to watch the RNC squirm Click

What the concept is and why it is a good idea: Gives voters 9 months to digest who is or is not for the rule of law Click

Why they are needed: The time for non-sense is over Click

State official discussions: A voter’s guide to the State Proclamations and issues to raise with your state officials Click

Federal Government Unresponsive to Abuses

Criteria to evaluate whether the Congress and Executive are doing what must be done, or are doing more of the same: Nothing Click

Needed Member of Congress Standards of Conduct: To assert the rule of law, and check the President. [Click ]

The pattern of conduct is clear: Abysmal, unlawful, and reckless -- a threat to the American Constitution. [ Click ]

The RNC excuses for inaction on state proclamations are frivolous. [ Click ]

White House and Congress agree to do nothing, but you can force them to face the issues with a State Proclamation. [ Click ]

Failed federal government mandates state action. Click

Congress is unable to sift through the NSA non-sense and technical distractions. [ Click ]

Tools which were not used: Senate refused to filibuster to mandate House impeachment Click Click

Signs the Federal Government is not serious about action; and why the state level action is needed: Fifty-one [51] Non-sense questions from the House Judiciary Committee [ Click ]

Signs the Federal Government wants to engage in endless investigations, and not lawfully remove a self-evident attack on the constitution. Click

State Effort to compel Congress to raise militia to subdue DoD's unlawful rebellion against the Constitution

American military commanders must review your oaths of office. Click

Responsibility lies with Executive Branch

It is obvious the President is in rebellion against the Constitution, and the Federal Government has no plan to tame his rebellion. Click

The President's violations of the law trigger Proclamations and a Constitutional Convention to recalibrate the Federal Government. [ Click ]

The States Are Ready: State proclamations signals failed federal government. [ Click ]


What you can do Click ]

Creating T-shirt slogans for state impeachment efforts [ Click ]


Link Archive for state level impeachment information Click


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