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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

State Attorney Generals May Prosecute DoJ Monica M. Goodling

Ref There's been some concern that Goodling, as manager of the US Attorneys, might block prosecutions of herself.

There's a solution: State Attorney Generals may lawfully prosecute the President and any government official for failing to enforce the law and protect the State's right to a Republican form of government. [Share this link ]

It is irrelevant whether the Virginia Attorney General chooses to not compel a disbarment investigation. We the People may call for grand juries in our states to have Goodling impeached and prosecuted for violating our state's guarantee to a republican form of government, which requires an enforcement mechanism for the guarantee to be met.

Goodling has arguably interfered with the enforcement mechanisms, subjecting her to disbarment and prosecution by any of the fifty [50] Attorney Generals.

* * *

Until the US government comes up with a plan to timely prosecute Goodling, please encourage your state attorney general to prosecute Goodling for illegally organizing an effort to circumvent the required Amendment process; and illegally organizing an effort by the President and others to usurp Senate Power.

Congress isn't interested in preserving the Constitution or its power. Maybe your state attorney general is interested in their oath of office. If they refuse to act, let's get them disbarred.

Eventually the American Bar Association will realize it has a staffing problem and needs to do something about the breakdown of the confidence with the American legal community leadership.

We the People are well positioned to create a new Constitution which will clearly promulgate what to do when the US government refuses to enforce the rule of law; or the US Attorneys have been blocked from prosecuting war criminals in the Department of Justice.

It shouldn't take this long for the lazy, reckless American legal community to fairytale a timely plan to defend this Constitution.

But, as of late, the job of defending the Constitution appears to have fallen ultimately, on We the People and the States.

The buffoons in the DNC and GOP want more power; yet refuse cooperate with state proclamations calling for the Congress to investigate the President?

Perhaps they realize We the People have a New Constitution, they'll realize they've really put their foot into themselves. Then it will get worse: War crimes prosecutions, and disbarment.

The President cannot pardon any staff counsel that has been lawfully executed for war crimes.