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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

White House Staff Under Siege

The President's illegal effort to violate the Constitution, usurp power, and wage illegal warfare is having a backlash. The Republican party is turning on the White House staff.

Ref Leaks about the e-mails and Rove's planning.

This evening, Karl Rove was targeted by students. Even when the White House staff attempts to spread propaganda to justify more illegal warfare, abuse of power, and illegal activity, America's students have defiantly refused to support this White House illegal rebellion against the rule of law.

Rove's learned what happens when the students refuse to accept the brainwashing.

Rove is a former President of the College Republicans in Utah. How fitting the Republicans have turned on their own. Like Rove, the GOP Students have learned: After burning the Constitution, Republicans eat their young, and old.

Rather than solve problems with ideas, the students heeded the example of the President: They used force to send their message. As Congress has done with this President, the students were not arrested.

In 2004, the American University College Republicans locked out Michelle Malkin.

___ When the seige started, why wasn't Rove alarmed; or was the seige seomthing the RNC wold have planned to discredit others, as was done with the 2004 attacks on the RNC campaign offices? Surely, if the seige was real, the GOP would have ordered JTTF to proesucte those who engaed in disruptive behavior.

GOP asked the US Attorneys to back down from proseucting the GOP.

* * *

It started with one with one student. It was idea whose time had come.

Karl Rove was seen as the rebel he was. The American University College Republicans, known for the intellect, decided it was time to make a stand.

The President's illegal rebellion had gone on far too long. Rather than endure more non-sense from the White House, the students challenged Rove who has been discredited as having organized illegal efforts to abrogate the US Constitution.

Just as the RNC engaged in attacks on their own campaign offices in 2004, today the Young Republicans turned on the White House staff.

Rove is under siege. The circle is closing.

Foreign combat forces have encircled the nation's capitol, ready to engage in like retaliation against US government officials for Geneva violations. The students no longer trust their leadership.

The US government with ROve's assent and cooperation is reported to have engaged in illegal kidnappings, prisoner abuse, and summary executions without trial.

Agents and personnel indirectly associated with major military powers are prepared to engage in like violations, as permitted under the laws of war.

The DOJ and White House counsel are under siege. There is dissension is the ranks. The staff counsel cannot trust each other. They do not know who is leaking copies of the e-mails outside their trusted circles.

America's youth are turning on the government. Roves has been discredited. There is more to come.

This President has yet to comprehend what it means to endure oversight, much less the lawful consequences for his grave breaches of Geneva. Rove is slowly learning that the rebellion against the rule of law he helped organize is turning on him and bringing his peers in the legal community to justice.

Tonight Rove met We the People. We stared him in the eye. Rove does not comprehend this shall continue for eternity. The rule of law shall prevail over his illegal rebellion against the US Constitution.

He wished this.

* * *


Rove openly coordinated this public event. It is possible for the House and Senate to subpoena all records related to this planned event.

Any communications that should exist that are not provided could be presumed to be hidden in Rove's private e-mail accounts.

Any document that the White House does not provide, but exists through any e-mail account at American University, should be presumed to be linked with communications method which the GOP and White House hoped to keep hidden.

Action For House and Senate Judiciary

___ Subpoena all e-mails related to Rove's visit with the American University

___ Independently, identify a list of required coordinating events, steps, and actions to plan, implement, and coordinate Rove's visit with the American University

___ All reasonable efforts to identify these staff communications between the White House and American University should have a finite list of discoverable e-mails

___ All e-mails which are not provied, but should support the required planning steps, should be presumed to exist in non-White House communication e-mails.

___ With that list of e-mail gaps, it is possible to go to Rove's C:Drive [and other White House Staff computers] and identify the times that e-mails were sent; what methods of communication were used; and understand the nature of the e-mail communication methods the White House legal counsel and Rove are using to avoid Congressional oversight of White House illegal war crimes planning, unlawful conduct, and illegal breaches of the US Constitution.

___ Scan for this Prefix in the White House, GOP, and e-mail with key-word "Rove", "Young Republicans", and "American University": [ ]

___ Here are the IP numbers to intercept: Ref

* * *

Ref Emails

Ref IG Politicization

Ref Approval of comments

ROve's Planning For the US Speech

Presentation materials

Advance read copies of presentation

Reviews, comments of proposed comments

Inputs from local staff to White House speech writers on themes

Coordination with GOP on themes

Legal policy review of the planned attendance

Approval/coordination of appropriate oversight, agencies

Public affairs notification of planned attendance

Ethics review, confirmation no issues


Review of other briefing comments, speeches including others slides

Advance read copies provided to GOP Congressional leadership

Inputs on themes, comments, and other things

Review of GOP long term planning objectives for 2008 campaign

Open invitation between AU and GOP to echange notes, share ideas, and provide cross talks on political issues

Confirmation that appropriate policies were reviewed, no issues

Request to conduct a review of appropriate policies related to the visit

Input from various staff members on political issues of interest

Survey done on students to identify their interests; and method to tailor the Rove comments to their interests

Preliminary discussion of ideas related to the planned presentation, confirmation that the tone and tenor of the speech was consistent with the GOP interests; and would meet the needs of the AU students and political leadership

Notification letter

E-mail traffic


Coordination on Speech/Comments

Confirmation on Time, Details


Initial Idea floated

Confirmation of meeting and discussion

Rescheduling notice

Memo to AU RNC leadership confirming final decision

Thank you letters sent

Confirmation of receipt

Letters of acknowledgement to AU

Follow-up plans and notes after Rove Department

Message on planned next interaction between White House-GOP-AU, or next event with GOP

Information on travel arrangements

Information on food availability

Subsequent traffic from Rove related to other events; rescheduling notices sent related to other events which could not be completed

Comments that events for that evening would have to be delayed because of planned speech

Confirmation with wife that Rove would not be able to be around the home or his son for a specific time slot otherwise available

Rearranging household evening routine at Rove's home

Special cleaning instructions to tailor

Confirmation pressed suit available as requested

special clothes and presentation shoes available, shined, and ready

Payment stub for clothing

Delivery notice of clothes for Rove on eve of the planned presentation.

Adjustment of Rove's household food preratoin routine; and adjustment in menus for the week; impacts to the grocery lists; expected delay in restocking household goods


A. Where are the above e-mails?

B. If they're not included, how is Rove coordinating his communications?

C. What e-mails related to the above are missing?

D. Are there patterns in the type sof subjects that are not included in the e-mail list, or list of e-mails provided?