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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Speaker, House Judiciary Chairman Recklessly Assent to Geneva Violations

America's Leaders Recklessly Ignore Nuremberg Precedents By Refusing To Impeach

Ref The Nuremberg Justice Trial clearly stated that civilized nations and societies shall impeach government officials for serious crimes, especially to enforce the laws of war.

Unless the impeachment option remains on the table and is used, the United States government may not call itself civilized.

This lazy, arrogant, and reckless Speaker and House Judiciary Chairman have jointly ignored the precedent of Nuremberg, and have done exactly what the German Reichstaag and German Justices did during WWII: Refused to impeach offending government officials; and not full enforce the laws of war.

* * *

The Justice Trial precedent clearly states that a society is civilized when it will use all lawful options to punish judicial officers, government officials, and others in positions of authority.

When the German Judges were tried, Nuremberg concluded they were not in a civilized government because of the refusal of the leadership to impeach. The actions of the Speaker and House Judiciary Chairman are indistinguishable from the WWII German Nazis who refused to impeach government officials for grave breaches of the laws of war.

* * *

The American leadership has ignored Nuremberg. They defy their oaths. The American civilian leadership is complicit with war crimes.

Despite the power to impeach, the House Judiciary Chairman and Speaker of the House have separately and jointly issued statements stating that impeachment is off the table.

These statements are reckless. The Nuremberg Justice Trial concludes as a matter of law the opposite: Impeachment, as a measure of a civilized society, shall remain on the table. If removed, the society and leadership may not claim they are civilized.

The Speaker and the House Judiciary Chairman have an oath of office. They have access to legal counsel. Their duty is to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution. Attached with that oath of office to the Constitution is the requirement to fully enforce the Geneva Conventions.

Nuremberg clearly stated that all civilian and government officials, regardless their position, have a duty to fully enforce the laws of war; and may be held accountable for their failures.

This House Judiciary Chairman has taken impeachment off the table, and has recklessly ignored the precedent of Nuremberg which made impeachment, as a condition of a civilized society, a mandatory item on the table.

Either the House Judiciary Chairman and Speaker shall distance themselves and revoke their assertion that impeachment is off the table; or they must accept the reasonable conclusion in light of Nuremberg: They are not leaders of a civilized nation, party, or faction within the United States.

Rather, they as are the GOP have jointly agreed to remain uncivilized; and are not fit to be trusted to apply the lessons of Nuremberg; nor ensure the laws of war are fully enforced against the Untied States government as a detaining power.

It is meaningless whether the impeachment process is difficult or easy. The impeachment process is a requirement for a nation to consider itself civilized. Any government official who says that impeachment is not an option is impermissibly demanding the world assent to uncivilized conduct; and grave breaches of Geneva.

War crimes are not committed in a vacuum. There must be an enabling power. This House Judiciary Chairman and Speaker have jointly issued statements enabling the President to continue waging illegal war; and have sent a clear signal that do not paly to implement, much less comprehend, the precedents of Nuremberg.

This is irresponsible. American citizens are encouraged to find anew leaders. The Speaker of the House should be replaced with someone who is marginally interested in applying the lessons of Nuremberg. The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is equally reckless in ignoring, not applying, and overlooking the clear language in the Nuremberg precedents. Absurdly, he claims to be an attorney, yet his public statements show he is not fully asserting his oath, nor applying his legal training as what might be expected of an attorney licensed to practice law.

The American public is able to form adverse inferences. Indeed, if the evidence of the Speaker's complicity with war crimes is "so high" that even she dare not accuse the President of anything, the Speaker and House Judiciary Chairman are encouraged to issue a joint statement outlining their plan to immediately ensure the precedents of Nuremberg are applied, not explained away.

Civilized nations keep impeachment on the table. Without impeachment, there is no basis for the Speaker, House Judiciary Chairman, or anyone in either the GOP or DNC to claim the United Stets is leading anything but uncivilized barbarity.

Reckless statements claiming that the rule of law need to be protected; or that impeachment can be removed does not send a signal to the world that the US is serious about enforcing Geneva.

Sadly, as a result of the Speaker and Chairman's joint recklessness in ignoring the clearly promulgated precedents of Nuremberg, foreign fighters under Geneva have been delegated the power, authority, and right to engaged in like retaliation and reciprocity against US personnel, interests, facilities, and government officials worldwide.

If you do not wish the forum for this dispute to be isolated to the battlefield, the Speaker and Chairman need to put impeachment back on the table. Otherwise, they cannot claim that America's government is civilized; rather, the leadership is impermissibly assenting to more war crimes. Foreign fighters have the lawful option to use deadly force to retaliate and reciprocate against those who refuse to fully assert their oath and enforce the Geneva Conventions.

Without impeachment, the uncivilized leadership in the American government has gravely communicated that the only way to deal with the barbaric buffoons in the American legal community is through open combat. The lawyers are not trained in warfare, yet they pretend they are leaders; real warriors know when to comply with the laws of war, not make excuses to do nothing as this lazy, arrogant, and reckless Speaker and House Judiciary Chairman continue.

Unless there is impeachment, combat operations shall expand worldwide. This is not a call for violence; but a reminder of what Geneva permits. One cannot deny what is possible; yet pretend they are civilized.

Civilized leaders keep all lawful options on the table. They do not, as this Speaker and House Judiciary Chairman have done, made excuses to remove options, yet ask us to believe they are worthy of leadership. Arguably, they are complicit with war crimes, especially for not exercising options which the Nuremberg Justice Trial reasonably expected would used.