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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Draft Disbarment Investigation, War Crimes Indictment: Monica M. Goodling

Goodling is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

This is a formal investigation by We the People to support disbarment proceedings by the State Attorney Disciplinary Board; and before a war crimes tribunal. [ Background ]

All evidence gleaned shall be publicly available and available to war crimes prosecutors.

State Attorney Generals may lawfully prosecute DOJ Staff counsel, lead efforts to have them disbarred, and take lawful action when Congress refuses to enforce the Constitution, as is the case in 2007. [ Authority ]

* * *


1. Monica M. Goodling is assigned to the DOJ Staff counsel, and licensed with the VA State Bar. Ref [Identifying: Monica Marie Goodling; Age: 33 DOB 8/73; Education: B.A., Messiah College, 1995; attended American University Washington College of Law, 1995-96; J.D., Regent University, 1999. ] [VA speeding ticket 11/19/99]. Lived in York Haven, PA.

2. White Assigned to the Department of Justice, Goodling was instrumental in organization, facilitation, and putting into effect unlawful programs and policies which violated the Geneva Conventions; and materially undermined the United States Constitution.

3. Staff counsel assigned to the Department of Justice have known of her alleged illegal activity, but not timely provided information to the DOJ OPR for review.

4. During administrative proceedings, Goodling illegally refused to provide testimony. Contrary to the precedent of Hoover, Goodling attempted to invoke her 5th Amendment right. It is illegal to enforce the right during an administrative proceeding.

Count 1: Failure to enforce Article 82 of the Geneva Conventions

5. GOodling while assigned to the Department of Justice coordinated, knew of, and failed to prevent illegal war crimes including prisoner of abuse, rendition, and the use of illegally captured information to violate the laws of war.

6. Goodling had a duty under Article 82 of the Conventions to enforcer Geneva, but failed. She worked with alleged war criminal Viet Dinh in the Department of Justice, helping to put into effect plans and otherillegll breaches of Geneva including unlawful prisoner abuse, illegal kidnappings; and use of illegally acquired data to abuse, mistreat, and violate the rights of innocent civilians.

7. While Assigned to the Republican Party, Goodling has access, but failed to rely on, personnel and legal experts knowledge of the DOD 5100.77 laws of war program. Her conduct despite her legal training is an upward revision to her penalty and evidence of recklessness.

Count 2: Violation of Attorney Standards of Conduct

8. The VA Bar specifically prohibits illegal activity which GOodling in effect admits she may be implicated.

9. DoJ Staff counsel is aware of her illegal activity, but have refused to provide this information to the DOJ OPR as required

10. The Attorney Standards of conduct prohibit involvement with fraud and illegal activity.

Count 3: Breach of Oath of Office

11. Goodling took her oath of office to protect the Constitution.

12. While assigned to DOJ, Goodling working in concert with others created procedures, rules, and programs which uncostitonally circumvented the Constitution.

13. The net effect of this illegal activity was to further support grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, illegal warfare, prisoner abuse, warrant requirements, and the Senate role in the nomination and confirmation process.

14. Goodling knew, or should have known that her conduct was well short of her attorney standards of conduct'; what a grave breach of Geneva; and materially failed to fully assert her oath to defend the Constitution and all treaty obligations.

Count 4: Conspiracy to Violate, Abrogate, and Illegally Amend the US Constitution

15. Goodling and her alleged co-conspirators developed plans, policies, and procedures to circumvent the Constitution; usurp power from the Senate; and illegally directly nominate and appoint US Attorneys without complying with the Constitution.

16. Goodling and others illegally circumvented the Constitutional, unlawflly amended the Constitution without going through the required Amendment process requiring State approval of these illegal changes. The firing of the US Attorneys was instrumental in putting this unconstitutional plan into effect.

17. Goodling and her co-conspirators illegally usurped legislative power; put into effect plans that permitted the President to illegally assert non-delegated powers; and was instrumental in ensuring these Unconstitutional plans, procedures, and planning documents were put into effect.

18. As a VA board certified attorney and graduate of an accredited law university, Goodling knew or should have known that she and her co conspirators were recklessly ignoring, not enforcing, and abrogating the US Constitution.

19. Goodling and her co-conspirators recklessly ignored their attoreny standards of conduct, and violated 5 USC 3331 oat of office requiring her and other staff counsel to defend, preserve, and protect the Constitution. Goodling and others failed in tehir oath; and took specific actions to thwart, not enforce, and undermine the Constitution. Her conduct was a breach of her duty. Goodling took the oath, was duly sworn, and knew she had a legal obligation to remove herself from this illegal conspiracy.


20. Goodling is alleged to have failed to prevent war crimes and grave breaches of her oath of office. Despite many chances to cure herself of these violations, report misconduct, or cooperate with lawful inquiry, Goodling has refused to cooperate.

21. Goodling has not shown contribution. She has not cooperated with administrative hearings, refused to testify as required, and attempted to invoke her 5th Amendment Right to silence which does not apply during administrative hearings. GOodling has shown no remorse, nor apologized publicly for any of her conduct. Girdling has failed to timely make reports to DOJ OPR or lawful authorities in the VA State bar in re illegal DOJ Staff counsel with the DOJ IG well documents.

22. During Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg, staff counsel to the German Reich were lawfully adjudicated for failing to prevent war crimes, and their instrumental support for putting into effect plans and programs which were grave breaches of the Conventions.

23. Despite a fair chance to end her illegal rebellion against the rule of law, GOodling has shown no remorse. Relying on precedent of Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg, it would be appropriate for the war crimes tribunal to implement the most appropriate remedy: The death penalty. Any lesser penalty would require a separate action to have Goodling disbarred from practicing law.