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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Australian Endured Illegal War Crimes Under Americans at GTMO

Unfit for office: Australian Prime Minister complicit with war crimes cover up -- vote him out, Australians and put him on trial for Geneva violations

The Americans are complicit with war crimes, and the Australian leadership hopes to keep this information suppressed to aid their election.

Consider the evidence of UK residents who report massive Geneva violations and prisoner of war abuse. There's no reason to believe that Americans are going to treat Australians better than the British: the "special relationship" only goes across the Atlantic.

Ref Other alleged Geneva Vilations: Connection Between US Attorney FIrings and Retalation against Prisoner of War Defense Counsel.

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Ref The issue of whether blogs are or are not "the media." GTMO-released prisoner of wer from Australia has been barred from talking to the media for one year. Perahps it is time to have a test case: Are blogs getting information via e-mail, regardless their location, considered part of the media? If they are "the media," then blogs need to have the same 1st Amendment protections; if they are "not the media" then there is a means by which the details of the GTMO abuse can be disclosed before the election.

What's Australia going to do: Send one of their own back to GTMO for revealing evidence of war crimes?

Arguably, the gag order is not enforceable: It's designed to suppress evidence of Geneva violations.