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Saturday, March 31, 2007

9-11: How to Find Who Made the Thermite

Thermite has a distinct aluminum powder, unique in that each type of aluminum powder used around the United States can be traced to a specific manufacturer.

The answer lies in finding the type of aluminum powder used, then finding who purchased this aluminum powder, and the connection this buyer had to construction companies and companies that install equipment.

* * *

It appears thermite was used because when the fire department puts water on it, the thermite fire spreads. The NYFD, in using water to douse the flames, didn't realize it was adding fuel to the thermite fire in the 9-11 towers.

Thermite is used in the construction business to connect steel beams on railway lines.

It is possible to place thermite in small boxes used as junction points for the DLS lines inside the WTC buling.

One possible scenario for the 9-11 demolition: Termite was embedded in the DSL junction boxes, and the connection boxes used for the WTC might have contained thermite. This doesn't mean that this happened; only that the people who installed the thermite may not have known the equipment they were installing for a legitimate purpose may have contained explosives.

If you're looking for something that tells you more about thermite, talk to people in the railway construction business. Also, talk to people who know something about the firebombing of Tokyo and Dresden in WWII. The firebombing raged, in part, because when the thermite bombs exploded, if water was added, this fueled the fire.

Thermite is hot enough to melt steel; adding water to a thermite fire will keep the molten steel glowing for days. This is what we saw when the molten steel was unearthed at Ground Zero.

* * *

If you're interested in finding out who might have placed the thermite in the WTC towers, there are a couple of things to consider:

___ Who has residue of the WTC building material which includes this aluminum powder?

___ Where is the molecular analysis of the aluminum powder?

___ Which company produces this specific aluminum powder with this distinct molecular pattern-signature?

___ Who purchased this aluminum power from the company whose thermite contained this unique aluminum powder signature?

___ Who in the construction business bought this particular aluminum powder and sold it to someone who was involved with DSL, wifi, or computer junction boxes sold to the WTC installation crew?

The tracing isn't ncessarily through the thermite, but through the aluminum powder. Good luck.