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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Connection Between US Atty Firings and GTMO JAG Targeting

Josh jokes about Lam's firing in the wake of the Cunningham indictments:
It's like hearing that Pat Fitzgerald was fired as Plamegate prosecutor for poor deportment or because he was running up too many air miles flying back and forth from Chicago.TPM

* * *

Joking aside, this is exactly what the Prosecutors before the GTMO Court claimed when targeting a JAG attempting to do their job. One of the JAGS was flying to Australia to discuss legal issues, but the US prosecutor said he was traveling too much.

___ Is it consistent with the promotion criteria for the GTMO prosecutor, in supporting the President, to target legal counsel who assert the Geneva Conventions?

___ What can we say about the GTMO prosecutors statement in light of DoD's Stimon's effort to target Defense counsel?

Seems like the pattern of conduct highlighted with the US Attorneys is not isolated to US Attorneys, or US courts.

___ How much of the hearings at GTMO are classified to hide misconduct and abuse of defense counsel?

___ To what extent are proceedings ketp secret so US Govt prosecutors can violate their attorney standards of conduct, target opposing counsel, and undermine the legal protections which Geneva says must be provided to all Prisoners of War?

The issue is the world view that political appointees in DOJ are encouraged to promote; and how they are rewarded if they assent to war crimes, illegal activity, and refuse to protect the Constitution from domestic enemies in the Oval office.