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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Prosecuting Members of Congress, President, DoJ/WH Staff

Prosecution for Illegal Changes to Constitution: Unconstitutionally Usurping Senate Power

Please ask your friends to continue gathering evidence related Member of Congress, DoJ Staff, White House staff, and Presidential action to illegally change the Constitution outside the required Amendment process.

These are related to the oath of office violations. Forward the information to your state attorney generals. Your state AG is allowed to prosecute a sitting President, Member of Congress, and Staff counsel for violating the State's guarantee to an enforcement mechanism.

Ref Sample indictment against US government official.

Ref Sample indictment against US government attorney.

* * *

We the People have listened to the whining drivel of the US Government for too long. They have gone out of their way to openly defy the Constitution, illegally usurp power, assent to illegal changes to the Constitution, and pretend nothing can be done.

Those days are over. The days of self governance by the US government and American legal community have ended. [ Details ]

These unconstitutional acts are not political trivialities. They are evidence the President, Member of Congress, and staff counsel have violated their oath of office. It is irrelevant that the Congress has decided that impeachment is "off the table." The way forward is for the President, Member of Congress, and staff counsel to comprehend that State Attorney Generals -- all fifty of them -- may prosecute any DoJ/White House staff counsel, a sitting President, or Member of Congress for violating your state's guarantee to an enforcement mechanism.

* * *

We the People have been abuse, have our homes invaded, have had our privacy intruded, yet this legal community and US government says the evidence is classified. No it isn't. Each American is witness to what is happening; and can form adverse judgments.

If it requires the State Attorney Generals to prosecute and impose discipline, so be it.

It is arrogant for the American government and legal community to pretend that nothing can be done.

* * *

We've gone around and around pretending that this government is competent, when it is not. Despite a clear oath, this government refuses to put the Constitution first. The excuses are frivolous.

This government took oaths. Those promises were to do things that were inconvenient: Defend the Constitution. Yet, this government says even that promise is too hard to meet. Wrong answer. Not going to buy that non-sense.

This government has paid itself -- without consulting us -- to reward itself for arrogance, and absurdity. This needs to end. This government has done little to inspire any confidence; at best it's relying on promises, but doing nothing to fulfill those promises.

* * *

The US government illegally changed the Constitution. It agreed, in writing, to pass legislation that would circumvent the Senate during the appointment and nomination process.

The excuse that they didn't realize what was in the bill is evidence of their recklessness. That is not mitigation but a subsequent violation showing they are incompetent.

Doubly outrageous is despite the open e-mails showing who was involved with this illegal activity, the House and Senate Judiciary committee have assented to non-cooperating. More absurd, the Congress has permitted DoJ to impose rules on the Congress, violating the Separation of Powers. Nothing before us suggests any new information is needed to prosecute the people involved with this illegal activity.

Congress wants more information to find out how the illegal activity occurred; but this secret testimony does not send a message that there will be open accountability. When called to account, the US government points not to the US Constitution, but to the next election.

* * *

This government refuses to read bills, and claims it doesn't know what it is signing. This is not a defense, but evidence of recklessness.

This government says that it has no time to do thing; yet, does the opposite and says we must speedily respond without debate. This is absurd. One is an excuse for inaction and recklessness; the second is an excuse for illegal warfare.

Time to send a clear message: We the People are not going to put up with this Congress excuses to be arrogant. This Congress, not just We the People, shall assent to Our Will and Our Timelines. This leadership appears oblivious to that.

We could pretend that we should get ready for the next election. But elections have given us what we have: Reckless war criminals who refuse to assent to the rule of law. One would think with this much illegal activity, someone would call for an end; but the buffoons in Congress, yearning to support illegal warfare, point to the illegality as an excuse to continue rubber stamping what it is illegal.

This needs to end.

* * *

The Congress has clear power to shut off funding for illegal warfare, but refuses. It has the power to prosecute, but does not act. It has the power to subpoena and assert its ill, but assent to secret testimony and DOJ Rules.

Separate branches of government mean separate rules, not joint agreement to assent to illegal activity, then promise to keep evidence of illegal activity secret.

Non-sense lawyers who are in the Congress needs to be disciplined. Non-sense leaders who refuse to assert their oath need to be prosecuted.

* * *

The way forward is to look at the time this reckless Congress in 2007 has mucked around with this issue, and quit given them excuses to continue with non-sense. They don't need more evidence; they need a lawyer to defend them against charges for not having fully asserted their oath.

This Congress could make rules to oversee the legal community. It refuses. It could make rules to put and end to this illegal activity. IT does not.

Fine, then this Congress -- all 535 Members -- need to be called to account for their illegal activity: Refusing to fully assert their oath to protect this Constitution.

* * *

1. Failure to assert rule of law and oath of office.

2. Recklessness in not preserving the Constitution.

3. Refusal to shut down funding for Geneva violations.

4. Failure to use subpoena power to compel witnesses to provide evidence in open court.

5. Refusal to prosecute the President or keep all legal options on the table.

6. Refuel to cooperate with state level initiatives to compel Congress to vote on impeachment; but active interfering with State debates on the issue of Presidential proclamation.

* * *

Please encourage your friends to work with your state attorney generals, and get grand juries empanelled to review this evidence.

This US government makes excuses. It's time we the People lawfully assert our power, compel the Attorney Generals to prosecute the President, and move to swiftly put on trial all Members of Congress, Staff counsel, and Executive Branch personnel who have put these illegal activity into effect.

This government refuses to do its job. We the People need to move outside the elections, and provide the evidence to impose justice on the US Government officials. They may believe they are above the law, or are guaranteed a vote; but nothing before us says they are guaranteed life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness at the expense of Our Constitution.

They made a poor choice.

* * *

No American should have to tolerate this non-sense abuse of power, illegal FISA violations, intrusions into our homes, violations of our privacy, and arrogant abuse of power in circumventing the Constitution.

The leadership refuses to assent to the rule of law, pretending that nothing will be done. They have erred. It’s lasted long enough. It's been too long. They don't need more evidence, especially in secret; they need to find counsel to defend themselves against complicity with war crimes, and their refusal to fully assert their oath.

They have no explanation why the unconstitutional bills were enforced; or why the known illegal activity was not openly investigated; or why the known violations of the Constitution have not been timely resolved. The Congress, President, and legal community have jointly agreed to slow roll these issues. They have run out time.

We the People have not run out of options. New leaders can be found; and people who are marginally more competent -- which doesn’t take much -- can easily openly discuss the options before us.

___ Creating a New Constitution which will not permit this abuse of power;

___ Instituting new procedures in the US government that will compel a reading of the bill before it is enacted;

___ Timely consequences for unconstitutional provisions;

___ Meaningful training on the Constitution to all lawyers who are obviously too stupid to understand what the Amendment process means.

___ Meaningful prosecutions of Members of Congress, the President, and legal community when they refuse to assert their oath, assent to illegal warfare, and bow down to illegal changes to the Constitution.

* * *

It' doesn't matter what they promised, or what they believe they were told at the election. They're not doing it. Their oath is means nothing but an excuse to justify inaction; or to assert their right to abuse power. This is illegal.

The oath means timely doing ones job, not making excuses to let Congress become an administrative arm of the President. This Congressional leadership is reckless: It has a clear oath, clear constitution, but when there are grave breaches of that document, it refuses to timely act. It is not legitimate; it assent to the rule of man, not the Constitution. That is impermissible.

* * *

The way forward is to stop pretending that this Congress, legal community, or President can be convinced of anything. They have the evidence and refuse to act. WE the People have been forced to work with our State Attorney Generals to do what the US Government promised, but refuses to do: Protect this Constitution.

I want to see all Members of Congress brought to task; they are subject to prosecution; and all DoJ Staff counsel with the White House counsel are hereby under notice that you are formally under investigation for grave breaches of Geneva; and breaches of their attorney standards of conduct.

We the People are not required to assent to your arrogance, especially considering the failed American Bar Association leadership who refuses to provide guidance, conduct peer reviews, or do other things to ensure there is fully protection of the Constitution.

It is a rude reality that We the People -- in the wake of this recklessness by this Congress, legal community, and President -- must be forced to do what this US government promised with an oath to do: Preserve, protected, and defend this Constitution against domestic enemies.

The enemies of the Constitution are the lazy, reckless buffoons on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees who have assented to permitting this Congress become a lap dog of the President; and have impermissibly assented to rules which the DOJ has no power to enforce on a separate branch of government.

Staff counsel, lawyers, and so called "experts' on the law have exhausted their usefulness; and have overstayed their welcome. They show arrogance, and utter contempt for their oath, pretending that 2008 political goals somehow trump their dusty today to fully assert their oath.

Rise to the occasion in 2007 and one by one openly charge these arrogant, reckless buffoons on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees for these crimes, reckless conduct, and utter contempt for our Constitution. This leadership has done nothing to inspire confidence they are serious about the oath; they are serous about making excuses to inference with full, protection of the Constitution.

It is irrelevant that the President "Might" be out of office in 2009; the scale of the war crimes is high, and the crimes that have been known are clear justification to immediately impeach and remove this President.

The way forward is to stop playing around with this US Government. Make it clear: They have a job to do in April 2007; and their 2008 White House goals are meaningless defenses to explain away their recklessness and contempt for the Constitution and oath of office that they continue to fail to fully assert.

The excuse for inaction are irrelevant. If there was going to be a "backlash" against the DNC for acting, surely, the GOP would act and make the DNC experience this backlash. Yet, there is no backlash now, nor will there be: The GOP refuses to do what it says might happen: Create a backlash for anything or anyone but themselves.

The real backlash is when it is clear that the US Congress with the President have jointly agreed to violate the Constitution, not enforce it, but pretend that nothing can be done. The GOP and DNC do not have a monopoly on power. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the GOP and DNC shall have anything.

The founders were members of other parties which no longer exist today. The same can happen with the GOP and DNC. There has been a leadership failure; there is no reason for this to continue; and those in Congress and the Executive Branch whether they do or do not accept it, must accept That We the People have a clear constitution which they have openly defied, not protected, and let spiral into an inferior state.

Time to move without regard to the election; and focus on the abuse of power this US government, legal community, and parties have jointly supported to ensure the Constitution was not fully protected as they promised with their oath. This Congress -- especially the arrogant, contemptible, staff counsel in the White House and on the Judiciary Committees have assented to this illegal activity and unconstitutional conduct as if nothing could be done. They have made a grave error.

Each of the States has the power to prosecute anyone who defies the States' guarantees under the Constitution. This President may be prosecuted by the States; these staff counsel may be debarred by the states; and these Members of Congress may be prosecuted by the states.

Whether this US government does or does not agree is meaningless. It cannot pass laws which put itself above the law; nor make it immune to accountability for war crimes, recklessness, malfeasance, and violations of the oath of office. This has gone on too long; and there has been no credible leadership from the reckless, contemptible, buffoons in positions of "leadership" on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

We have clear war crimes, and grave breaches of Geneva, but this lazy leadership in the DNC and GOP have the incorrect notion that they can "get around to it, maybe" sometimes after the 2008 election. No. They have a job to do right now, today, and no more waiting or excuses. They need to act; or the law shall be imposed on them for their contemptible conduct. There is not reason to trust them; they would rather do nothing, assent to illegal agreements, and willingly become a lapdog of this war criminal in the oval office that dare stand up and do their jobs.

Time to stop asking; time to stop pleading; time to throw the book them: Prosecute them for war crimes, failures to stop illegal activity, continued appropriations for unlawful activity, and their refusal to timely protect the Constitution and end the illegal amendments which did not fully comply with the US Constitution.

* * *

Ask your friends whether they would like to join you: Our task is to defend the Constitution from these domestic enemies in the Congers, legal community, and Oval office. The requirement is clear, but they refuse to act.

We the People must stand between this government and Our Constitution and defend it, otherwise this leadership shall continue to let it slide into disrepair. The Constitutional requirements exist, cannot be changed, and will remain the law of the land, regardless of the contemptible, arrogant approach the leadership of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees have taken to the legal community, rule of law, or this President's mounting war crimes.

It should not take this long, nor be this hard to get lazy, stupid, arrogant, contemptible staff counsel off their rear ends to do their job, and protect the Constitution from the domestic enemies in their profession. But this is what they have done; and the only legal options is to prosecute them, end their illegal rebellion, and remind them that We the People are not going to "sit around" waiting for them to "maybe" do something after the 2008 election.

No, the time for action is overdue. The requirement was eternal. But they failed. They chose not to do their job, not read the bills, and play stupid. They are not leaders. They are criminals. And should be treated no better than those why have abused, not protected, and done noting about to defend: We the People.

Time to make it clear to the Members of Congress, President, and lazy, contemptible, arrogant American legal community: You have overstayed your welcome; you have defied your oaths; and you have lost the confidence of We the People. We are not required to choose between two parties who jointly agree to assent to illegal warfare and refuse to shut down funding; nor are we required to choose between buffoons in one party over criminals in another.

We the People already made our choice: This Constitution. The error is for this Congress to believe that 535 can outnumber 300 Million. No, We the People may lawfully organize ourselves to create a new Constitution and compel this lazy Congress and legal community to do what it promised to do: Protect the Constitution.

There is no reason any American should have to endure this level of abuse without prospect of timely resolution. The way forward is to clearly prosecute the Members of Congress, DOJ and White House counsel, and the complicity staffers in the Executive Branch whose names are on the he e-mails have been complicit with this unconstitutional conduct. They chose to engage in rebellion and not remove themselves. They are innocent until proven guilty; but the evidence of their guilt is so high that they cannot explain why they have not acted earlier to defend this document.

The excuses are frivolous. The leadership is lazy. The oath of office means nothing to them. Wrong answer. We the People shall defend this Constitution, even if it means creating a new one which shall substantially modernize, transform, and strip this lazy Senate and House Judiciary Staff of their discretion not to fully assert their oath. Remind them they have no excuses for their laziness; and each second they delay in asserting their oath is more evidence of their refusal to do what We the People have been forced to do: Fully protect this Constitution from the domestic enemies in Congress and the American legal community who have assented to this President’s illegal rebellion against the rule of law.

What I Need You To Do

Tell your friends, the media, and everyone you know on the internet: Each of the fifty [50] state attorney Generals shall be contacted; reminded of their oath; and presented with the choice: Shall they assert their oath, and prosecute the President, Members of Congress and the DoJ and White House Staff counsel.

___ Contact your state attorney General

___ Outline them your concern that the US government is not protecting the Constitution

___ Outline the efforts States have attempted to ask Congress to impeach, but the Congress has refused and thwarted these efforts

___ Discuss your concern that the Members of Congress, President, and legal community have been reckless in not asserting their oath, defending the Constitution, or ending illegal warfare

___ Share with your state attorney general the authority for them to prosecute a sitting President, Member of Congress, and DoJ and White House staff counsel for violating your state's right to an enforcement mechanism

___ Discuss the illegal efforts Members of Congress have attempted to not block illegal warfare, and continue funding for Geneva violations. These are war crimes.

___ Discuss the concern you have with the illegal effort this Congress and President, with staff counsel, took to implement illegal procedures which do not comply with the Constructional senate appointment process

___ Point to the refusal of the Speaker to impeach; and the Senate and House Judiciary to have open discussions with alleged war criminals on the DOJ and white House staff

___ Remind your State officials that you are serious about putting the Constitution first

___ Remind your State Attorney General that you know how to work with the State Attorney Disciplinary Board to have your State Attorney General disbarred for their refusal to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies in the Congress, White House, DOJ Staff and White House counsel's office

___ Kindly remind your state attorney general that there are 49 other Attorney Generals in the Union who are simultaneously being approached and all discussions related to these conversations are post-decision: The decision was the singing of the US Constitution; and all evidence, working papers and other things of this President, Congress, and Attorney General or White House Staff counsel is evidence of illegal activity, not protected, and evidence of their violation of their oath office.

___ Emphasize that the rule of law shall prevail. War Crimes prosecutors are aware. Americans must put the rule of law first; otherwise, foreign fighters may lawfully move to impose discipline where the US government and States refuse to fully protect the US Constitution and enforce the Geneva Conventions.

___ All efforts of this US and State government to thwart enforcement of this Constitutional and these Geneva Conventions shall be incorporated into a New Constitution to make such action illegal and punishable by the death penalty.

___ A New Constitution is on the way. The job of the American legal community is to outline their solutions to this problem under this Constitution; or We the People shall move without their input to implement a New Constitution.

Unless that State Attorney Generals immediately move to issue indictments, and prosecute the US government officials, there shall continue to be an open debate on the New Constitution. Congress, the President, and all American legal experts have been denied the power and authority to have any input or influence on the New Constitution.

They wished this.