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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Draft Indictment Against Members of Congress, President, DoJ-WH Counsel [Illegal Changes to Constitution in re Senate Confirmation]

Legal Implications of Illegal Changes to Constitutional Appointment Process

This is a draft indictment against Members of Congress, the President, and staff counsel assigned. [ Background ]

There shall be consequences on All Members of Congress, staff counsel, and President for Illegally changing, enforcing, and implementing illegal changes to the US Constitution outside the required Amendment process.

There shall be timely and meaningful consequences on Members of Congress for their reckless decision to illegally assent to unlawful usurpation of Senate power in the nomination-confirmation process; and not to enforce the Geneva Conventions.

Ref State Attorney Generals have the power to prosecute a sitting president, Members of Congress, and DOJ and White House staff counsel. Authority ]

Any attempt by any lawyer, staff counsel, or US government official to thwart enforcement of the Constitution or Geneva Conventions by state officials; or interfere with this ongoing investigation by We the People may be publicy introduced as evidence of war crimes to any tribunal with worldwide jurisdiction. The President is denied the power to provide a pardon for war crimes adjudication.

They are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There is no statute of limitations for war crimes. The maximum possible sentence facing each of the current and former members of Congress, staff counsel, and President is the death penalty by a lawful tribunal.

These are serious matters warranting public attention and confidence that the rule of law shall be fully asserted against Members of Congress, staff counsel, the American legal community, the political leadership, and the President: You shall fully assert your oath against domestic enemies of the Constitution. If you fail, or you permit Grave Breaches of Geneva, you may be adjudicated for war crimes and sentenced to death.

The days of self governance by the US government and American legal community have ended. [ Details ]

* * *


1. Members of Congress, the President, and staff counsel assigned to the White House, Department of Justice, and Congress jointly agreed to implement an unconstitutional changes to the Constitution.

2. The duties of all US government officials include fully defending the Constitution against domestic enemies.

3. Members of Congress have breached this duty; and illegally put into effect, support, and did not timely stop illegal legislation that unlawfully changed the nomination and appointment process.

4. The President, Members of Congress, Staff counsel and others violated their oath of office, committed grave breaches of their Constitutional duty, and put into effect an illegal plan and program to continue this unconstitutional activity.

Count 1: Failure to Enforce Title 28 and Title 50 Exception Requirements

5. Members of Congress, the Attorney general, staff counsel, and the President had a joint duty to enforce the Title 28 and Title 50 Exception reports.

6. The refused.

Count 2: Failure to enforce US Constitution and protect it from domestic enemies

7. Members of Congress, the Attorney general, Staff Counsel, and the President had a duty to enforce the Constitution and protect it.

8. The refused. Rather than fully follow the procedures in the Constitution, defendants created an unconstitutional procedure which illegally usurped power from the Senate, and no Government official timely intervened to end the illegal activity.

Count 3: Illegal Changes to the Constitution Outside Lawful Amendment Process

9. The unconstitutional provisions were put into effect, planned, not stopped, and made with the intent to circumvent the Constitution and illegally amend the Constitution without following the required Amendment process.

Count 4: Breaches of Oath of Office

10. All US government officials had a duty to remove themselves from illegal activity and fully assert their oath.

11. Members of Congress, despite ample evidence of illegal warfare, prisoner abuse, FISA violations, warrantless surveillance, illegal warrants, and other unconstitutional activity, did nothing to shut down funding; nor provide documentation to the US Attorneys, DOJ OPR, or DOJ IG to timely review this illegal activity.

12. The above amounts to a grave breach of their oath of office.

Count 5: Breach f Geneva Conventions

13. All US government officials take an oath toe fully support the Constitution and all treaties.

14. Members of Congress, staff counsel, and the President jointly agreed not to enforce the Geneva conventions, and illegally provided funds to permit the Conventions to be thwarted, not fully enforced.

15. Despite a legal duty to end illegal activity, Members of Congress, staff counsel, and the President jointly agreed to implement, not stop, and continue illegal warfare.

Count 6: Violation of Oath of Office

16. We incorporate by reference all of the above.

17. Conduct amounted to grave breaches of oath, and allowed innocent civilians to be deprived of their full Constitutional protections; and illegally assented to illegal warfare.

18. The failure to enforce the Constitution illegally permitted war crimes to continue, despite legal options, including impeachment and appropriation withholds, to end illegal activity. Members of Congress, the President, and Staff counsel refused and continued with illegal activity contrary ot their oath of office.


19. Because of their position of trust, education, access to legal counsel, but refusal to fully enforce the Laws of war, nor shut down funding as required for Geneva violations, the Members of Congress have committed grave breaches of the Conventions.

20. Members of Congress had a duty to act, not allow, and investigation, but they refused.

21. Members of Congress had a duty to fully assert their oath, not assent to any unlawful agreement to suppress evidence, and fully assert their power in their respective branches of government to fully defend the Constitution.

22. Members of Congress, staff counsel, and the President were reckless in their disregard for Geneva, and they jointly failed to enforce the Geneva Conventions, US Constitution, and the standards of conduct applicable to them in Congress and the Attorney Disciplinary Board.

23. Members of Congress, staff counsel, and the President have block investigations, not timely acted, assented to illegal warfare, and not fully asserted their oath, not timely take action to shut down illegal activity.

24. The above conduct shows Members of Congress are not serous about the rule of law; they cannot be trusted to fully assert their oath; and they have illegally assented to grave breaches of Geneva without any fair showing that they are serious about their oath of office.

25. The above allegations, if proven true are serious breaches of the oath of office, Member of Congress Ethics, attorney standards of conduct, and Geneva Conventions.

26. Members of Congress, Staff counsel, and the President have jointly or individually supported efforts to thwart, destroy, not fully investigation, block, and otherwise stifle state level efforts to enforce the conventions and force the House to investigate and impeach the President for illegal activity.

27. All 535 Members of Congress, staff counsel in the US Government, and the President have jointly failed to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies.


28. The above allegations if proven true warrant adjudication by a war crimes tribunal. If proven guilty of the above, the maximum penalty allowed is the death penalty.

29. Members of Congress, staff counsel, and the President have not shown contrition, have defied their oath repeatedly, and have refused to assent to the law of the land, have done nothing to fully assert their oath, and fail to show they are serious about protecting the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions against domestic enemies.

30. Normally we might has for leniency; however, the seriousness of the allegations, the course of conduct, and grave breeches of Geneva on top of the violations of the US Constitution leave us little room to maneuver. The appropriate penalty for these serious breaches of Geneva is the death penalty.

31. The President is denied the right and power to pardon anyone related to these proceedings, including himself; and has no power to immunize anyone charged and convicted of international war crimes. All efforts to block enforcement of these rulings is a separate cause of action to violate the Geneva Conventions and the laws of war.