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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is Rep. Tom Cole [R-OK] Retarded?

Is Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee retarded?

Cole, when you arrogantly suggest, "Americans don't want to. . ." you fail to comprehend what We the People do want: An end to the GOP illegal rebellion against the rule of law.

Start focusing on what We the People want, then maybe you'll be a leader. Until then, you've still not outlined a plan to resolve your reckless party's defiance of the Constitution. You have work to do, but no plan.

You're not a leader, but an alleged war criminal.

* * *

The GOP wasn’t concerned about a backlash against the Republican Party for their illegal activity. There’s no reason to believe the GOP “concerns about a backlash” should be taken seriously. This is a ruse by the GOP to dissuade the Congress from imposing the full force of the law on this President and Republican party for their alleged illegal rebellion against the rule of law.

"If they let their constituents and their ideology drive them past the point where the American people are comfortable, they will find how quickly the voters will react."Ref

- -

If the GOP was "concerned" DNC was going "too far," and that the GOP would "benefit," the GOP comment is meaningless. If they were serious about "taking advantage" of the "backlash" against the DNC -- for them going "too far" -- then the GOP would be silent, and let the DNC go to far.

But the GOP speaks not with a plan, but with a meaningless threat. It is speculative.

Notice their hand waving: They want Americans to assent to a speculative threat of a future "problem" in exchange for us being quiet and ilsent about certain GOP illegal activity.

That makes no sense. The certain problem must be confronted today, otherwise the problem will continue, as have these war crimes under this GOP and Republican leadership.

This GOP leadership, including Cole, has no plan to resolve their leadership problem; or explain what they plan to do to ensure their have embraced the lessons or know what they will do to prevent their party from doing this again.

Where there is no plan, there is no foundation for leadership. COle relies on sophistry, not factors which inspire confidence or trust.

We the People are able to make adverse judgements.

* * *

Put aside the issue of "going to far" -- that didn't stop the arrogant likes of Cole and his alleged co-conspirators in pursuing war crimes, and violating the US Constitution.

Any effort to impose consequences and prosecute the GOP for that illegal warfare can hardly be called "going too far" but doing what is required: Asserting one's oath.

It makes no sense for the GOP to be "concerned" about the DNC. No, the GOP is concerned about the GOP only. The longer the GOP talks about "backlash" but fails to take action to bring about this supposed backlash -- by confronting the President -- the longer the GOP remains Americans that the Republicans are irrelevant.

Surely, if the "backlash" against the DNC were possible and real, the GOP would be taking effort to implement the very things that would "backlash" against the DNC: Oversight, accountability, and forcing the President to assent to the rule of law.

Yet, the likes of Cole who talk about problems, but reuse to take action that would "bring about" this supposed backlash, means that they are talking about something that is not a real problem for the DNC; but a fear for the GOP: That there might be consequences on Members of Congress and the President for their illegal rebellion against the Constitution.

* * *

There are many options on the table to prosecute the arrogant, reckless people like Tom Cole who have remained loyal to a party full of war criminals.

The State Attorney Generals can prosecute Members of Congress, Staff counsel, and the President.

War Crimes indictments can be issued.

Legal counsel can be disbarred.

* * *

It's too early for Cole to talk about the "backlash" against the DNC when that backlash against the RNC has not been fully digested: We the People shall impose the rule of law on the GOP; and there is nothing in the Constitution which says the GOP's illegal rebellion against the Constitution shall be permitted to continue.

Nothing in the Constitution says the GOP shall remain a party; or that it cannot lawfully be destroyed.

Nothing prevents We the People from creating a New Constitution outside the power and authority of Tom Cole to influence.

Cole and other Members of Congress have been denied the power to influence the New Constitution.

We the People woke up to the Republican recklessness. Cole offers nothing to justify confidence that the GOP has woken up. Go back to sleep Cole, you’re now irrelevant.

* * *

___ Why is COle "concerned" about "bad things" that "might happen" to the DNC?

___ Does it make any sense for the Republicans to be "concerned" about things that the GOP should be taking advantage of in silence?

___ Why isn't Cole being silent about something that will be an "inevitable" backlash?

___ Would it not make sense for Cole to stop talking, and take advantage of this momentum: And do more of what twill cause backlash against the DNC?

___ If a backlash against the DNC was invertible -- for their efforts to assert the rule of law, and defend the Constitution -- why isn't the GOP doing the very things what would cause a backlash against the DNC: Asserting the rule of law and defending the Constitution?

___ How does Cole explain the inconsistency between [a] his duty as a leader of the GOP; and his [b] comments that are going to "help" the DNC?

* * *

Cole is arguably a buffoon. Any threat of a "backlash: against the DNC is not what the GOP leadership would be really concerned with or commenting on. IF the backlash were real, and invertible, then COle and his reckless buffoon in the GOP who are allegedly comlict with war crimes, would "let" the DNC do "more" of what what should be "good" for the GOP: Asserting the rule of law.

Yet, the record shows the opposite. Despite Cole saying that asserting the rule of law is going to be "bad" for the DNC, the GOP has no record of having asserted the rule of law, but doing the opposite: Undermining it, defying it, and openly trashing this Constitution.

Cole cannot credibly ask that anyone take him seriously. No leader of the GOP would be "concerned" about the DNC; no, this is a ruse by the GOP to dissuade the GOP from asserting power to defend the Constitution against the reckless buffoons in the GOP.

Cole should resign. He has no leadership potential. His thinking is flawed. He knows of the problems the GOP has caused, but has no plan to prevent their illegal activity from being repeated. He is arguably reckless, and unfit for public office or trust. Leaders notice problems with what they can control, not make excuses to tell others to meet standards they are not willing to meet.

Cole has no credibility. His argument is defective, as is his mind.

War crimes tribunals have yet to adjudicate whether Cole is or is not not retarded.