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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Impeachment Proceedings Against US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court has failed to ensure the laws of war and Geneva Conventions are fully applied to the United States as a detaining power.

Members of Congress need to discuss when they plan to put on the table the articles of impeachment against the US Supreme Court for their reckless failure to fully enforce the Conventions against the US government as a detaining power.

* * *

The US Supreme Court is not the highest court. War Crimes tribunals do consider evidence that justice ignored the laws of war.

Justices may also be impeached. It is not legal for the Supreme Court to have affirmed illegal Acts of Congress which violate the laws of war.

* * *

Time to get the Members of Congress to discuss the issue: When will the Supreme Court impeachments be on the table?

Arguably, if the Congress refuses to hold the justice to account, war crimes prosecutors could use this decision to do nothing about judicial officer malfeasance as evidence the Members of Congress did not fully protect the Constitution or enforce the Geneva Conventions.

It is probative that there are legal options to enforce the law, but those options are not used.