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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bush Implicity Asks House To Impeach Him For His Tyranny

Bush said "there is a better alternative to tyrannical societies" Ref; indeed this can only occur if there is an impeachment.

No one in the military is required to follow this President's illegal orders. He is not leading a free nation to defend anything; he is leading war criminals to expand illegal ware.

These are grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions warranting impeachment. The President agrees there is an alternative to his tyranny.

* * *

Why does hate President hat himself, the rule of law, and US Constitution?

Because his not a leader, but a tyrant. There is a better alternative to tyrannical societies: It is the rule of law.

Bush asks that you impeach him. Why are you not listening to the "decider" now that he wants your support in providing an alternative to his tyranny?