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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Impeachment In Reponse To Presidential Vetoes, Reckless Nominations

States Can Force Congress To Vote On Impeachment Investigations In Retaliation For Presidential Veto Threats

Some in Congress believe they can't do anyting about the President if he blocks legislation. Put aside the fact that if the President refuses to sign DoD appropriations bill he wll get no money for the troops, there is an option.

The States have the power through an impeachment proclamation to force Congress to confront the President in response to his veto threats. The President may not lawfully threaten not to fully enforce the law or Geneva Conventions; all veto threats are evidence that he is violating the Geneva Conventions and his oath of office.

War Crimes Evidence: Catalyst For State Proclamation Calling for Impeachment Investigation

Veto threats are evidence for German war crimes prosecutors when reviewing whether they should or should not prosecute US government officials outside the US legal system. Vetoes are not a lawful threat; they are evidence of an organized effort to undermine the rule of law, not assert his oath of office, and refuse to accept that the United States as a detaining power shall enforce all provisions of the Geneva conventions.

Threats to veto these bills related to the Constitution and Geneva Conventions may be introduced as evidence in a war crimes tribunal when prosecuting the President and other US government officials for war crimes.

* * *

When the President threatens to veto a bill, or appoint a reckless public official to a cabinet Position, the House leadership could threaten impeachment.

The issue is whether the House leadership working with the GOP will hope to quash legal efforts of the states to force the House to keep impeachment off the table. Nuremberg established that legal effort to take legal options off the table are evidence of uncivilized, reckless leadership deserving punishment through a war crimes adjudication.

The lesson of Nuremberg applies to this Congress: All lawful options must be used to defend this Constitution and enforce the Geneva Conventions against the United States as a detaining power. Once the lawful options are removed, then US government officials may be lawfully prosecuted under the laws of war for failing to fully assert their oath to ensure the Geneva Conventions, as a treaty obligation, are fully enforced as the Supreme Law of the land.

* * *

States May Compel Congress To Confront President For His Threats

Congress has no power to compel all states not to pass legislation forcing Congress to vote up or down whether they will or will not investigate this President for impeachable offenses. Every threatened veto, defection, or absurd appointment can be matched with a credible threat of impeachment.

Lesson of Magna Charta Signing

King John was not given a chance to vote on the Magna Charta. He was told to sign the Greater Charter, or suffer legal consequences. The same needs to be done with this President: Cooperate, or suffer legal consequences.

Consequences for lack of discipline in DNC Caucus

There's the chance that Lieberman could switch parties to preserve the GOP control of the Senate. If Lieberman shifts parties, the DNC could impeach the President.

Consequences for appointing alleged war criminals to Cabinet

There's a Chance this President may appoint, as Gonzalez' replacement, an arguably reckless Senator whose malfeasance as Senate Judiciary Chairman permitted this abuse of power and war crimes to continue. If the President attempts to nominate a buffoon as attorney General, the House may threaten to impeach.

Consequences for failing to preserve the Constitution

There's a chance the President may veto bills Congress hopes to enact to preserve the Constitution. If the President threatens to veto to any bill which would fully restore to the Constitution, the House could threaten to impeach.

Consequences for failing to enforce laws of war

There's a chance the President may order more war crimes, and block legislation that would fully enforce the Geneva Conventions. If the President threatens to veto any bill that would ensure the US fully enforced the Geneva Conventions, the House may threaten to impeach.

Consequences for defying oath of office

This President threatens to block acts of Congress which protect the Constitution. This President should not be secure in his position that he is immune from accountability.