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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Smokescreen From Illegal Changes to Constitution

The debate over US Attorney Firings is a distraction from the core illegal activity: Efforts by the DOJ, White House, and Congressional staff counsel to illegally change the Constitution outside the Amendment process.

* * *

Ref Contrary to the President's smokescreen, he does not have a right to change the Constitution without working with the states. There is no evidence any of the states have conferred on the President any "right" to change the Constitution. It is meaningless that the Senate agreed to this illegal activity; or that they agreed to let the President unconstitutionally usurp power.

All DoJ Staff counsel working to implement this illegal US attorney firing were part of an effort to fully implement the objective of their conspiracy: Illegal changes to the US Constitution. The US Attorney firings are not an end result or objective; but a means to the larger goal of the President to illegally usurp legislative power.

Given the President's illegal agreement to violate the Constitution; and the reckless decision by DoJ, White House, and outside counsel to assent to these illegal changes to the Constitution, there is no meaning to whether the President has or does not have any right to do anything. This is unconstitutional conduct.

* * *

The American people and Constitution have suffered under their President's reckless war crimes. The President may not claim that a denial of funding for illegal things is a problem: It is a legal requirement.

The troops under this President have suffered the insult of being ordered to commit war crimes. It is a secondary matter why they refused to obey unlawful orders; or that the courts have illegally punished troops for refusing to obey illegal orders.

This President's party is responsible for the President's position. This President could have, as leader of the GOP, inspired in the hearts and souls of the 109th Congress to pass appropriations before their session was over. They refused.

The President may not blame anyone but the GOP for their reckless assent to unlawful war crimes; and the decision of the Senate Judiciary Chairman Hatch to not fully investigate the known problems with the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports this Attorney General and President illegally ignored as required in writing.

* * *

This President refuses to adjust his course to comply with Geneva. This President has recklessly waged illegal war; then would have the world believe it is everyone else's problem. This President, as the "unitary" executive, single handedly was in command of the war crimes to which many other government officials, contractors, and lawyers chose to freely assent. This is illegal conduct.

This President is a failure. He is not a leader. He did not do his job. Congress is not required to provide funding for illegal warfare. To do so would be a war crime.

if this President as serious about his "concern" for military families, he would have timely visited the decaying hospital rooms at Walter Reed. He chose to ignore these problems.

The President plays political games when he talks about the sacrifice of military families, but fails to discuss the sacrifice of this Constitution. It is unacceptable that this President creates a mess for military families, and then blames others.

We the People are not required to follow tyrants and war criminals, especially one who is a buffoon and incapable of showing remorse. This is evidence of interest to war crimes prosecutors.

The President has no lawful power to destroy the Constitution. Any threat this President makes to force Congress to assent to illegal warfare is actionable by Congress under the laws of war. This President, if the chooses to refuse to enforce the Geneva Conventions, may be impeached.

Each threatened veto is grounds for the House to threaten impeachment.

The President has no power to avoid enforcing the Laws of war. It is permissible for the Congress to condition funding for all warfare on this President’s trick compliance with criteria Congress alone is allowed to defined and attach to those appropriations.

It is illegal for any DoJ or White House staff counsel to continue to threaten, imply sanctions, or imply adverse consequences for any Member of Congress who continues to cooperate with this President’s illegal rebellion against the rule of law.

White House counsel and DOJ Staff have been discredited. They have been linked with grave breaches of Geneva. The DOJ IG has found evidence they jointly agreed to ignore the Constitutional warrant requirements. This is evidence of recklessness that could warrant disbarment.

The President may face legal consequences in Germany if he refuses to end illegal warfare.

The GOP has been discredited as a credible party worthy of serious consideration. They are war criminals. They refuse to remove themselves from illegal warfare.

It is absurd for this President to pretend that anyone is irresponsible other than himself. This President has no legal foundation to compel anyone to comply with any pledge, agreement, or condition: This President has violated his basic pledge to We the People. All agreements with this President are not enforceable.

This President has not made good on his promise to defend the Constitution. He has basic responsibilities. He refuses to assent to the rule of law. This President is a domestic enemy of the Constitution. He refuses to protect this Constitution. He is failing in his responsibility as the President to enforce the law. He is reckless. He is a war criminal. He could be impeached and prosecuted for war crimes.

This GOP refused to finish its work when it had the chance. The President is interested in making excuses to put himself above the law. He has no plan or solution to resolve his mess. He makes excuses. He is more interested in making smokescreens, and pretending the issue is the US Attorney firing.

No, this President's problem is that his staff counsel have been implicated in war cries, and illegal efforts to put into effect unconstitutional programs designed to usurp power.

This President is a failure. He is not interested in leadership. He is interested in abusing power. His poodles in the White House counsel's office enjoy engaging in war crimes. They are attorneys and defy their oath. IT remains unclear why any law firm would want to hire these alleged war criminals for their assent to illegal warfare.

It is appropriate that Congress consider using the power of the purse to lawfully punish this President and the GOP for their reckless assent to war crimes. If this GOP and President threaten to block efforts to restore the Constitution or enforce the Geneva Conventions, it is appropriative for this Congress to threaten impeachment and remove this President. He is reckless.

Let the President veto any bill. It is irrelevant whether anyone can override his veto. Once the President refuses to sign a bill; then the President will get nothing.

The RNC is pretending that the President's veto or the inability to override the veto is a problem. No, the President by vetoing this bill denies himself the money he wants, but has not demonstrated he can competently or lawfully manage.

The President is in a weakened position. The President, in ignoring the laws of war, has brought this on himself. The President is refusing to provide the funds, and not being reasonable.

This US army has suffered defeat under this President. The Vice President is reckless. He is not a leader. It is not speculation that the US might suffer defeat if funding is cut; rather, unless funding is cut, the US will suffer more defeat.

This Vice President is a buffoon. There is a simple concept: We have a constitution. This Vice President ignores it. WE the People can win by asserting the rule of law. This Vice President, despite illegally using resources without regard to reality or constraints, failed.

This Vice President is a loser. He has told the American people he is a war criminal and delusional.

It is reasonable to have a time limit when the President ignores all limits and still loses. This President will not lead America; America's enemies are winning regardless what this President does or does not do.

The US Attorney firings are illegal. This President may not retaliate against US attorneys for their refusal to play politics with prosecutions. The GOP has openly admitted in the e-mail that it arranged these firings for partisan, illegal objectives. It is illegal for the President to have obstructed justice, intimidated the US Attorneys, or reward people for illegal conduct.

This President is a buffoon. He is no concerned about anyone’s reputations. He is not sorry he did what he did; he's angry that he got caught. There is widespread evidence this President and the lazy buffoons -- working for him on the White House counsel's office -- have engaged in illegal activity, unconstitutional conduct, and have breached their oaths of office. They could be impeached and disbarred for this illegal activity.

This President was wrong to pretend he is right. He fails to admit that his illegal firing was part of an unconstitutional plan.

President openly asserts there will be "hearings" to prove he is right. No, he has not permitted hearings, only secret interviews.

* * *