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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Iran Readies Military Strikes Against US In Response To Illegal US Military Action

President Engaging In Illegal War Of Aggression Against Iran; Iranians implementing lawful retaliation against United States permitted under laws of war

Ref ABC Reports the President has illegally ordered the United States to support unlawful Cross border raids from Pakistan into Iran. These are acts of war.

The Congress needs to decide whether they will prosecute the President. Refusal of Members of Congress to investigate and end this illegal activity could be the basis to bring charges against individual members of Congress for war crimes.

This does not advocate violence. It discusses what the Geneva Conventions permit once the Congress illegally assented to this President's war crimes and illegally took impeachment off the table.

* * *

The Geneva Conventions permit reciprocity and retaliation for violations of the laws of war. Iran, in response to US support for cross border raids, may lawfully seek assistance from personnel and forces hoping to create confusion with the US government. The Iranians may also work directly or indirectly with intermediaries to do anything which has been illegally done to them.

The GOP has yet to explain why they are openly cooperating with the Iranian efforts; or supporting the President's initiative to create confusion within the District of Columbia.

On any given day, it's not clear whether the GOP opposes the Constitution more than they support Iranian efforts to destabilize the US government.

* * *

The US precedent of Guantanamo means the Iranians do not have to prove anything before the impose punishment on DoJ and White House counsel.

The President and Congress have permitted non-charged civilians to be detained without evidence or trial. Iran may lawfully do the same. There are many things the Iranians do not have to prove. As the US President did on hte basis of accusation alone, the Iranians may lawfully free themselves of any legal burden to provide any evidence.

The illegal precedents of Guantanamo, which this reckless Supreme COurt has illeally afrfirmed, and not stopped as required, may be used as a legal fondation for the Iranian agents, reosurces, and allies to commit like abuses against similarly sitauted US personnel, agentes, government officials, staff counsel, and judicial officers. In light of the war crimes committed at Geneav, Iran is given wide latitude to violate many protections under the GEneva Conventions; and is waived from having to provide any evidence; or make any legal showing that it's actions are lawful. Iran may broadly apply the precedent of Guantnamo to impose like abuses aginst similarly non-charged American personnel who may or may not be related to any illegal activity.

A. Iran does not have to prove the US supported these raids

If the cross border raids into Iran are supported by the United States, this would amount to an act of war. It remains unclear what basis the US is arguing that it can support acts of terrorism against a nation that has lawfully complied with their agreements.

B. Iran does not have to point to any violations of the United States

The US continues to violate the NON-proliferation treaty.

C. Iran May Rely On Accusation Alone To Use Combat Forces Against DOJ Staff

The US support for this group, if it is real, would amount to an ongoing, cross-borer threat by the US against Iran.

D. Iran does not need to verify any claims, but may act quickly without reviewing whether DoJ Staff are or or are not guilty before executing them

If the groups claims are to be believed, then every US-supported killing could be legally reciprocated against with Iranian support for similar raids in the Continental united States.

E. Iran, on accusation alone, may assert these forces are beneficial to the United States; therefore the Iranians may target, destroy, detain, and execute White House counsel in response

If the forces are under American control, or have direct or indirect support, then the executions could be a legal foundation for the Iranians to engage in like attacks against US government personnel worldwide.

F. Iran does not require any evidence before asserting, as the US did in re prisoners at Guantanamo, that the US DoJ Staff counsel is guilty

If the US support is real, then Iran is permitted under the laws of war to support guerrillas attempting to overthrow, destabilize, and end the American Constitution. This would amount to a defacto admission that the Iranians are in effect complicit with the GOP in destroying the rule of law in America.

G. Iran can point to the deaths in Afghan box cars as a legal foundation to commit like abuses against White House counsel and execute them by suffocation during transport

It remains to be seen how many Iranian agents choose to kidnap GOP political officers and similarly execute them on camera.

* * *

H. Iran does not need to wait for any evidence or fact finding, but may act to do the right thing on their judgement alone without any fear their activity will face any judicial review

___ Iran is not required to disclose its plans to retaliate;n or disclose how many training camps is the US inspiring Iran to develop inside Venezuela for lawful attacks on the United States in retaliation for these illegal cross border raids into Iran.

I. Iran and her allies are not required to prove anything before expanding combat operations against the White House counsel staff and lawfully executing them in retaliation for Geneva violations.

___ Iran may make adverse inferences, and without evidence conclude the Vice President discussing support for cross border raids from Pakistan into Iran; but refuses to accept that Iran may do the same from Mexico or Canada into the United States.

J. Iran is not required to assent to any GOP Propaganda; but may use any excuse to expand warfare against legal counsel who refuse to enforce the Geneva Conventions

___ Iran may make adverse inferences and conclude the US using the phony war on terror as a smokescreen to expand its illegal war of aggression, and support unfurl border raids against Iran.

K. Iran is not required to isolate it's attacks to DOJ or White House counsel, but may lawfully target civilian educators implicated with these war crimes including John Yoo

___ Iran may make adverse inferences and conclude Congress, by taking impeachment off the table, has no plan to review these acts of war against Iran.

L. Iran, her allies, agents, and indirect associates are not required to follow any Geneva principle the US violated in re Guantanmo

All DoJ and White House counsel detained, imprisoned, abused, or harmed have no right to challenge their conditions, treatment during captivity. Captured DOJ and White House counsel may be summarily executed, abused, and mistreated in a like manner as Guranamo prisoners have been abused; or Iraqis have been mistreated; or Afghans have been harmed while transported in box cars.

M. Iran is not required to prove the allegations about prisoner mistreatment in Eastern Europe are true

The President has failed to deny these allegations of war crimes and Iran may construe that failure to deny as confirmation the abuses under Geneva have occurred. Any abuse, mistreatment, or other degrading treatment any person detained in Eastern Europe under the rendition program may be similarly applied to the DoJ Staff counsel and White House counsel during their transport.

* * *

The US Congress shut down funding for the Iran-Contra affair. Perhaps Members of Congress are skittish about holding the President to account for acts of war against Iran.

They've taken impeachment off the table. They might as well remove the laws of war, Constitution, and their power to oversee the Executive.

Why stop there? Throw in the oath of office, and the American public will get a clear idea of what remains on the table: Congressional assent to tyranny, no checks and balances, and green light to the Iranian government: "Please engage in like retaliation against the United States for our illegal cross border raids which amount to an act of war against Iran."

* * *

Congress didn't do anything to stop the President. There's no reason to believe Congress will respond when Iran attacks the District of Columbia. The President can't win a war against people living in caves; little prospect he'll be able to do much if the FBI's Hoover Building is destroyed by lawful Iranian counter attacks directed at those complicit with this illegal warfare.

Reckless White House and DOJ Staff counsel who refuse to prevent illegal warfare become legitimate military targets for Iranian-backed forces during combat operations directed against the Nation's capitol. It remains to be seen how many of the White House and DOJ Staff counsel are ultimately kidnapped, as reported from Iran, lawfully executed in lawful retaliation for the same war crimes committed in Iran.

If Congress won't defend the Constitution, won't see any tears shed here if the Iranians decide, in response to this illegal war of aggression, to burn the District of Columbia to the ground.

The buffoons on the DOJ intelligence units wish the Iranians attack soon and quickly. The Potomac Golf Association will likely have first choice on the new, open fairways. Hope they like the smell of burnt charcoal. This could have been avoided if the Congress had enforced the laws of war against the President and impeached him for illegal warfare in Iran. But the Congress chose to pretend that nothing would happen; and that they would get brownie points for inaction by winning the 2008 White House bid.

Sadly, Congress didn't factor in the Geneva Conventions. Iran may lawfully do the same that the United States is refusing to prevent in Iran. When the public starts seeing DOJ and White House counsel dragged out of their homes, and as we have seen in Iran, lawfully executed in retaliation for the same war crimes the US is supporting in Iran, then you'll see what happens when Congress puts their 2008 political ambitions before their 2007 duty to enforce the Geneva Conventions.

These events were foreseeable. This is what happens when Congress agrees to secret hearings and illegal activity when fails to protect the Constitution and end illegal warfare. The lawful alternative is the battlefield. Congress may learn to late that the battlefield is on the rubble that was once the nation's capitol.

Congress wouldn't do their job to protect the Constitution or end illegal warfare. Too bad the Iranians have to be the ones that send the wake up call: Congress needs to do its job to end this President's war crimes, or the Iranians are going to bring deadly force to the District of Columbia.

Reports that the US is assenting to, not spotting, and facilitating these kidnappings and executions in Iran means that the world military powers may lawfully do the same against the District of Columbia; and lawfully target for execution under the principle of reciprocity all DOJ Staff counsel, Members of Congress, and White House counsel alleged to be complicity with this illegal assertion of power against Iran in violation of the laws of war.

If Congress would like these Iranian threats of executions, kidnappings, and cross border raids into the District of Columbia to end, then the Congress needs to Confront this President. If Congress refuses, Iran may legally target for destruction, and order Iranian agents to kidnap, execute, or put on trial anyone they believe my have something to do with these illegal war crimes committed against Iran.

If Congress won't act, Iran may legally destroy the Congress, and directly target the President and all Cabinet officials until these illegal warfare against Iran ends. Congress may have taken impeachment off the table, but the Iranians have the lawful authority to not only burn the table, but destroy the Congress which believes it has no role in preventing this President’s war crimes.

Iran may lawfully target any and all commercial interests, contractors, and any other entity that is providing funds to Pakistan; and lawfully target for destruction all law firms, source of funds from the Untied States, and any other entity that is supporting, not preventing, and facilitation these illegal acts of aggression against Iran.

The US refuses to bring this dispute to the Security Council. There is no basis for the United Stets to demand that the Iranians respond or assent to laws which the United States refuses to follow.

This problem was avoidable. Congress refused to act. The Member of Congress recklessness in re this President's war crimes has lawfully opened the floodgates to permit Iranian-backed resources to lawfully kidnap, detain, execute, and put on trial for war crimes anyone the Iranian agents find, capture, or randomly pick up in the District of Columbia. It doesn't matter whether personnel are or are not actually related to the White House, Department of Justice, the Pentagon, or Congress. On accusation alone, the United States detained innocents in Guantanamo: Iran may lawfully order its agents worldwide to do the same against personnel who may or may not be linked with the DOJ Staff counsel, Republican party, Congressional staff counsel, or the White House counsel's office.

* * *

Prepare for combat operations in the District of Columbia, kidnappings of US government officials, and executions of DOJ and White House staff counsel. These actions are permitted under the laws of war. The US Government refused to enforce the laws of war; and Iran may lawfully bring the same destruction, mayhem, and abuses to the front steps of the White House counsel's office. Perhaps the President doesn't realize the seriousness of his war crimes. There's little sympathy from this corner of the world should there be piles of dead DOJ and White House staff counsel piling up on the White House laws in lawful retaliation for this President's illegal war crimes.

The rule of law has been insufficient to inspire the White House counsel and DOJ staff to fully enforce the laws of war. Iran and other nations may lawfully target the DOJ and White House counsel and legally execute them just as this President has illegally allowed to be done against Iranian's non-charged with any crime.

For every Iranian person harmed, the Iranians may lawfully target, capture, and execute DoJ Staff counsel, White House counsel, and others who are complicit with this President war crimes, illegal warfare, and grave breaches of Geneva. It would have been preferable had these issues been adjudicated in open court; yet this Government and Supreme court have stated the laws of war do not apply.

This is a grave error. All combat operations. personnel losses, and any executions of DoJ and White House counsel that this President may suffer are a direct result of his recklessness. Their lawful executions are permitted under Geneva. There is noting this President can do to make any American rush to his defense. The DOJ and White House counsel chose not assert their attorney standards of conduct, end this illegal warfare, nor report this illegal conduct to the proper authorities. Iranian-backed resources, agents, and forces have been mobilized. They may lawfully target, execute, kidnap, and detain any and all White House and DOJ Staff counsel complicit with this President's war crimes.

* * *

The alternative was for the Congress, Supreme Court, and Executive Branch to have fully enforced the Geneva Conventions. They decided Geneva wasn't good enough for them.

It's not good enough for anyone else. They have fatally exposed themselves to lawful retaliating by combat forces on the forum the Americans have proven incompetent: Combat.

The rule of law is nice; however, combat will swiftly impose consequences where the reckless, lazy, and incompetent American legal community assents to unlawful warfare.

Combat is the ultimate peer review. Staff counsel have, through their reckless defiance of Geneva, subjected them to the final peer review: The battlefield. They are not warriors, but stupid lawyers. They have no hope of enduring any interrogation.

All evidence gleaned from this abusive treatment may be used against them; or to lawfully justify expanded combat operations against more targets inside the District of Columbia. The evidence may find its way to the war crimes prosecutors to adjudicate war cfdrimes against staff counsel who have not yet been summarily executed without a fair trial during these unfolding combat operations directed at the United States.

American war planners and targeters have recklessly, without sufficient information, targeted Iranian facilities which are not connected with any imminent threat. The Iranians may do the same. Where the Iranian war planners are too busy, like their American counterparts, to verify the targets are connected to any imminent threat, the Iranian's reckless targeting -- which may or may not include non-military targets -- is not punishable under the principle of reciprocity, protected under the Geneva convnetions.

They wished this.