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Thursday, January 04, 2007

US Military Defies President's Orders

Secretary Gates, DoD Inspector General Race, SCAS, HASC, and Offit AFB:

The President has asked for national sacrifice. However, US military forces are not taking this call seriously. The President cannot credibly ask the American public for anything when his military forces are unwilling to follow simple rules.

The Military doesn't follow the rules of the Commander in Chief. Americans can't trust the NSA or contractors to follow the law. Why should Americans follow this President?

* * *

I would encourage you to have a chat with the personnel in the 55 CS/SCSNN at Offutt AFB--their public conduct using official government computers bring discredit upon the United States Armed Services. I am not impressed with this activity by personnel who are linked indirectly with the NSA and charged by the President to protect America. We should reasonably expect more professional conduct.

The following conduct does not inspire confidence in the US military:

Adding inappropriate comments to public site liked to official Government activity: Ref

Using official DoD resources, making inappropriate comments about others, bringing discredit upon the Department of Defense Ref

Bringing discredit upon the armed forces by removing content of interest to the publicRef

Deleting content and replacing it with language that does not reflect well on the United States Military or Department of Defense Ref

Deleting other content: Ref Ref

This is the address of the organization using official DoD resources for non-official purposes:

201 Peacekeeper Lane
Offutt AFB
NE 68113

* * *

The Commander in Chief today called for America to fight a common enemy. That fight must include efforts to maintain public confidence in the US armed services.

Inappropriate and unprofessional conduct does not fully support the Commander in Chief. Personnel who have used official goods for non official business have been convicted for fraud.

___ What sparked the interest of the 55 CS/SCSNN personnel in the legality of the NSA domestic surveillance activities?

___ How many personnel assigned to the 55 CS/SCSNN are engaged in activity related to alleged FISA violations?

___ What is the resignation status of the personnel involved in this inappropriate conduct reflecting poorly on the Department of Defense?

___ Why are official US government resources being used to engage in non official business?

___ Does the 55 CS/SCSNN commander have an explanation why personnel under their command are using official government resources for non official business?

___ DoD IG: What is your plan to review the non-official use of US government equipment by DoD personnel?

___ What is the status [civilian; military] of the personnel using the US military resources for non official business?

___ What is the status of the investigation?

___ Who is the investigating officer?

___ When will the report be provided to the DoD IG, HASC, GAO, and SCAS?

___ What is the name of the JAG officer assigned to this case?

___ Which letters of admonishment, counseling, or other things have been placed in personnel files?

___ Which military commanders reviewed the administrative action to ensure it is appropriate?

___ How was "Conduct unbecoming" reflected in the discipline [Article 134]?

* * *

The President made it clear: We are at war. If you do not want to act professionally at all times, do not ask Americans to support you. If you cannot be trusted to do the simple things correctly unless you are closely watched, no American should have confidence you're competent to do something marginally more difficult like enforcing the laws of war.

This conduct brings discredit upon the Armed Forces and the President. This conduct shows US forces are not fully focused on an enemy, but have enough time to face distractions. The President cannot credibly ask for sacrifice when US military and civilian personnel are spending time on non-official business.

When US forces are fully stretched, as evidenced by the non-use of government resources for non-official business, Americans might be in a position to believe the US military commanders are competent to effectively wage combat operations. You cannot do the little things; there is no reason to believe you can do something difficult.

Please find these people, review their conduct, and ensure the commander for the 55 CS/SCSNN is appropriately admonished for failing to have a credible oversight, training, and policy system in place to ensure all their resources are effectively focused on their missions.

When you can do your job without being told and closely monitored, we might believe you're worthy of trust. Until then, audit scope will increase, and Americans have a reasonable basis to have less confidence in the competence of US military commanders and combat forces.

You cannot be trusted to follow simple Presidential orders. There is no reason to believe you will disobey illegal orders, or follow more serious orders related to more serious issues: Protecting, preserving, and defending the US Constitution.

This conduct of the United States Military fails to persuade Americans you have fully asserted your oaths of office. This course of conduct is admissible before the international war crimes prosecutors, to what extent inter alia personnel were or were not fully following orders, rules, and administrative requirements as a baseline to assess their impeachability as a witness, or credibility as a defendant in a war crimes trial.