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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Padilla: Reckless DOJ Staff Counsel Can't Get Story Straight

Look at the non-sense the arrogant, abusive, incompetent DoJ Staff counsel are spewing forth: Inconsistent stories on Padilla.

There is no reason any American should have confidence in the American system of Justice. It is a sham.

* * *

Not only can't the morons in DoJ get their story straight, but they can't make up their mind whether they're going to follow the law, or bury the defendants.

Padilla is one person, but the DOJ Staff acts like the entire world has put the Hoover Building under siege. Perhaps it should be, but that's just speculation.

* * *

DoJ Staff leaders were chosen from my party's loyal members. It was linked with campaign contributions not competence. Look what happened when the DOJ Staff was finally called to the carpet: They couldn't get their story straight over whether Padilla was involved in foreign, domestic, or international terrorism.

Ashcroft's announcement was foolish. He let the genie of the bottle, but the courts wouldn't support his allegations.

Padilla has been shuffled around because the DOJ Staff has one problem on their hands: The US Constitution.

Unlike the normal DoJ Staff "deal" -- that of offering money in secret if the defendant goes away -- the US Attorneys are stuck with a defendant that they won't let go away.

* * *

The list of non-sense for DOJ to public account for is long:

- Promoting morons in the FBI who don't know the rules of evidence to positions of senior oversight responsibility at the ASAC level

* * *

If DoJ staff and US Attorneys want to "read into" issues that are not there, there's nothing stopping other US personnel and foreign fighters from doing the same: "Reading into" the intent of the US DoJ Staff to violate the laws of war, subjecting the DOJ Staff to lawful targeting by foreign fighters.

___ Is this how the DOJ Staff would like to have adverse inferences imposed; or would it prefer court oversight, which it ignores in re FISA issues?

___ When is the DOJ Staff going to review the FISA violations; or should the foreign fighters assume the DOJ Staff plans to continue supporting illegal warfare policies, subjecting the DOJ Staff to lawful retaliation under the laws of war?

* * *

Despite Padilla -- in all 230 phone calls -- never mentioning a plot, the US government says Padilla is "the main guy."

___ Where is the "big conspiracy"?

___ Why didn't the goons in the FBI and DOJ target "all the others" who were involved in the "big scary plot"?

___ If Padilla is "wo well connected," why not use Padilla to go after "the bigger fish"?

Padilla is all they have.

* * *

But the DOJ Staff can't keep the story straight. One day it's Moscow, another day it's Chicago, then out of the blue, Padilla is right smack in the middle of Osama's cave. Wow!

____ Where did the "big evidence" about AlQueda go?

____ How many other American civilians have been accused -- without charge -- for being "nearby" someone who was accused -- without charge" of doing something?

* * *

It was the choice of the US government to abuse Padilla; they knew well that the interrogations, once they were linked with abuse, would not be admissible. Rather, the evidence of the abuse is admissible.

DoJ, always looking for a conspiracy, like the goons in the GOP, to justify illegal activity.

___ Why should Americans have confidence in the US Government?

___ Where is the plan by the DOJ OPR to review these matters?

____ Or are foreign fighters the only lawful check under the laws of war in that they can impose like abuses against similarly situated DoJ Staff -- accused of wrong doing without trial.

* * *

DoJ's problem is that it likes to make accusations, not solve problems. But even if the US Supreme Court rules, the DOJ and goons in the GOP ignore the law.

____ Where are the GOP leaders in Congress calling for their peers in the Republican party to be held to account for not reviewing these matters?

____ How many "changes in status" are acceptable: Member of Congress to "alleged war criminal" to "lawful target of foreign fighter attack because of permitted retaliation permitted under the laws of war"

* * *

Most likely, DoJ is changing Padilla’s status not because they like the law, but they do not want the public to learn of the other abuses committed against prisoners in Afghanistan and other places.

____ How common was this course of conduct as we've seen with Padilla?

____ If the US is willing to do this to an American, why should anyone believe denials that the US was not doing this against what DoJ Staff counsel refers to as "Low lifes" and "scum of the earth Muslims"?

* * *

As with the Iran-Contra affair, the GOP is spinning the news over what happened.

Even if Padilla admitted he was a Martian, the DoJ, looking for any pretext to justify the abuse, would assert this as evidence.

The US government isn't concerned about exposing any "sensitive intelligence" -- they have one goal: To avoid any evidence of war crimes against prisoners from being admitted to any court. Once any evidence is admitted, any other nation may use that admitted evidence to lawfully conduct combat operations against US personnel globally without fear.

* * *

There are too many abuses in the Padilla case to warrant confidence in the US justice system. "Disappointing" is a mild expression, the proper word should be, "Reckless disregard for the rights of another."

DoJ Can't make up its mind because the evidence doesn't stack up. They've had their chance to get it right. Just as the US has failed the war on terror, it's failed to prosecute those who are supposedly doing this. A failed war, and a failed legal strategy.

* * *

There's no telling how many lies DoJ has fed to defendants. Once someone has been abused, they'll say anything.

The Military Commissions Act is unconstitutional and contrary to what the US government's Attorney General says, it is being used against Americans: Padilla.

Using information gleaned from abuse for self-incrimination is not only wrong, it undermines confidence in the US justice system.

____ Why would anyone in Afghanistan or Iraq want to embrace a system that ignores its own rules of evidence?

The US absurdly pretends that the "intelligence community" has one set of rules on evidence which can or cannot be used in court. This is absurd. We do not have two justice systems, one with the standards of intelligence; we have one justice system.

Padilla’s case is more than a black eye on America, it lawfully inspires foreign fighters to expand combat operations against Americans and lawfully targets those who are allegedly engaged in Geneva violations: Subjecting people to court proceedings contrary to what is entitled to all similarly situated American prisoners.

* * *

This late in the game, there's no reason to believe the US arguments about what was or was not happening. Their story changes depending on what the court rules. The story should stay the same.

The US government stretched the story about the New Jersey man supposedly importing arms. It was all setup.

America's justice system is a mess and has nothing to do with what happened on 9-11. The Sept 2001 events exposed the absurdity all Americans confront: The abusive US justice system that will target people for simply going about their business.

DoJ likes to imagine evidence, then wonders why foreign fighters lawfully target the DOJ Staff for supporting war crimes.