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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cooperative Subpoenas: DoJ Removes Gloves, Will Congress?

Prosecutors Target GOP Members of Congress.

* * *

In the spirit of Presidential Holiday Cheer, US Attorneys issued subpoenas against Members of Congress. Ref. The targeted committees: armed services, appropriations and intelligence committees

___ Will the Congress roll over; or will it reciprocate with subpoenas?

___ Will the subpoenas inspire Congress to comprehend that DoJ and the President don't plan to play nice?

___ The GOP didn't defend the DNC. Should the DNC defend the GOP?

* * *

"Legislative acts" are not protected when Members of Congress

- Are complicit with war crimes;
- Conduct violates the oath of office;
- Fail to fully assert one's moral best to ensure the Constitution remains fully protected and intact, not left to deteriorate;
- Commit fraud in illegally using government resources for personal matters; or
- Engage in illegal activity.

___ Who made an agreement not to prosecute a Member of Congress for fraud?

___ What was the nature of the arrangement not to fully enforce the House Rules?

___ Why is alleged fraud considered "creditable" for a Member of the House; but a grand jury in New York issued an indictment for personal use of public resources?