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Monday, May 15, 2006

NSA: White House allegedly targeting ABC's Brad Berenson

Brad Berenson, an ABC News Consultant, was formerly an associate White House counsel during President Bush's first term.

Berendson has allegedly been identified as the target of an ongoing investigation into ABC and other media outlets who have had contact with NSA employees over the NSA's illegal use of AT&T assets for data mining.

Brad, maybe you should tell us what you know. Tell us:

When you were in the White House, did you resign because you knew about the illegal activity related to the war crimes; or were you just not willing to assert your 5 USC 3331 legal duty as an attorney to protect the Constitution?

Could you tell us what you know about the NSA and CIA intercepts of the explosives placed inside the World Trade Center, and mentioned on the Intel-Link?

Please discuss the types of things that you are not permitted to discuss:

  • The operational plans of moving American citizens above CIA aircraft

  • Other things on this list [ Click ]

  • Do you enjoy being the subject of an official investigation; or is this getting to be "par for the course" as we've learned from the Potomac Golf Association ["PGA"]?

  • Please discuss any meetings you've had with "Kavanaugh" or other personnel at the PGA, and did you enjoy the refreshments?

  • WOuld you characterize your discussions with the White House counsel's office as informative, or rather bening on the allleged Gonzalez obstruction of justice investigation?

  • How farmiliar are you with the NARUS STA 6400 integration with the ground stations in the UK?

    * * *

    The RNC is a threat to American citizens security and livelihood.

    Brad's name is on this White House contract list: [Sidely Click ]