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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Sympathy GOP Orphans Who Killed Mother Justice

Prisoner Abuse, GSA Partisan Efforts: GOP Is an illegal party of criminals.

Ref The GSA excuses for the activity was, like with the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib, was "team building."

"Totally appropriate."

"Nothing was wrong."

"We were having a party."

Ref Office of Special counsel starts investigation into GSA.

* * *

Yes, the real question is: Who is using US government resources to engage in illegal activity, whether it is prisoner abuse, or unlawful use of GSA services for partisan purposes.

___ How can we use these events to our advantage?

___ How will the prisoner abuse images be used to increase moral?

___ How will illegal activity be used to expand our power?

* * *

It's not an illegal activity, but the Geneva Conventions are a "different of opinion" despite clear affidavits provided.

The selective memory problem about war crimes, prisoner abuse, FISA violations, and use of official government resources for illegal partisan objectives.

Strange, and this government wants us to believe that this was team building.

Aren't team building exercises based on the premise that there is competent management in place who knows the laws, and is committed to ensuring that the laws are fully enforced, not explained away as the FBI has done in re FISA warrants.

* * *

The GOP has an excuse to ignore the law which defies reason. These are the people are who are supposed to be managing the affairs of state. They have bundling managers who provide inconsistent statements.

Even when shown the video images of what happened under their command and control, they're still spewing forth non-sense.

Let's start to see some indictments sand prosecutions. Jail time. Playing nice with the arrogant idiots in the GOP isn't helping to inspire confidence in the American government.

Let's see something other than talking. More than simply excuses. Time to get the GOP to account for what it has done, the powers it has abused, and the laws it has failed to enforce or comply with.

Americans have to follow the law. Is the GOP asking the world to believe what they're really not Americans?

* * *


It is irrelevant whether GSA does or does not recall the slides. The issue is her state of mind while in the meeting. Whether she recalls the statements is irrelevant.

The record shows she was fully aware of the slides and knew, or should have known that the slides should not have been presented. It was contrary the standards of conduct and public policy for government facilities and resources to have been used for what was happening.

GSA leadership is judged to have not appropriately provided guidance at the meeting; and impermissibly continued with what she knew or should have known was not lawful conduct.

We do not find her assertion that she did or did not recall something as relevant. The record indicates that she was at the meeting; was an active participant; and made substantive comments indicating that she was well aware of the meeting content, material, and messages.

Suggestions today that she is confused, not sure, or not aware are not supported by witnesses who saw her engaged, fully alive, and involved during the meeting.

GSA is concluded to have engaged in illegal activity; and the GOP is judged to have violated public policy against using government facilities and resources for partisan purposes.

This is not acceptable. And GSA’s leadership has not shown contrition, but would have us believe that pretending that she didn’t recall something might mitigate this. She does not appear to be fully accepting that she was involved with something that was inappropriate.

She could have apologized and asked that the Congress disclose their concerns; and that she would honestly, without wavering, truly answer. GSA leadership is judged to not accept that the conduct is inappropriate, further undermining confidence in her leadership.

They were trained on the standards, and appear to have ignored; them; but when caught would like to pretend that this was a misunderstanding. No, GSA leadership knew full well what was going on; and either ignored the law, or they were reckless in not ending what they knew was inappropriate and illegal.

Subsequent conduct before the House Oversight Committee indicates that she knew there was a problem; and attempted to downplay the issue, attempted to characterize it as a misunderstanding. Again, GSA assertions were discredited in that personnel who attended the meeting provided a radically opposing characterizations. GSA management was mischaracterizing the issues and what happened.

* * *

This is not acceptable. Impose full, lawful consequences on GSA>

Need a statement from AG on when a special prosecutor will be assigned to prosecute the GSA leadership in a timely manner.

GSA leadership is free to resign.

There would not be a backlog of cases if this President had set the Right example; hired auditors and inspector Generals who would enforce the law; and if the GOP had appropriately used high profile cases to send a clear signal: The law is important; and US Attorneys will not be used to pursue partisan objectives.