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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FBI Agents: The Domestic Threat To Rule of Law, Constitution

Here's checklist you can use to record the information you get from the FBI agents you interact with.

Remember, they keep files. It's OK for you to have files on them.

Ask then why they get upset when you provide your information to Congress

___ What do the FBI agents have to fear?

There are only a few thousand of them. But there are millions of US.

They have no hope of avoiding We the People or the rule of law.

They have been complicit with war crimes, and have done noting about DOJ Staff counsel who have supported illegal activity. They are not our friends.

They are the domestic enemy we took our oath to protect the Constitution against.

Share with your friends: The FBI has a leadership porlbme and no plan to protect the Constitution. They are rebels engage in an illegal insurrection. Ask them why we should trust them. They've taken to long to assert their oath. This is not timely.

Brady requires them to cooperate, not make excuses for illegal activity.

* * *

___ What training have they attended?

___ Is there a reason the FBI agents like to disrupt civilian activities?

___ Why do the FBI agents enjoy disrupting the Constitution?

___ Could the FBI agents describe why their view their illegal activity as permissible?

___ What is the reason the FBI agents have not reviewed DOJ Staff counsel illegal activity?

___ Do the FBI agents like to protest the rule of law?

___ Why do the FBI agents spend so much time at the Potomac Golf Association?

___ Whee were the FBI agents when the evidence of war crimes surfaced?

___ Do the FBI agents not have a good reason why they have not reviewed the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports?

___ Why are the FBI agents protesting the FISA courts?

___ Is there a reason that the SACs like to lie to FISA?

___ How many false affidavits under the NSL Activity has the FBI agent participated int?

___ When did the FBI agents attend the team training to disrupt civilians engaging in prtoetece activity?

___ What is the reason the FBI agents are stupid?

___ Why are the FBI agents spending so much time with HTTF personnel and surfing the Internet?

___ What are the FBI agents political views of the Constitution?

___ Do the FBI agents believe that their oath of office is important?

___ What is their view of OPR?

___ Do the FBI agents like the MAOP?

___ How mahy times have they lied to the public to rebuff information?

___ Why do they make up lies to decline taking information?

___ Other comments