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Thursday, January 11, 2007

NeoCons Awoke The Wrong Tigers

Ref The error was for the NeoCons to attack American civilians and values.

* * *

America won during WWII because it overwhelmed the enemy. Today, Americans are isolated. Unlike the events after Sept 2001 where the US had word support, the US has squandered the good will, and created many enemies.

The US approach is to assert democracy as a solution, but the results are disasters. Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq were told democracy would change their lives. It did -- it brought a bigger mess. America’s error is to assert democracy is better than what the Muslims have, without a fair showing that democracy delivers.

* * *

America's error is to believe that confrontation with Muslims is inevitable. It may be if America turns our 9-11 allies into enemies. America did not win during WWII on force alone, but through the power of inspiring people we were right. Then the battle was sustained. In 2007, Muslims around the glove reasonably view they are under attack, regardless their extremism or moderation. Moderate people can become American enemies, especially when American democracy brings worse conditions.

America's so-called distaste for the status quo did not stop the US government from assenting to rules which "bound" the President's hands in Iraq. The asserted status quo, not reality, is only challenged when it serves the NeoCon agenda.

Deceit cannot sustain a civilian population which has the power to craft a New Constitution and legally strip the Central US government of power, and delegate that to new Instructions, back to the states, or a less centralized Federal system.

Agendas will only survive if they have the budget to sustain them. As with the false evidence for Iraq and the failed plans and meaningless budget estimates in 2002, the President is doing the same in 2007: Asserting a plan that is disconnected from details, finances, and the needed American support. Deceit may have won the first entry to Iraq; but deceit cannot sustain support, especially when the original deceits come undone during a war crimes trial.

America must decide whether it will take a wack at potential problems; or accept that the world may lawfully impose discipline on the real problem: The reckless US government. Foreign fighters are not confined to planning attacks, nor are they required to assent to eternal abuse. They can inspire a civilian population to refuse to cooperate with their destruction. The US may have a moment-to-moment memory on the nightly news; betrayed allies can become eternal enemies. America needs friends, and does not have the resources to sustain what it started, much less expand and sustain more.

The world is not the playground that must respond in ways the Americans find amicable. The world, as the United States has done, may or may not respond in ways that are consistent with other nations' interests. The issue is not what does or does not fail in Iraq, but what lessons do Muslims learn from Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The lesson is not new: America provides problems, and meddles in other nation's internal affairs, unlocking forces which only dictators have been able to manage and contain.

Iran and other nations may or may not respond in terms that are about American principles or democracy. They have their own view which may or may not be consistent with what American academics appreciate. The American Empire, if it is a real concept, cannot be sustained when the world actively opposes that empire, however benevolent the US believes its empire is. Benevolence is not asserted, but accepted in the form of results not words.

America can only force other nations to do things when other nations have no other options. Yet, in 2007, the world views America as not an option, but as the enemy. Some may hope that Egyptians might become disillusioned with their government; yet dissatisfaction with the current, does not mean that the Americans are the only alterative. Unlike Eastern Europe, the world is not craving for Americans to bring stability. America brings instability. Others, when asked, hope the undesirable be replaced with something that is better, not simply sounds better, but disorder.

No one needs to experience force when they can see the disasters on TV: Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The American model, as exported, is its worst publicist.

The world is not a board game where the US can change the rules to suit American interests. Other players have the same powers to reciprocate, especially when America's history of game playing is deceptive, abusive, and disrespectful.

These are issues of sovereignty, legitimacy, and power. The US government may desire to impose its will on others; but others are not required to cooperate, especially when the American legacy is disrespect. America cannot compel others to give up sovereignty, while denying other nations the credible threat to reciprocate and deny the US government of power, legitimacy, and sovereignty. Abused people will find a way to defeat the Americans, even if it means waiting for generations. This is not a legacy America should be proud of providing to future generations many thousands of years hence.

Asserting an idea is different than getting others to embrace it as their own. The NeoCons thought the example of Iraq would inspire others to follow suit. The NeoCons were correct -- others are following the Iraqis' example, but expanding combat operations against the United States worldwide, exploiting the finite military resources bogged down in Iraq.

It was an error to presume the lessons of the American actions would be favorable, positive, or supportive to American interests. Americans freely chose to abuse Muslims. This was not thrust upon any American. They way forward is to compel the Israelis to accept that justice must be done, or there will be eternal warfare in the name of injustice. Until Israel accepts its role in the injustice, it cannot credibly compel other nations to come to its eternal defense.

What may or may not have triggered the NeoCons to believe something is meaningless. Reality has arrived. The NeoCons have a double standard on history: They point to things that justify their arrogance; but they refuse to discuss history when that arrogance reveals flawed plans and illegal activity. What may have worked in one era may or may not work in another. Iraq is not an insurgency, but a transnational revolution energized by civil war. US combat troops were not designed for this. The error is to commit US force without a credible basis to believe it will prevail. Victory is meaningless when the costs destroy all that might be worth fighting for. Belief will not defend the NeoCons; nor will abused American civilians come to their defense.

America has not credibly been faced with a compelling threat. The world is not launching nuclear weapons, nor engaged in large land grabs of the North American landscape. The threat is from the NeoCons who point to the prospect of future conflict as the reason to accelerate the speculative into the certain present. Nothing is advanced when the speculative future is accelerated bringing certain chaos; this hardly warrants confidence either in the NeoCons or a system that refuses to credibly challenge this illegal activity. The same arguments the NeoCons pose about enemies apply to the NeoCons: Extremist, reckless, and contrary to American values.

The way forward is for Americans to decide whether they would rather have a certain peace with compromise and mutual respect; or whether Americans would like to be isolated, and the subject of eternal attacks for failing to show respect to others.

Foreign fighters and Muslims are not the only ones who are inspired to oppose this arrogance. American citizens continue lawful effort to compel the US government to end its ways. The efforts started with ballots, proclamations, and victories in the elections. If these are not enough to tame America's government, some Americans are discussing what alternatives exist to lawfully end what is no longer defendable. Either the US government will cooperate with civilized norms; or the US government will be lawfully transformed into an entity that has no choice. These transformations are possible with a New Constitution at home, not just battles abroad through proxies.

With this much chaos and recklessness, America's leaders have more to worry about than the speculative threats of someone’s economic activity abroad. The question is whether the leadership is ready to confront a mobilized citizenry, fueled with the eternal memory of what Americans are capable of doing when they abuse power; and accept that the leadership has defied its eternal oath.

Unlike wars of yesteryear where the President might make a speech, and the cable news would turn to the next story, American civilians, as are foreign fighters, are willing to compel the US government to account in a legal showdown. The preferred forum is the court room. This government ignores the laws, and prefers to be defeated in the battlefield. The American civilian population, as has this government, may lawfully delegate to proxies to defeat in combat what refuses to assent to the American rule of law: Our Constitution.

The NoeCon plans are not sustainable when the labor and resources required to implement those plans are not available, or have been lawfully been revoked. America’s leaders cannot compel Americans to remain complicit, silent sheep in war crimes. Rather, American civilians may legally refuse to cooperate with Geneva violations; and actively work with all nations to gather evidence and legally compel the NeoCons to be lawfully destroyed. Either America's leaders will assent to the laws of war; or American civilians and foreign fighters may lawfully join forces and compel the American leadership to appear before The Hague. The DoJ Staff privilege is not assured when their law licenses are revoked, and they are lawfully targeted for prosecution for having been complicit with war crimes.

It is an error for the NeoCons to believe they can provoke a war with Muslims and impose the American model on the world. The stumbling block is the awakened American population who is the source of all power and may lawfully provoke the US government to use force. When that force is used without effect, as has already been done in Iraq, American civilians will understand the rage of wailing Iraqi parents who have lost their children: The enemy is the US government.

The error is for the NeoCons to believe that the showdown will be abroad. They miscalculated and failed to consider the showdown they may face before The Hague at the hands of a cooperative American civilian population.

American civilians are not pawns, nor are they tools. They are people. When they are abused, as the NeoCons have done, the NeoCons have awoken the fiercest foe: The Tiger of the Rule of Law. It shall be lawfully imposed on the NeoCons; and American civilians are delegated the eternal right to stand up for themselves, something the NeoCons did not expect the Iraqis to do, and what the American public shall never do: Assent to barbaric use of power.

If the NeoCons pretend that this war is overseas, they are mistaken. The NeoCons, unless they are contained, shall be deemed to be an eternal threat to America. They may be lawfully hunted and dragged before any court. It is open hunting season for all Americans to gather evidence, organize themselves, and present the evidence for the world to see: The NeoCons are known to the be the problem, and they shall be lawfully destroyed from within their own party and at the hands of the justice system manned by American civilians.

The error was for the NeoCons to wage a war abroad and attack American civilians in their homes, as the British Monarchy did. The same outrages committed against the American colonists inspired the American Patriots to refuse to assent to barbarism. The choice is for the NeoCons: Whether they will voluntarily surrender; or whether through the lawful use of force at the hands of foreign fighters and American civilians they are lawfully compelled to appear before the Congress and the Courts for adjudication.

If they refuse to cooperate and the US government refuses to respect the Constitution, We the People have the eternal right and power to export this battle abroad, and through proxy, lawfully target for destruction the NeoCons on the battlefield. The Constitution recognizes the power of the Geneva Conventions to impose reciprocity. We the People are not legally allowed to engage in violent revolution; but we may legally delegate to any proxy the power and right to impose combat losses on the NeoCons for having failed to protect the US Constitution and Geneva Convention obligations.

This was a war the NeoCons chose to start. They picked the wrong enemy: The rule of law eternally backed by the force, might, and determination of the American civilian population. The NeoCons remain the enemy. They shall be lawfully destroyed.

Choose your enemy wisely. You have awoken the wrong Tigers.