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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Congress Fails to Comprehend Lawful Threats To It's Institutional Powers

Congress fails to comprehend the problem it faces in Iraq, or the rising US citizen opposition to the US government. Congress should consider, as a speculative debate, what might happen if Africans united to overthrow the US government and impose outside forces on the North American continent.

When Congress considers this speculative scenario, it may understand what is going on in Iraq, and why Americans are withdrawing support from the US government and the two leading political parties.

Change in on the way in the form of new alliances, leadership, parties, and Constitutions. If Congress wants to retain its power as a self-regulating entity, it must put its institution before the President and lawfully remove this threat to the American Constitution. Until Congress broadens its view of what is at stake, the momentum for civil transformation and a New Constitution gains momentum.

* * *

One approach to understanding how Iraqis, Somalis, and Afghanis feel about American military intervention is to turn the tables.

Suppose the African Continent were to unite, and decide the following:

  • Unless the US President resigns, they will invade, and occupy the district of Columbia

  • The Africans would not provide any support to the displaced Americans fleeing to Canada or Mexico

  • All efforts of Mexico and Canada to assist the fleeing Americans would be pointed to by the Africans as evidence the Americans cannot be trusted, and that the Northern and Southern Borders of American must be protected, or there remains a threat to Africa.

  • The Africans would impose sanctions on the American Continent for refusing to cooperate with the invasion, occupation

  • Despite elections for new leadership, the Africans would not recognize the outcome, and refuse to listen to the American people.

  • Africans, living far away, would make decisions about what is best for Africa, without listening to the inputs of Americans living in the former United States, Canada or Mexico

  • The Africans would silence or stop reviews American citizens might make of the DHS detention camps

    This would be quite stunning. Now, perhaps you may have a sense of why the Taliban, Iraqi insurgents, and other forces inside Somalia oppose US military intervention.

    Just as the US Congress is not credibly challenging the President or doing what it should, some might argue that Saddam, the Islamic Courts, and Taliban were not effective. The problem with that argument is the alternative was worse bringing instability, and failed to prevent warring factions from competing for power using combat not the law, politics, or courts to resolve their disputes.

    * * *

    However, there is another message in the above possible actions that Africans might engage in this scenario. These possible events are what the US Congress and NeoCons have done after the 2006 elections:

    - Ignored the 2006 election results;

    - Essentially occupied DC, but have failed to govern;

    - Demanded a selective focus on history to avoid reviewing what went wrong, forever pointing to the future, without accountability for what went wrong;

    - Demanded others agree that the failed leaders retain a seat at the table, despite their lack of progress, and incredible assertions of power, which they cannot credibly justify, assert, or compel others to believe;

    - Make decisions about what Americans will or will not put up with, without considering what the voters already said;

    - Refused to respond to popular support to hold the leadership to account with an effort to charge the President with crimes;

    - Maintained troops in the Military District of Washington as a defense against what some view a needed change in governance, which the leadership refused to wholeheartedly embrace after the 2006 election;

    - Remained unresponsive to reasonable questions, concerns, and attention given to war crimes, Constitutional violations, and other high crimes

    - Demanded that Americans put up with "just one more year on investigations," while the evidence of wrongdoing is compelling to warrant action now.

    This is absurd.

    * * *

    Take yourself outside of the US-Iraq nexus, and consider the American people would respond if Africa did the above. Africa's speculative plan for America would be rejected, just as the Iraqis have rejected the continued occupation of Iraq.

    Iraq is a sovereign nation. The US is acting as if Iraq is a client state to be governed by martial law.

    No American leaders should be confused why Americans are discussion the prospect of legally removing the President from office using methods outside Congressional control -- state level prosecution by the Attorney Generals.

    Congress must accept that the 2006 election mandate meant change, not assenting to illegal warfare, or flawed plans.

    Africa has no basis to assert its control over the North American continent. Similarly, the US leadership cannot impose terms on what the Iraqis should or should not do.

    The Iraqis have chosen civil war. The US military is in the middle of something that is not an insurgency, nor conventional or unconventional warfare.

    Until Congress reviews the events 2001-2007 in the context of what Africa might do if it were to impose conditions on the US, the Congress is not going to appreciate the problem that is bubbling in the minds of American civilians.

    Americans did not vote for change with the expectation that the change would be lip service. Congress sees the President is not changing. Change will only come when the leadership in the Oval Office is legally removed from power.

    Americans, if they faced the prospect that Africans might control the North American continent would take up arms, form alliances with their allies in Canada, Mexico, and around the globe. No one should be confused why Iran is talking to Venezuela, Cuba, and other nations who do not support America.