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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lessons from the Iraqi Insurgency for DNC

The DNC would be prudent to heed the real lessons of the Iraqi insurgency: The opponent will not stop, regardless.

* * *

The lesson from the Iraq insurgency for the DNC: The opposition, when it adjusts, will pursue the same objective, but in a different way.

These lessons apply to how the DNC should engage with the President on all fronts.

This President has no plans to adjust. Until the DNC removes the President from office, we're going to get more of the same.

* * *

Debating, discussing, and conducting investigations is playing into the White House plans. They aren't going to cooperate.

As with Saddam, the objective should not to make an exhaustive list of charges, but simple charges that the RNC will see warrant conviction.

The President has no plans to cooperate, but find new ways to make the DNC lose. The President has no plans to respond to the DNC or Constitutional interests of the Country, but his interests: Make more smokescreens in Iraq and Iran to dissuade Congressional oversight.

The President perceives his cause is just, regardless the legality and he will continue despite overwhelming losses and odds.

* * *

The DNC winning contorl of Congress is not a solution, but the first step. Bush will not stop until he is lawfully defeated and removed from office.