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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

9-11 Bill: House Currently Has Insufficient Votes to Override Veto

The President opposes the 9-11 legislation. If he vetoes the bill, the House, with only 58% supporting the bill do not have the 2/3 required to override the veto.

Update: I used the wrong numbers: 299/435 is just enough to override at 68%. It looks as though the RNC is committed to passing this bill, and rubbing the President's nose in it.

* * *

We'll have to see:

___ How serious is Bush in opposing this Bill with a veto?

___ Will the GOP in the Congress break ranks -- again, above the 58% in the House to 67% -- and override the Veto?

* * *


___ If the President is "really interested" in "doing all he can" to protect America, why is he arguing over nickels and dimes on the 9-11 recommendations; but he's throwing money into the DoD contractors?

Answer The President is not doing all he can, but all he wants.