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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Support the Toops -- Give them A New Commander in Chief

If you're serious about supporting the troops, you should give them a new commander in Chief.

Support We the People -- Give us a New President; or We the People will give you a New Constitution.

* * *

Any other action sends the signal: You're not serious about supporting warriors. Details

It also means you're not doing your job.

As with Iraq, American citizens do not have infinite patience. Either do your job, or you may be lawfully targeted for prosecution for 5 USC 3331 violations -- failing to fully assert your oath.

We the People and the Constitution are on onside side of the line. Members of Congress, the President, and warriors must decide whether you will cross the line and join us; or whether you shall be lawfully targeted for prosecution.

We the People know the evidence is compelling. The question is whether you will voluntarily do what you promised in your oath; or whether you require a New Constitution to remove your discretion and your non-asserted power.

Do your job, or we'll strip you of your powers. We the People may lawfully delegate those non-asserted powers to others who are more interested in being rewarded with trust, confidence, and respect.

Change has been possible for the direction in Iraq. It is also possible for the direction of the White House and this Presidency. The arguments justifying changing direction in how We the People interact with combat forces in Iraq, can also be applied with how we interact with this President, Congress, and US government. Ref

Changes apply to all, not selectively to some but not others. Be the change, or you will be legally changed. The troops need a new commander in Chief; We the People need a new President. Just as Iraq cannot wait another day for the needed change, We the People cannot reasonably be expected to patiently wait until 2009. Change now, or you will become part of what is lawfully changed.