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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Mccarthyism: Ethics and Public Policy Center

Some of the enemies of America are in the Ethics and public Policy Center. Ref

* * *

Ethics and Public Policy Center

There is no reason for anyone to listen to the EPPC; nor take seriously their calls that anyone do or not do something. When they take care of their internal problems, they might be in a position to point to who is or is not the enemy. The Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) has not met the test of credibility. EPPC, inter alia:

A. Should reconsider whether it would rather fight the enemies at home who defy the Constitution; or whether they would like to create more enemies by refusing to cooperate with those who are wiling to defeat common enemies;

B. Cannot credibly argue these are "uncertain" times; or that the threats require their solutions. They have a nice idea. The problem is the implementation and reality;

C. Prefers to stir up trouble, talk about the benefits of democracy, but deny Americans the right to openly oppose and lawfully destroy the Ethics and Public Policy Center; and

D. Should first spend their time studying the laws of war; when they review the laws, they will comprehend the basis for the reasonable opposition to America’s reckless disregard for the Geneva Conventions.

* * *

Americans should consider the Ethics and Public Policy Center part of the system which inspires the world to oppose what America refuses to respect: The rule of law. This is what happens when good principles and good people put principle after people.

Beware the Ethics and Public Policy Center -- they appear to be the new McCarthy’s of the 21st Century. No American should be surprised by what emboldens foreign fighters to attack American interests -- the nonsense of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

* * *

It is meaningless to talk about religious standards when those standards are not relevant to governance, either in practical application or as a legal standard for conduct. Our system of justice is based on the law, not whether someone is or is not devout in their beliefs. The Constitution does not permit religious tests. Religious liberty, when shrouded under Republican fascism, is not liberty, but loyalty to barbarism.

America’s leadership in the Republican Party has talked about religious principles, but has not put those ideas into practice. Where we might be instructed to turn the other cheek, America lashed out and committed war crimes; where we might be instructed to resolve problems with our neighbor, America has turned neighbors into enemies.

Moral principles, in themselves, cannot be asserted as an idea, but must be practiced at home, not imposed by force abroad. The problem confronting America is the problem of the politically bankrupt attempting to impose a warped sense of the law; while refusing to assent to the law.

* * *

The freedoms we enjoy are possible if the enemies in the Ethics and Public Policy Center are forced to account for their recklessness: It is absurd for them to pretend the enemy is "out there" when they refuse to review what they are doing to contribute to the problem. Their efforts distract attention from the failings of the NeoCon’s reckless approach, and pretend the problem is something else. They should find unbreakable mirrors.

America after Sept 2001 had the world’s support; this leadership has squandered that support on the backs of those they have abused. America’s external enemies will only have power to persuade if the choices they are given -- especially from the Ethics and public Policy Center -- are absurd, and presented as an either-or option.

America’s enemies cannot survive if America practices its cherished values. The Ethics and Public Policy Center wants to talk about principles that are not practiced; but advocates action against those who might support American principles.

* * *

It is disingenuous to support pro-democracy movements in Syria and Iran when those movements seek instability, and are not serious about facing common threats.

Just as America put aside differences with the Russians in WWII, the world is putting aside its differences to oppose America. Pro-America in WWII meant putting aside our differences with the Russians, and fighting a common enemy: The enemies Nazi Germany. America, then as now, could not have done it alone.

America is not isolated on the cause of right against wrong; but in the fight of barbarism in America against the world. Today's battle is not for or against democracy; but for or against the rule of law. The so-called extremists in the Republican Party see the leadership has failed, and have turned the corner. As they have changed, so too can America's foreign enemies embrace a new America based on the rule of law, not arrogance and hypocrisy.

We the People chose to assert the rule of law; Our Will is in the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions. You have no power or discretion to defy these standards. Asserting non-practiced standards as a basis to ignore real standards is not leadership, but a smokescreen.

The primary threat is the overreaction by America’s leaders in responding to a threat. The threat to America is more from within that abroad. Some of the enemies America faces are in the Ethics and Public Policy Center. There is hope, the membership of the EPPC can change, as have some Republicans, and start anew.