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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

White House Staff Has Iran On It's Mind

Ref President's speech. See page 4 of 11

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Take a look at this gem from the White House background briefing, where the "administration official" misspoke, mentioned Iran:
Let me just back up to what my colleague did at the beginning. There has been a long process of taking a very hard look and looking at each and every alternative -- every alternative -- and people have spent a lot of time looking through them. And they've come up with a comprehensive plan that deals with a lot of different elements of the situation in Iran [sic], including regionally, locally, economically, diplomatically and so on -- sorry, Iraq. Thank you. And as a consequence there's going to be a lot to chew on when you do get these sheets. And I'm sorry they're not ready yet.Ref

It's likely the same pre-2002 planning meetings which ignored the real problems in Iraq are in fully swing with Iran: A naive assertion that the US and Israel can "surgically" remove a threat that does not exist.

We'll have to see whether Congress is serious about limiting the President, especially where there is no imminent threat; or whether they make excuses not to stop the President. As with Iraq, there is no imminent threat, and the action against Iran could be adjudicated to be a war crime.

The US has provided unconvincing evidence the Iranians are doing anything in Iraq. The US does not have a superior right to intervene illegally; nor can the US legally prevent Iran from observing whether the US is about to engage in war crimes against Iran.

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It is incorrect to suggest that Iran created conditions in Iraq; or that the US is getting "sucked into" Iraq or Iran.

This is a war of choice, and the President is chasing ghosts. He's incompetent, and unit to be President or Commander in Chief. He should be legally removed from office because he is not able to formulate coherent policies, nor lead combat troops where they do not belong.