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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NSA Data Mining Reporting

The Senate is talking about more "reporting requirements" on the President to notify Congress of data mining. Ref The problem has been the lack of enforcement of the existing statutes.

* * *

The Statutes already require the President and Attorney general to report information, which they have not. Congress has yet to explain what failed on the Title 28 and Title 50 issues.

___ What good is it to pass legislation that has meaningless teeth?

Once Congress is aware that the required reports were not submitted, they did nothing.

___ What's the plan for Congress to have a legal obligation to review the known failure of the President and others to report the information?


There needs to be a change in the Constitution that strips the Congress of the discretion to oversee-not oversee an issue; and throw the investigation/impeachment problem into another body that puts the President on notice: You have multiple other branches of government that can lawfully target you if you refuse to cooperate.