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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Leaders Unfit When Ignore Experts

The President has a habit of ignoring his military experts. Ref

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Makes no sense to put new Generals before Congress if he's going to ignore them.

___ Why does Bush bother hiring or firing Generals?

___ Why does the President bother nominating anyone for office when he ignores them?

___ Should the President be allowed to ignore military experts?

___ Why not solve the problem by ignoring the President -- and removing him from office?

The President is disingenuous when he talks about listening to experts. Like a failed, incompetent CEO who will not respond to oversight, Congress needs to remove the President before foreign fighters expand combat operations in America.

if Congress won't lead or protect the Constitution, someone needs to make a credible case:

___ Why can't a new system of governance be provided?

___ Who out there has another approach to running government operations?

___ Should the US be divided into regional areas, as is being proposed for Iraq, so there is a credible check on power?

___ What is a solution to prevent this abuse of power from happening?

___ Should US citizens and civilian leadership, when they fail to exercise sovereignty or manage their affairs, be given the right to have inputs to what is needed as a solution or alternative?

If you want to be a self-governing nation, you need to govern your government. Otherwise, more powerful actors will have to arrive and impose discipline.

The US made the same argument for Iraq, but provided a mess. Can anyone argue that foreign fighters should offer anything other than a mess?