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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Waning GOP Senate Support Smells Trouble For Presidential Removal

The prospects for removal are rising.

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Chances of POTUS Removal Increasing
The President's GOP support is cracking. As the President's support fades, the prospects for a presidential removal increase.

Only 17 GOP Senators in the Senate are needed to remove the President.

It remains to be seen how many GOP Senators support a DNC resolution opposing the President's plans in Iraq.

If there are enough votes to override a veto on the 9-11 recommendations, this may be a sign that there could be, with enough evidence and lobbying, GOP support for conviction and removal of th4e President.

The House voted 67% for the 9-11 recommendation, with enough Republicans defecting the President, suggesting if the trend continues in the Senate, the Repubulicans could support removal.