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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Letters from GTMO

Ref Share with your friends: American civilians are opposed to the US government because of this barbaric treatment of our fellow human beings.

* * *

Learn and share what is going on right now under the Government control.

This is unacceptable. Ensure your friends pass this link to others around the globe. We shall not let the US government ever forget they have illegally abused its powers.

They way forward is to create a New Constitution that will prevent this abuse from occurring; and ensuring there are timely resolutions to this abuse of power.

There are not excuses for these war crimes. This is outrageous and shocking for the world to see: The American government has abused human rights, made excuses, and illegally abused human beings.

These stories are shocking to the conscious. Share them with your friends, children, and with everyone as long as you live. The world cannot be allowed to forget what the arrogant, abusive Americans have done.