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Thursday, January 11, 2007

92,000 More Troops Is Only the Beginning

Here are the signs that the planning is merely throwing jello at the wall:

Asked how long that buildup might last, Gates told the briefing, "It's viewed as a temporary surge, but I think no one has a really clear idea of how long that might be."

What a sorry excuse for government, oversight, and the rule of law.

* * *

The 92K troop number didn't appear out of the blue. Many people have known about it for a long time. Ref Remember the arguments while the US troops were on the border of Iraq-Kuwait: [paraphrasing], "We can't have the troops sitting there; we need to use them. Let's get this over with."

How many US troops do the Commanders want sitting on the border of Iraq-Iran; and then argue, "We have the troops to invade Iran, let's use them."

Cambodia all over again.

Wow, I'm really impressed with the DNC control of Congress:

___ How many more troops do you want?

___ How many arguments are we going to accept as a justification to invade Iran?

___ How much more money do you want?

___ If we refuse to support illegal warfare, will the US population hold that against us in 2008 and deny us the White House?

* * *

A third party is possible. Neither the DNC or GOP are credibly asserting their oath.

Each is making excuses to go down this non-sense road.

It is meaningless for the DNC to claim they have a majority, but they are acting like a UK Poodle, fearful of standing up to the US Government.

___ Who needs a government that ignores the voters, but supports and enables a war criminal?

___ How many more excuses do American need to embrace behind this non-sense before we craft a New Constitution?

* * *

Just when you think the President might be held to account, we find the cast of enablers is ready with more excuses not to assert their oath, and support illegal warfare.

If you don’t want to remain accountable to the rule of law, start a war. Hitler did it; and Bush continues.

* * *

Perma War

Hoping to get Congress to buy into something, says the man who is supposedly in charge. What's going to happen: No one really has a clear idea.

There is no idea because there is no leadership, no credible plan, and no adequate debate.

What's the US Congress approach? To assent to threats by the GOP to prevent Congress from calling this what it is: Reckless war criminal activity, disconnected from reality.

* * *

Vietnam was supposed to be the reminder. 50,000 deaths wasn't enough.

___ What is going to make the "lesson of Iraq" really stick?

___ How big does the "Iraq Civil War"-Memorial have to be?

* * *

This was a war of choice and no we hear, "No one really has any idea. . . "

"They'll greet us with open arms," now: "We have no idea. . ."

There's another fine mess, NeoCons.

How's that third party coming along?