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Monday, May 15, 2006

President, Vice President both affirmatively linked to obstruction of justice

Federal statutes prohibit classifying information for purposes of concealing violations of the law.

The President and Vice President have been affirmatively linked with an effort by the Attorney General to obstruct justice and suppress information related to criminal conduct in the CIA, NSA, DoD, and White House.

DoJ OPR's letter to the Congress provides the necessary means to appeal the FOIA waiver.

The President, Vice President, and Attorney General have been linked to an obstruction of justice investigation. This is no longer an "alleged obstruction," but an actual crime. [Click ]

All three are now targets of that investigation.

* * *


943 F.2d 972
260 U.S. App. D.C. 205
231 U.S. App. D.C. 99

The President, Vice President, and Attorney General have allegedly violated the law, and violated their oaths, subject to indictment. [ See: 125 U.S. 190 Click, AIIS3: Failure to enforce laws; 71 U.S. 2 oath is binding to act ]

Neither the President or Vice President has any credible legal defense. [ Article 1 Section 5 gives the House the power to make rules in re impeachment: 506 USC 224 ]

NSA's Hayden is also linked, and has allegedly taken unlawful action against personnel suspected of reporting unlawful conduct. [ Agency head: Click ] Illegal retaliation is involved: Unlawful failure of NSA IG/CIA IG to review matters they should have reviewed [Click ]

All are linked to the ORCON violations, and the NSA illegal surveillance activity. [Click ]

It remains to be understood whether the Appropriations Committee assert 5 USC 3331, and adjusts the NSA appropriations. [ Click ] [ Specter has options, but is not moving Click; Click ]

Multiple 5 USC 3331 violations by members of Congress. Congress needs to follow up with the special counsel's office, to determine whether information they have received has or has not been reviewed. [ Click ] DoJ OPR reports they have been rebuffed, which would constitute a subsequent violation of statute: Unlawfully impeding an official investigation, which the AG, President, and Vice President fully understand. Statutes are wholly at odds with White House staff conduct.

[ 418 USC 683 ] Privilege can be trumped.