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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NSA: How to Circumvent White House Dubious Claim of 'State Secrets'

The White House is dubiously claiming the activities are protected by 'state secrets." [ Ref ]

However, anyone can use open sources to prove the White House, the President, and General Hayden have violated the law. Here are links how to do this.

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There is a way to go around the White House claim of "state secrets." There is open source information on what you can review.

This link shows which unclassified, well known DoD procedures can be reviewed in public, compared to the White House fatal admisions, and prove the President and Hayden have violated the law. Also, SEC documents clearly link the White House with the firm managing the NSLs and FISA warrant process.

Finally, this link shows how some of the information related to the NSA illegal activity is being suppressed.

What you can do

Let your friends know that there is open source information being suppressed about the NSA illegal activities.

Encourage your friends to discuss the kw=["dubious claims"] the White House is making.