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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Iran: CIA Continues Spreading Fires

The American CIA continues to stir up trouble inside Iran.

Why didn't Osama talk about the explosives the CIA knows about in the World Trade Center?

Added: 26 May 06: Spreading riots at Universities [ Click CLick ]

The American CIA has a reputation for organizing dissent, so long as it isn't against the American President.

In Iran, you can see the similarities between the CIA action in 1979 and 2006:

  • Well publicized “abuses”, pale in comparison to the abusive CIA renditions;

  • Well publicized statements by "independent" media "observers"

    * * *

    The reason the Iranians have long distanced themselves from the West is the meddling. Despite the continued meddling, Iran seeks peace.

    The only option the US has is to continue to stir things up.

    No wonder the White House is paranoid. It rightfully fears democracy and free speech might flourish in America.

    * * *

    Documents, references

    CIA working with British Embassy to destabilize Iran, 1953 [Click ]

    DoD approach to using data mining to discover who in Iran could destabilize the country [ CLick ]

    1953 Coup plan: [ Click ]

    Declassified documents related to Iran.