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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Force the Media and Members of Congress to Assert Their Rights

I've been thinking about the media.

Put aside my view that I think they're lazy, worthless, and easily kowtowed by abusive power. Overall it's not that bad.

The good news is they're talking about rights. The bad news is it took this long.

Katharine has some thoughts.

There are ways to encourage Legislative and the Executive branches to wake up:

  • If you lawfully target them, and lawfully threaten to deprive them of liberties they've taken for gratned, they may suddenly start screaming about things they've long ignored: The Constitution, rule of law, and rights. This reminds us that in order to get people to do something, you may have to lawfully jepoardize something they value, and then they'll realize they need to do their job. [ To lawfully beat down the bullies in Congress, you have to lawfully cooperate with numerous, bigger bullies: We the People Click]

  • You can simply go after them in the same way that they've gone after the public: [ Lawfully recirprocating against domestic enemies of the Constitution Click ]

    * * *

    Does this Republican really mean "that he means it":
    "When I raise my right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States, I mean it"

    -- House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)Ref

    * * *

    After a while, you can figure out which media outlets to ignore, which to seriously consider.

    What's got met thinking about this was the contrast between the trash in the blogosphere, and the propaganda in the main stream media.

    Ideally, it would be nice if there was something that provided reliable information, was timely, factual, succinct, and the truth.

    This as opposed to timely, succinct propaganda.

    * * *

    I'd really like to see the media better contrast words with actions, and actively discredit the leaders.

    Who wants to read a piece of copy that says nice things, but you know it’s worthless, false, and assenting to more abuse. When you have a bad situation, you end it.

    The way forward is to figure out which media is going to be part of the solutions, not this propaganda.

    I'd like to have something better contrasts the propaganda with reality and facts, not more of what we have: Simply retelling what the Propagandists in the RNC are saying.

    I'd like to see something that really points out the non-sense, drives the point home, and works toward a real solution, then implements it and solves the problem.

    * * *

    What we don't need is two-sides of non-sense. We need analysis. The problem is the media pumps out the non-sense as if its part of the P.R. Department of government.

    The media really needs to answer: What information do the voters need to make prudent decisions? Most of all, they need the truth.

    I'd like to see some better challenges on the media to get it right; and to challenge the media to challenge government.

    I wish the media, if the are going to waste their time with government, get the government to explain and solve this issue: Why should the reader believe the government?

    If the risk is that someone might "lost their source" because the truth is reported, make that the story; when the truth is tolerable, maybe they might be worthy as a source, not threats.

    * * *

    The thing with the media: What's up with this 9-11, World Trade Center explosives?

    As far as I can tell this entire Sept 2001 timeline is fiction, there are no real threats, and the US government targeting is only going after Americans who are innocent.

    * * *

    The idea of public trials is to show us results. This crew, if there is a result, commands us to assent to abuses of rights, while giving us nothing to show for the violations of abuses.

    Now we find out about the NSA domestic surveillance -- they were listening, and then using that illegally gathered evidence to engage in more abuses.

    The issue is despite 9-11, and the apparent Reichstag-like use of 9-11 to justify more abuses, what is going to be done to prevent this abuse of power. This is the same non-sense as the Nazis.

    FISA was supposed to solve this.

  • How did they get around FISA

  • Why there are no reports from the IG?

  • What happened to the urgent notification requirements to Congress?

  • What happened with Congress?

  • How are we going to solve this and put some teeth in 5 USC 3331?

    One way is to make Members of Congress and the media to lawfully endure the abuses they have said nothing about; and then get the Congress to assert that the Constitution is real, and applies to them. Then they’ll realize they have suffered because they refused to stand up and assert those rights for all.

    The way forward is to lawfully threaten the Members of Congress and the media personally with a real loss of rights, and force them to stand up and assert those rights for all, not just for themselves.

    Until they are willing to embrace the consequences for their inaction, they will not act.

    They wished this.