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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iran: Americans Scream Before the Mirror

Someone was thrown in jail for violating the law, and there's a huge outpouring of dismay from America: "How dare they hold someone accountable."

Yet, when the same abuses occurred in America, Americans were silent. With few exceptions, Members of Congress are only concerned with the Constitution when it personally affects them, not their Constituents.

* * *

The RNC propaganda, to mobilize for war, is to make Americans believe that Iran is acting absurdly. Yet, the issue is that what Iran may or may not be doing is a sideshow to the abuses in America.

The Americans point to abuses refined inside the White House.

These charges are disingenuous. If this outpouring of concern were real, the same voices should have spoken out many years ago as the abuse spread from the White House to lands now worse off and in despair.

* * *

The world is not impressed. While Americans spirals into anarchy, the world reluctantly plans to provide a solution: America claims a superior right to violate the law, test missiles, and illegally develop weapons which violate treaties.

* * *

Civility is desirable. It's all well and good to shine the light on abuses. The US would have more credibility if it ensured the abuses were contained at home, as opposed to shrieking when it sees itself in the mirror on foreign shores.

We heard the same before the illegal invasion of Iraq. The abuses abroad may be true; but given the US has failed to assert these standards at home, these siren songs of what may or may not be going on in Iran sound more like propaganda, and false claims of shock and "how they are not like us."

The US offers no improvement. Even if the claims are true, is the US in any better position? No, we learn from Rice: They will talk about principles; all the while they deny the public to get access to evidence of American war crimes. Nazi hunters have long lives. They tend to outlive criminals who are lawfully put to death for crimes against humanity.

The US prefers to silence domestic dissent. If you're going to shriek about Iran, at least have the courtesy to check whether your volume control was adjusted before or after Guantanamo. You don't have much to stand on when you're whining about Iran, when the real whining should be before The Hague, begging more mercy.

You wished this.