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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rice at Boston: A War Criminal Pleads For Justice

War criminals like to abuse others. It's only when you threaten to impose on them the same consequences, that they talk about what they denied others: Decency, justice, and the rule of law.

If you want the national leadership to embrace the Constitution, all you have to do is lawfully subject them to a credible, lawful loss of liberty.

* * *

Rice's words at the commencement speech sounded nice, so long as you ignored reality and the abuses under he watch as national security advisor: Guantanamo, illegal war, Abu Ghraib, and fabrications related to American foreign policy.

Other than that, the speech doesn't deserve much attention.

That is, unless you want to examine the effectiveness of American propaganda.

* * *

Before giving any deference to Rice in any forum, would be appropriate to wait until we learn more about the NSA illegal activity and we are in a position to closely examine the full scope of American illegal war crimes.

Then we'll know whether Rice really took the Founder's to heart, or simply invoked them as Stalin or Hitler would invoke other convenient fables.

Rice has no credibility. It’s one thing to say nice things, quite another to put them into practice.

Her speech would be very nice to read back to her at her war crimes trial, just to drive home the point: She was fully informed, but reckless in her negligent disregard for treaty obligations.

War crimes trials aren’t only about justice, but also a time for the criminals to demand that the rights they denied others be respected.

How fitting.

Make it so.