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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NSA: Attempts to Suppress Public Information Related to Illegal Activities

Constant's Pations can report that efforts to suppress evidence of illegal activity have backfired. We've found new places to post the information, and the information is now available.

We're better off than when we started.

The public well knows what is going on with the illegal activity. The issue is whether this government will freely choose to assent to the rule of law, or have to have a New Constitution to compel it to assert its oath of office.

Update: 7:30P EST, 24 May 2006: The content is accessible. We plan to keep this information available so others can monitor whether NSA-related information is being blocked.

* * *

Wired Magazine recently posted Mark Klein's affidavit, details largely available through the open media.

AT&T counsel in error publicly commented on the key information, allowing Constant's Pations to find the entire connection between NARUS, the White House, DoD, and the Telephone Billing Companies.

Constant's Pations had previously posted the link of the Symantec 2002 conference information, substantially matched information Wired Magazine subsequently released. All information contained on that blocked site was available from open sources.

Curiously, the public is able to still read the Wired magazine affidavit and Klein's disclosures, but unable to get access to a public discussion of that open content. The information is now available in an open source, located on a completely different system outside Google Control, with different terms and conditions.

Anyone worldwide who reads the Mark Klein disclosure on Wired Magazine, and types in "Narus STA 6400" into Google or Yahoo would find Constant's site at the number one and number two positions, respectively. Although that content remains indexed it is no longer available at the link.

* * *

There are other reports of Google suppressing information related to the NARUS STA 6400:

Shortly after hearing news of the lawsuit a bunch of us start researching what this Big Brother machine really is. This Narus STA 6400 machine must be something special. Because as quick as you can say CHINA LOVES GOOGLE, Google removes all traces of the Narus STA 6400 from its cache. Literally, one day you can find a couple pages of info on this system (through live links and Google cache), then gone. You can’t find it. Same goes for Yahoo! Click

In what may be related reporting, Google News has been identified as suppressing content related to allegedly dubious assertions. [ Ref ]

What is curious, if you go to this page, you are able to access the information located here, suggesting that the block is Google. However, after researching Google again, this search now connects to the once blocked content.

* * *

Following Congressman Conyers' blog on Sy Hersh's article, detailing the illegal NSA domestic phone interceptions, Constant's posted information related to the NARUS STA 6400 was blocked.

Constant can report that the evidence related to the illegal NSA activity is openly available and does not require classified information. Here is how to prove using open sources that the NSA activity is illegal, and that both the President and General Hayden have violated the law: [ Click ]

* * *

The information contained in the released information is available as a backup on this location, at another site, and has a separate feed.

18 USC 1512 makes it a crime to intimidate witnesses. The world know what is going on with not only the original illegal NSA activity, but also the failed efforts to the discussion of public interest.

* * *

State-level effort launched to investigate the illegal activity. [ Local utilties and State Attorney Generals contacted: Click ]

Blogosphere: Here's what you can do

It remains to be understood:

  • Whether NARUS is cooperating with Google in using its STA to suppress information in the open media;

  • What types of content, information, and communication is specifically targeted;

  • How the content suppression is managed, if at all, by the RNC, White House, DoD, DoJ, or some other firm or entity that hopes to dissuade public discussion on a matter of public importance;

  • How many websites the White House, DoD, and NSA use NARUS STA-like technology to suppress from American voters [ Is the technology, used in China to suppress and block information, also being used in the United States Click ]

  • Whether the confluence of the Hersh and Wired articles and the imminent Senate Debate on Hayden's nomination as Director of CIA triggered the block of the information;

  • What relationship the posting of the full information on Wired Magazine, and Constant's linking to that site triggered the block.

  • Why Mark Klein's affidavit on Wired is still available, but the public information and discussion on Google related to Klein's statements is not available;

  • Why the public can get access to open information, but a discussion of that open information is not possible;

  • Whether there are deliberate efforts to intimidate others from discussing this information;

  • Which specific government agency or open source media discussed the content with AT&T counsel, NARUS, the court, then possibly requested Google bar access to the information;

  • Whether the blocking was triggered by USA Today questions, related to the Dutch STA conference, or the DoD's CIFA discussed the information with AT&T counsel Pillsbury Winthrop, seeking comment on the Wired Magazine posting; and

  • Whether private counsel working on the EFF litigation against AT&T are aware of other unusual incidents related to the litigation against AT&T.