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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iran: US refuses to accept Iranian recognition of Israel

Iran has sought diplomatic talks with the American government over recognition of Israel. The White House has refused to accept the Iranian overtures.

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* * *

These are stunning revelations. They completely destroy all legal, moral, and diplomatic arguments the Americans are making.

If you take a broad view at the implications of the American rejection, you’ll see there is quite a problem.

* * *

By refusing to resolve the Israeli security problem, the Americans have destroyed all credibly they have. The Americans have long argued that the reason they have a military or are present in the Middle East is to support Israel.

We know the Americans are not being truthful. Rather, there is something else that the Americans are after: An area to impose power and secure access to oil.

The problem the Americans have is that their stated objectives – if they were true – could easily be solved be resolving the dispute with Iran.

  • Israelis security: If the US discussed the Iranian proposal, this would be progress

  • Oil: if the US accepted the Iranian peaceful, commercial nuclear development, this would take the pressure off oil.

  • American security: If the US resolved the dispute with Iran, there would be no waste of time and resources on Iranian-US military escalation

    * * *

    The American security issue is a manufactured problem. America says it want’s to “win the war on terror.” Yet, by refusing to resolve the issues over Israel, the US – as it has done in Iraq – is merely fueling the very problem it hopes to address.

    The real issue isn’t that the US wants to contain Iranian nuclear weapons – there is no program to do that – rather, the single objective is to change the leadership. Yet, if the leadership in Iran is willing to address the Israel situation, what is the basis to change the leadership in Iran?

    * * *

    At every turn, the American position is circular. It is no wonder the American Joint Staff are considering resigning. The real issue is what is going to suddenly make American leaders in both Congress and the Executive branch wake up: The oath is at odds with what the American leadership is doing.

    But the problem with American leadership isn’t simply whether they do or do not support the recognition of Israel. Rather, we have to ask what is being the double story:

  • A. ON one hand publicly asserting that the actions in Iraq and Iran are to bring peace; but the US refusal to peacefully address the issues

  • B. While the US relies on this manufactured conflict, it no longer has any reasonable basis to assert that the NSA actions are to fight anything. Rather, the NSA conduct is simply to assert power without regard to the rule of law. If there was a real motivation behind using the NSA – in fighting terrorism – this should be equally matched by the diplomatic efforts to mitigate the risk of terrorism, and accept the Iranian solution.

    * * *

    Inside the White House many of the staff are echoing what was asserted about Iraq: That Iran is another Nazi Germany. The problem with this assertion – as was the case with Iraq – was there was no basis for this statement.

    Rather, we’re seeing the same non-sense which drove the nation to war in Iraq simply shift gears to mobilize action against Iran. It’s time to call the Americans what they are: War criminals. They refuse to peacefully resolve issues. Rather, they keep asserting that it’s everyone else’s job to respond, meet standards.

    Would it not be lovely if the Americans were to meet the standard they impose on others:

  • Comply with treaty obligations on torture

  • Comply with treaty obligations on the non-proliferation treaty

  • Comply with treaty obligations on no use of force without an imminent threat

    On all counts, the Americans miss the mark. Yet, the Americans refuse to assent to the rule of law. What is the Americans’ response? As the Americans have done at home – abuse those who discuss the violation of the law – the Americans whine that they must first attack those who dare call the Americans on the carpet for their hypocrisy.

    * * *

    The American White House and Joint Staff and Congress are reckless. They know the laws and treaties, but create excuses to ignore their obligations.

    Recall the many whining statements from the White House and US Ambassadors to the UN about what Iran and Iraq “should do.” It’s time the UN General Assembly really take note of what is going on in America and seriously consider:

  • A. What is to be done if the Americans pre-emotively attack innocent civilians in Iran;

  • B. There is not evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons programs

    We already went through the mess with Iraq. Iraq is a mess. The Joint Staff well communicate to Congress their contempt for the White House and Secretary of Defense. It is well known in America that the White House and Secretary of Defense are reckless, not to be trusted, and war criminals.

    The issue before us: What is going to lawfully stop the Americans from doing what they’ve already violated in Iraq:

  • 1. Treaty obligations against the first use of illegal weapons against civilians;

  • 2. Treaty obligations against the violation of the Geneva conventions against the use of torture

    The World has seen the images. This White House refuses to let prisoners be interviewed in Guantanamo. This White House moves without regard to the rule of law.

    The time has come for the UN General Assembly to look at the White House for what it is: A rogue regime, which moves without regard to the laws of war, their treaty obligations.

    The World has stood by watching as the Joint Staff and Congress assented to the non-sense in Iraq. Despite oaths to preserve the law, the Congress and Joint Staff have joined this president in rebellion against the rule of law.

    The world sees the non-sense in Iraq. All the world hears are more excuses.

    * * *

    The President of the United States went to the UN before the Iraq invasion and asked if the UN was or was not relevant.

    We now know these statements were really about him: Is he relevant when it comes to matters of law and order. In Iraq, we see the results: this President is the source of disorder.

    This president opposes the new Iraqi prime minister because the Iraqis are about to call for the US to leave Iraq.

    Yet, the US continues to act as if it is in charge. Wait a minute, Iraq has a constitution and has new leaders; in theory, the US should have no say in the matter.

    Clearly, the Iraqis are in a civil war; and the US has failed to ensure that the domestic situation is stable. This is only the fault of the Americans. Yet, rather than accept responsibility for this failure, the White House wants to take the disaster one step further into Iran.

    * * *

    The UN general Assembly is going to have to confront the Americans. The Americans refuse to honor their oaths.

    Right now, the Americans have no credibility. They have admitted that they’ve refused to discuss a peaceful resolution to the Israeli situation.

    There is no basis for any other US action. Rather, the US action has to be taken on face value: That they’re simply using power because they can get away with it.

    This Joint Staff knows full well the President wants to keep all nuclear options on the table because this White House is reckless. The real question is why the Joint Staff has not already resigned. What are they waiting for: More war crimes, more loss of innocent life, and more treaty violations? It’s already happened.

    * * *

    It’s not clear what Congress is waiting for. Their oath has long been ignored. The violations are clear. There is one thing that is obvious: the situation in the American political scene is only going to get worse for the Republicans: more people are going to vote for the Democrats. This means one thing: that the White House can no longer be immune to an impeachment.

    Yet, rather than embrace this reality – and for the RNC to say, “We need to face what is going to happen, and start an investigation – it’s as if the world is moving in slow motion form the momentum of Iraq.

    Time to wake up. The election isn’t here yet. We still have real time in April 2006 to ensure the rule of law is asserted. The question forward is: what is going to be done to assert the rule of law.

    What is to be done when the elected officials – who have a duty to protect a constitution – fail to do so; is there a time when the free nations of the world must face facts and see what we have: That the US – like the Japanese on the eve of Pearl Harbor – are simply looking for an excuse to attack Iran.

    * * *

    The US is a bully nation. It is not longer supportive of the rule of law. What’s worse is that it’s political and military leaders well known this but refuse to end the rebellion.

    What’s even more absurd is despite the inevitable impeachment, the nation continues to act as if Iran deserves some serious attention. They are far off from achieving their civilian goals.

    It’s time for the UN and world community to begin gathering additional evidence of American leadership war crimes.

    The Congress in America refuses to act. The world community is the only thing that might act as a counterweight to the reckless American leadership.

    Yet, the civilian leadership refuses to obey their treaty obligations; the Secretary of State lectures others about “their obligations” all the while ignoring her obligation: to the US Constitution.

    Let’s face it: America is like Japan in 1941. it is on the eve of doing something stupid. The UN general Assembly will have to ask: Are you willing to go along with America and violate the law; are you willing to stand up to a bully; are you willing to cut off economic support for a nation that refuses to assent to the rule of law; or are you willing to simply go along with it.

    It is not appropriate to assent to bullies. The world saw what happened in the wake of the 1940s: Hitler continued his march. He continued to invade. This despite his waning world support and limited resources.

    Today, Bush is indistinguishable from Hitler. He wages war without legal foundation; he squanders resources; and he openly refuses to bring peace to the nation he supposedly supports

    * * *

    The world leaders are going to have to ask themselves: How far are we willing to let America go; and what is to be done when the world community continue to face a reckless bully.

    This President said the UN was not relevant. That may be true. But the basis for his action in Iraq – he argued – was to put on his boots, deal with the snakes.

    The World Community will soon have to take the President at his word, and ask America what is to be done about the snake in the White House.

    America will have to be given a choice: You must resolve the snake, or the world community will have to use lawful means to protect themselves.

    * * *

    This leadership in the White House invents legal theories that defy reason. They are criminals.

    The issue is that there is no restrain on their abuse of power.

    The world community will have to decide: What is to be done when the peaceful, legal means are no long sufficient.

    We are at that stage.

    * * *

    The American people should know one thing: This leadership in the White House refuses to use peaceful means to resolve the issues over Israel.

    Iran has a vested interest in stability in Iraq. Yet this White House refuses to publicly discuss what plans it has to work with Iran, withdraw from Iraq, and ensure the region is stable. Rather, it does the opposite: Openly plans to invade Iran.

    Iran has already stated – as a lawful response to an illegal pre-emptive strike – that it will launch counter attacks against America. This is not a speculative threat. Rather, it is a lawful threat.

    The issue Americans have to decide – knowing this possibility – is what is to be done in April 2006 to ensure that your reckless leadership does its job: Better oversees the White House, ensures there is a rule of law.

    Americans have to decide what they’re going to do to assert the rule of law. Whether you take lawful action and compel your leadership to assert the rule of law in April 206; or you do so at the ballot box in November is not the issue.

    The fact is that Americans in April 2006 are pretending something that is not real: Your leadership is not in harmony with your interests. Rather, your leadership is doing everything it can to make the situation worse in Iraq, and further destabilize the region.

    Clearly, the White House will argue that this is absurd, and that they do not wake up to cause problems. But what other conclusion do we have: The White House refuses to accept a peaceful resolution from the Iranians to recognize Israel.

    Everything the White House says or does it not to be believed. Rather, they have one goal: to refuse to resolve the situation, and in doing so contribute to the very security problems they say they are supposedly trying to prevent.

    America’s leadership and polices are at cross purposes. The net result is destabilization. The problem is they continue with this reckless approach, and despite the disaster in Iraq are actively planning to do the same in Iran.

    * * *

    Consider the reasons we have been told for the use of NSA resources against Americans: that they are trying to find terrorists.

    Would it not bake sense to actually mitigate the chance of terrorism if they Americans – at the same time – took action and resolved the situation with the Iranians over Israel.

    The fact that the US leadership refuses to resolve the Israeli security situation – and thereby expose the US to an increased threat of terrorism – raises doubt as to the real motivation behind the NSA illegal domestic spying.

    We can make adverse inferences. The US government isn’t using NSA resources to catch terrorists; rather, they use the NSA to illegally violate the law, abuse power, and violate the Constitution. The net result is the NSA provides JTTF and local law enforcement with information to fight crime.

    All the reasons given – about “fighting terrorism” – are at odds with what is going on. Rather, it appears as though the “we’re fighting terrorism” is the excuse that DoJ and DoD have blindly accepted as the pre-text to violate the Constitution.

    DoD and DoJ need to wake up. The White House is not serious about addressing the real issues driving what they argue are behind the NSA program. Rather, DoD and DoJ contractors need to wake up and realize: You’re illegally on contract to do something in the name of “fighting terrorism,” but your leadership is not actually taking action to resolve that matter.

    * * *

    The UN General Assembly has a problem. The rule of law has broken down in America. American leaders are living in a fantasy world. The leadership has created situations to justify abuse; they’ve created illusory problems; and the world community has been told – not asked – to assent to this reckless abuse of power.

    The world community will have to decide whether it chooses to negotiate with the Americans – despite their refusal to negotiate over Israel – or discuss what is to be done when an outlaw leadership refuses to meet its obligations.

    Again, the Americans are quick to lecture the world about what it is supposed to do. It’s time for the UN General Assembly to return the favor: Start asking Congress and the law enforcement community when they are going to wake up, and start meeting their obligation sot the US Constitution and treaties.

    The American leadership does not listen to the rule of law. Rather, they find excuses to say the laws do not apply. Rather than enforce the law, they make new laws and create new standards.

    Yet, the Americans keep creating illusory benchmarks as to when they will or will not use force against others. It is known that – even if Iran were working on nuclear weapons – that they are years away. There is no imminent threat, as required under the laws of war.

    The UN General Assembly will have to ask what is to be done if the Americans – as they did with Iraq – illegally uses force against civilians in Iran, and violate the Geneva Conventions against no first use of force where there is no imminent threat.

    The world has 6.5 Billion people on it. Only 300 Million of them live in the United States. On sheer numbers alone, the Americans are outnumbered. Yet, the world continues to cower. I ask you: What is it going to take to stand up to the reckless, war criminals in the White House – and what is it going to take to get the UN General Assembly to do in 2006 what the US wanted done in 2003: A UN led effort to ensure the rule of law prevails in the United States, and that the world is safe and free from those who are a threat to law and order.

    * * *

    The American Congress refuses to meet its obligations. The world well knows that the outlaws in the White House are inventing new non-sense over Iran. The way forward in April 2006 is to discuss what is to be done when the American Generals – who well know there is no imminent threat – decide they “have no choice” but to commit more war crimes.

    The world will have to face this issue soon. The problem is that America’s leaders are well at rallying the nation on the basis of non-sense.

    The American Generals already know they’re being asked to plan for something that is unrelated to a lawful use of military force. Rather, they keep threatening to resign. It is time for the UN General Assembly to call the Joint Staff on the carpet and ask them why they continue to support war criminals; why they haven’t resigned; and why the US leadership fails to meet is obligations.

    * * *

    The White House and Joint Staff currently offer themselves a false choice. They argue – as they did with Iraq – there must be regime change or military strikes.

    Excuse me, who is the United States to say – as it did with Iraq – that it has any say on the matter; that this is the correct agenda item; or that the choices are between “what is or is not to happen in Iran.”

    Rather, the issue needs to be thrown back at the Americans:

  • Why is the solution to “this problem” not in the White House?

  • What is the White House and Congress – through either action or inaction – doing to support this conflict?

    Rather, the issue needs to be looked at in another way:

  • What is being done to work with the existing leadership around the globe

  • what is being done to ensure the US laws and treaty obligations are enforced at home

  • What is the US doing to ensure that it is peacefully using options to support the security of Israel

  • what is the US excuse and explanation for rejecting peaceful options to Israel’s’ security problem

  • Why is the US rebuffing peaceful efforts to recognize Israel

    * * *

    The White House and Joint Staff have agreed – through collective action and inaction – to hitch their wagons to war crimes. They’ve also agreed to narrow the number of options to choices that compel war crimes.

    The real issue is what is getting in the way of Congress peaking out. Clearly, if what we see is about to happen – that the DNC is going to take control of the House – what is going to happen between April 206 and November 2006 to get the DNC to start acting like leaders? You don’t wait until November 2006 to start speaking out and organizing.

    rather, the time is to speak out now:

  • A. What is the DNC plan to deal with the post-RNC control of Congress;

  • B. How will the DNC effectively ensure that independent counsels are deployed to investigate the RNC war crimes in Iraq

    The list goes on. The point is that the citizens of America need to realize that this isn’t simply something you’re watching on TV.

    The issue is about to come to your front step: When you speak out on local issues, and when you take a stand on the rule of law.

    Your leadership is lying to you. They say they want security. But they reuse to take action that will bring security. They refuse to discuss issues, yet they want you to think that they’re for diplomacy.

    Not they’re not. They’re for one thing: The freedom to abuse power and not be held accountable.

    The DNC around the country need to draw up some clear plans of what is to be done to ensure the rule of law is asserted after the November 2006 victory. This plan needs to be put together and made well know. Smear it in the RNC face: Let them know that there is a problem – which they refuse to solve now – that the DNC is fully prepared to mobilize on.

    * * *

    The American leadership’s approach to Iraq is absurd. Every time American turn around, there’s a change in oil prices. Oil prices are on people’s minds.

    The point is that oil – whether you believe it is infinite supply or not – has to be processed. This means that there needs to be a certain amount of oil refining capacity. Right now, the supply of oil through the system – not the stuff in the ground – is something people are concerned about.

    IN that nexus, countries like the United Kingdom have almost exhausted the proven resources of natural gas in the North Sea.

    The issue is that Iran sees this. Yes, today Iran sits on oil and natural gas fields. But who in the West is to say to Iran how they should or should not approach energy.

    The Americans have a policy: they want to import oil.

    The Iranians have another view: they’d like to diversify.

    The problem with Americans’ current approach to Iran is that it is not consistent with what it said in 1970s. Then White House staffer Richard Cheney, now Vice President of the United States, actively worked on efforts to bring commercial nuclear power to Iran. Today, he’s changed. He doesn’t want that.

    Where’s the question on Cheney – why has he changed; why is there a double standard; aren’t the reasons for commercial nuclear power – supposedly valid in the 1970s – still valid today?

    America needs to explain why it is concerned with nuclear power in other countries. The real issue is that America doesn’t like the fact that it can’t bully someone around.

    That is America’s problem. But now it is a problem for the world community. The real question is: Who’s next; how far are they going to get pushed; and what is the US citizen to do?

    * * *

    American military commanders are well trained on asymmetrical warfare. They know full well the lessons of foreign conflicts. Their get regular intelligence briefings on the latest tactics.

    Despite all that information, there is one thing the American military commanders cannot do: they can’t stop Americans making a choice at the ballot box.

    The issue Americans have to decide – above and beyond the political issues – is whether you trust you leaders to do the right thing in April 2006. They know what military units around the globe are capable of doing.

    They also advocate something called pre-emptive war. This means that they want to use military force first.

    What is to stop another nation from doing the same; and if the US says that it can take pre-emptive action, what’s to stop another nation or group of nations from doing the same?

    The issue is whether you can trust your commanders to do their jobs. They have failed in Iraq: they didn’t stand up and refuse to disobey illegal orders; they’re also not willing to stand up to a war criminal in the White House.

    American military commanders have already decided to violate the law. Americans are going to have to ask whether you trust your commanders to refuse to take unlawful action again.

    Your leaders cannot be trusted. They have defied their oaths. They know full well the of the intelligence and what Iran and others have promised to do when America uses illegal force again. There is no surprise.

    The issue is: Despite this risk, why are the leaders in the White House and Congress not asking what they are doing to contribute to this problem: the answer is simple: they refuse to assent to the rule of law.

    What’s going to magically change between now and November 2006: What “magic event” is going to suddenly make American leaders suddenly do their job?

    I can assure you, if there is any sort of military action, you can count on common sense going out the window. We saw in the wake of Sept 2001 that chaos is the desired nexus for those who want to abuse power and invent excuses to not assert the rule of law.

    But, there is relative peace. Yes, Americans are in an illegal occupation in Iraq; but the president has already stated that the war has been won. Never mind the fact that he relies on war to justify violating your rights.

    Americans have to face a real question: if you do not ensure your laws are enforced at home, what are you going to do when the UN General Assembly agrees – “We must take action, otherwise, we are at risk of being invaded illegally.”

    This White House likes to look at the world as either for or against them. Yet, it is clear these war criminals are not for the American Constitution.

    Americans may have to face a choice: Are you going to lawfully assert your power and mandate that the rule of law prevail; or are you going to let this continue to spiral down into anarchy.

    Some have threatened Americans with blackmail saying, “If you do not support the war crimes, then you will support the terrorists.” In reality, what they are saying is: “Put up with our lawlessness, or we will abuse you.”

    Wake up America: this reckless White House and Joint Staff have already done what they’ve threatened: They do violate the law, they do illegally use force, and they have already killed thousands of Americans: they are dead, in Iraq, and they are called members of the Armed Services.

    The issue Americans have to face is simple: Is America being threatened into assenting to war crimes because of an implicit threat that American combat troops might be used against American civilians?

    If that is the case – then let’s call it what this is: Americans are actually being forced to choose between two options:

  • Option 1: Assent to war crimes, or the American government will use the threat of force to make you accept the lawlessness; or

  • Option 2: Assent to the use of military force by the UN General Assembly, when they take military action in a pre-emptive way to contain the war criminals in America.

    Let’s get this debate on the table: is that what this is about: Is the White House implicitly arguing that Americans have no choice, and that they must face one of two choices: Military force from American troops; or military force from other nations?

    That is outrageous.

    The issue we should face is what is going to end this non-sense: What lawful catalyst is going to trigger the US Congress and Joint State to lawfully remove themselves from this rebellion; and ensure that this reckless White House no longer illegally uses power to commit war crimes.

    this White House has already illegally used combat force in America: they openly brag that the use the NSA. But we know they are not serious about fighting terrorism: If they were, they’d do what they could to bring peace between Iran and Israel.

    We can make adverse inferences.

    * * *

    Iran is far away from a nuclear weapon. There in no imminent threat. It’s the job of the White House to explain why it is madly rushing – as it did with Iraq – in Iraq

    Rather, given the failure to seek peace with Iran over Israel, and the refusal to engage in peaceful negotiations with the Iranians, we have to ask what the White House really stands for.

    Recall back to the Nixon days and Cambodia; and think about the wiretapping. Out of this chaos came the War powers act and FISA – two tools to get the US Congress in better control of a wayward executive.

    Today, we have the same problem: Violation of the laws of war and statutes against invasion of privacy and illegal searches. Something broke in the system. The issue is: What is going to fix it; and what it the real catalyst for this government’s actions? It does not appear to the be the rule of law, but the rule of non-sense.

    It’s been almost five years since Sept 2001. In WWII, four years after Pearl harbor, it was over. Today we’re being told – not asked – that this war may go on for years. Indeed, it will drag on if we have a White House that refuses to bring peace to Israel and rebuffs Iranian efforts to recognize Israel.

    * * *

    Like Iraq, it appears as though Bush wants war in Iran, not for any noble cause or objective. But he wants to assert power. But why does he want to change the leadership of those who want peace for Israel?

    What end result does the White House envision for Iran that we can believe is achievable despite the disaster in Iraq?

    We can only speculate what kind of delusion the contractors in DoD and the NSA are embracing to support this recklessness. Today, the planning continues to invade Iran. But we‘ve seen the results of this system’s planning: Katrina and Iraq.

    This leadership refuses to face the lessons of Phase II, nor admit that it ignored real information. Rather, it refuses to admit that it is driven by fascist ideology.

    How can a leadership that embraces absurdity, and refuses to learn the lessons of Iraq possibly justify confidence that it is going to do any better in Iran?

    Put aside what the US planners are or are not doing. Consider the other side of the coin: What are the planners saying about the Iranians, how they will respond; and what we should reasonably expect in Iran if combat starts.

    We’ve already been told two things, both of which have been discounted with black propaganda:

  • 1. Military simulations in Iran show there will be problems. Recall the other training scenarios in Iraq, which forecasted problems. When the results did not match what the White House wanted, they were ignored; despite ignoring the unfavorable weather reports, the snow came.

  • 2. The citizens of Iran are likely to do more of what we’ve seen in Iraq: Engage in a defense of their country. But unlike Iraq which had been worn down under many years of sanctions, Iran is fully combat ready and they well know what’s been going on in Iraq.

    The issue American have to decide is: What is to be done when your leaders wage illegal war, and the war is brought to your front steps. That is not a threat – the Iranians have openly stated that they will, as is permissible under the Geneva Conventions, wage war in America.

    You can thank one person for that result: Your President.

    * * *

    Bush wants a war in Iran. But a desire for war is not the same as a legal foundation for war. Rather, there is no basis for targeting civilians. It remains to be understood how many dead Iranians the US considers “OK’ as a “reasonable” link with Sept 2001.

    In short, there is no link. Nor is there any basis to assert that the US can take any military action in Iran. Rather, it is an illegal use of force.

    The US also has no knowledge of the Iranian nuclear program. Rather, it’s using ignorance as it did as the basis for accusations and assertions. It remains to be understood what information the US combat targeters are using; and why this information wasn’t used to direct the inspectors. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program. If it did, there would be certainty in what the White House is saying; we have the opposite – confusion, innuendo, and lectures about all other things. This White House is reckless. There is no credible basis for ay US Statements on Iran.

    The White House wants to wage illegal war on the same absurd, flawed foundation as we’ve seen in Iraq.

    As usual, Congress is nowhere, silent and not applying the lessons of the Iraq WMD to the White House over Iran.

    * * *

    Congress failed over Iraq. The lesson is Congress needs information. Today, we’re not under a time crunch. In fact, we never were.

    Congress needs to take the accusations of the White House against Iran and apply those standards to the White House:

  • what is the White House plan to comply with the treaty

  • What is the basis to believe what the White House is saying about Iran

  • They lied about WMD in Iraq; when will the public be given the information Congress is currently being provided

  • What is the White House going to provide by way of assurances that its statements – despite the lies over Iraq WMD –are to be believed?

    Even if they are telling the truth, the urgency that did not exist in Iraq does not exist in Iran. So Congress needs to explain – to their constituents – why it is not throwing this issue back to the White House.

    Again, the issue is what threat or implied threat is the White House saying if the Congress refuses to go along; is the RNC saying to the DNC, “You can’t oppose this, the voters might . . .”

    I’ll tell you what: That argument doesn’t work. Why is the DNC listening to the RNC non-sense? They’ve lied about Iraq, WMD, and what did or didn’t happen about Sept 2001. They’ve lied about the NSA programs.

    And this arrogant Congress want to be smug enough and say “We’re for the people” at the same time they ignore the laws, refuse to enforce it, and then have the audacity to listen to the RNC’s excuses to commit more war crimes?

    Wake up: It’s April 2006 – the voters have seven months to digest this information, and to suggest that we have to “just go along” with this is absurd. No, we have options.

    First, we can change the laws outside Article V to force Congress to do this;

    Second, we can force the US Congress with a State proclamation to face this issues on impeachment; and

    Third, we can make adverse inferences.

    * * *

    I don’t know what’s got into the collective heads of Washington or the American psyche, but there’s wave of non-sense that continues to linger. Despite all that we have – as the basis to impeach the President – the nation rolls over when it comes to Iran, throws up its hands, and says, “Well, I guess this is going to happen.”

    Huh? What happened to the leadership?

    This is absurd. We’re talking war crimes here. The resolution to this matter isn’t to let more war crimes happen; it’s to address the issue in house.

    Yet, this Congress obviously has no clue what the stakes are. If you’re not going to assert your oath and ensure the nation’s laws are protected, then under the laws of war other nations may impose that law and order at home.

    Yet, despite violations of the law, this Congress wants to change the law. That’s not a solution. The answer isn’t to say, “Well, I guess we have the same thing as we had during Nixon.”

    No, we don’t have the same thing as Nixon. We have a larger problem. Unlike Nixon’s days there was no FISA; and there was no War Powers Act. In the wake of that fascism, the US asserted the rule of law.

    Today, despite the rule of law, the US is now asserting fascism.

    * * *

    Where’s the leadership in America. When are we going to have some return to reason? Recall the non-sense of McCarthyism. Smearing left and right. Commercial and private leaders were smeared, ignored, and then abused because they stood up for themselves.

    Now, the tables have turned: those in America who stand up to the abuse by commercial and private interest join forces with them and undermine the rule of law. They are called Members of Congress.

    Everywhere we look in America, the leadership assents to abuse, they refuse to listen, and well within the Joint Staff the officer corps refuses to assert its oath.

    It’s as if America is a walking zombie. Hello, do you expect the free people of the rest of the world to let a rogue nation crash around and make a mess of things? We wouldn’t stand for it if it was happening; why should they?

    Where’s the proof that the US is going to meet its obligations and do what should be done?

    It’s a truism that hypocrisy is a core business practice in America. That is fine. But the world is not confined to dealing with Americans on only a diplomatic and commercial level. The world could very well say, “We have no other option but to use military force.”

    * * *

    There is a saying that it is better to die a free person, than to live as a slave. That’s how the world looks at America: Do they want to wait until the US attacks; or are they going to have the courage to stand up, be free, and dare to risk using their freedom.

    America used to be a place where people could be proud. Now, it is a place where people have to run from. Those days are not going to last for every. They’re going to stop running. They’re going to turn around. And then they’re going to be proud of their decision to stand up against America, even if they lose or die.

    This is what drives the insurgency in Iraq, and is what is behind the desire of free people to stand up to arrogance.

    American may be a nice image when you watch the commercials on TV. But to the rest of the world that are told to assent to American abuse, threats, and non-sense its quite clear that the images on TV are not what are desirable.

    Americans have to decide whether you’re going to assert the rule of law at home by choice; or after a period of greater lawlessness, require that catalyst to come from abroad. This is not a threat. Rather, it’s simply an inevitable outgrowth of what refuses to constrain itself.

    the idea of rule of law is so that people can lead civilized lives. Today, America’s idea of civility is to ignore the law and destroy lives. Free people around the globe have a choice, as do Americans.

    Americans have to decide whether you are going to lawfully assert the rule of law; or have others around the globe attempt to impose that standard on you by force. Your leaders refuse to engage in negotiations over Israel, and refuse to peacefully discuss the Iranian recognition of Israel.

    * * *

    The US cannot credibly argue it is using all diplomatic means to resolve issues. It refuses to engage in public diplomacy on a matter that – if openly discussed – would lessen the chances of terrorism.

    The US leaders cannot be trusted. The Congress refuses to act. The world sees that the US is about to do it again in Iran. You mean to tell me that the arrogant idiots inside the NSA and JTTF have missed this, and aren’t worried sick.

    Keep in mind what is going on: The NSA continuously monitors things around the globe, and they haven’t picked up anything about this? Absurd! It’s well discussed inside the Joint Staff the problems: that if the US attacks Iran, that there’s a real chance that the American civilians inside the Continental United States are going to be targeted.

    It is irresponsible for JTTF and NSA personnel to continue supporting these war criminals in the White House. You are actively supporting something that is at odds with your stated objective: To support the Constitution. It is outrageous that they continue to work in this environment. How do you go to work everyday?

    * * *

    The National Command Authority, JTTF, and senior leadership in the Joint Staff need to hear one single message: American citizens, even the ones who are stupid, have figured out that this White House and leadership is a threat to the Constitution; and the continued arrogance toward the rule of law is leading this nation down an unacceptable path.

    The issue in April 2006 is: What is the National Command Authority going to do to ensure that this nation’s systems of laws are respected. Are you going to wait for something to walk off the job?

    You’re reckless. You know what is happening: You continue to hear the intercepts and the talk of what is to be done. Yet, you continue to work there. You must really hate yourselves for assenting to this kind of lawlessness, and having no self-respect to walk away from these war crimes.

    It is well known to America that the stated interests and objectives of this nation are at odds with its refuse to advance what it truly wants: Peace, security, and stability for Israel.

    The problem with the current leadership is that is stuck in an illusory image of Post WWII, without a credible plan to do what was done in WWII.

    Unlike Sept 2001, the nation prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor was already mobilizing. Today, the same thing is happening in Iran and now around the globe. The US leadership is taking these prepatory actions as “proof” that these nations can be attacked first. Yet, the real problem is that America cannot sustain itself militarily.

    * * *

    What’s most disgusting about this refusal to bring peace to Israel – and accept the Iranian offer for recognition of Israel – is that it simply feeds more of what we are supposedly trying to prevent: Abuse of power.

    It is the abuse of power – and the refusal to solve problems with the Iranians and Israelis – that invokes greater disdain for Americans. But this isn’t simple hatred. Rather, it inspires free people to actively plan to invade, conquer, and destroy the American hypocrisy. This is how Rome started to collapse. People no longer cared about the principles; they simply asserted the power. The world no longer has to do that.

    The problem America has is that it fails to see what is going on. Rather, it likes to pretend that anyone who dares challenge the American arrogance is somehow a mirror of the 1930s. Indeed, the issue is that this White House is no different than the 1940’s Nazi Germany. It uses propaganda, violates human rights. The issue of degree is the excuse American given to avoid the needed comparison.

    The real problem is that the Americans are abusing power – but not to fight terrorism – but solely so they can abuse power. Yes, it is circular. By failing to discuss peace with the Iranians and recognize Israel, the Americans show us that this war on terror is manufactured: they have no real desire for it to be solved; rather, Americans would rather fight than face facts.

    What are the targets in Iran and how are these related to an imminent threat? There is no imminent threat.

    So let’s take a step back and ask: If there is no real desire to bring peace to Israel and end the threat of terrorism, what is the possible justification for illegally using the NSA against Americans? The only answer is that the arrogant, reckless leadership has invented another excuse to justify abusing Americans.

    The US wants conflict. The US refuses to accept non-conflict with the Iranians. The US simply points to non-sense to justify more of the illegal use of military power.

    But the planning is well known to the US contractors. The war support is well in place. How do Americans – after seeing the lies over Iraq – justify this? Indeed, you may be paid to be mindless, but how do you really justify additional illegal war and your planning for it?

    * * *

    The NSA is about abusing power without restraint. The American government and contractors have already shown us that they are willing to abuse power, ignore the laws, and then illegally support illegal invasions.

    Do you expect the rest of the world to sit back and just let this happen again?

    Why should Americans care whether there may or may not be a threat to America because of what the American leadership is doing: Planning for more war crimes.

    The analogy of Pearl Harbor is old. One cannot claim they can rely on the good nature of Americans to come to the aid of war criminals.

    * * *

    The US refuses to honestly deal with Iran, Iraq, and Israel will fuel the ever instability would have us believe the US is against.

    Americans and the world will have to make adverse inferences as to what the US is trying to do.

    The NSA is not being used to protect the nation; rather, it is being used to attack the Constitution.

    The US leadership refuses to take action that will address the threats or catalysts for action.

    * * *

    The US refusing to discuss recognition of Israel tells us one thing: the entire confrontation with Iran is manufactured.

    There is greater pressure on the US to use force because the US is powerless on all other fronts.

    The US opposes the new Iraqi leadership because the now free people of Iraq have elected a leader that is about to tell the Americans to leave. The US doesn’t like to be told what to do. Rather than accept the will of the people – supposedly the basis for US action in Iraq – the US will not ignore the will of the people of Iraq.

    This interference is at odds with the stated reason for being there.

    In short, this merely confirms that the invasion of Iraq wasn’t about freedom, it was about power and oil.

    Similarly, the confrontation with Iran is also about power. But the US is in a weakened position, and there is no Pearl Harbor like incident that will propel the nation to mobilize. Rather, there is this drifting could of absurdity: calling the conflict peace; and that the way to freedom is to have rights violated.

    George Orwell!

    There is no reason to believe this nation’s actions are to protect Israel when this nation reuse to discuss Israeli recognition.

    Rather, the public reasons are illusory.

    That’s why the nations of the world continue to mobilize and prepare for combat with Americans, not just overseas, but why they continue to anticipate the day when they may wage warfare on American streets.

    The Joint Staff k knows this. The DoD personnel and NSA are fully aware that the US leadership is doing the exact opposite of what the public goals are.

    But where are the “big, gallant leaders” when challenged by a domestic snake, a real threat to the rule of law, and overt attacks on the US Constitution? They, like the puppets in the RNC drift in and out of hypnosis hoping it will be over.

    Wake up! It’s getting worse. The war crimes in Iraq were just the beginning. Now, the American leadership is working up a new set of lies and absurdities to justify more non-sense in Iran.

    Yet, where is the Congress when it comes to oversight and accountability? The weather is not favorable, they need to wait for another excuse to do nothing.

    Some say that America is about democracy. If that were true, why are all the actions of this government at odds with the Constitution; and in conflict with efforts to solve problems over Israel.

    * * *

    Americans should not be surprised why the Middle East and Arabs are disgusted. Americans are only there because of the oil. You’re not there because of Israel: If you were, you’d welcome the Iranian efforts to recognize Israel. Rather, they're there because they're there -- and they're still hunting for an excuse.

    This is a problem for the White House to explain. But the world population knows it cannot rely on the White House. Rather, this is why the world throws up its hands when the White House attempts to solve problems over the media, through diplomacy, or with the law. The efforts are meaningless.

    The US is a rogue nation. The US mess in Iraq is what the US wants to see in Iran. What the US cannot control it plans to destroy.

    Yet, why do the Americans believe that the world will not do the same to American citizens? The Joint Staff knows they are throwing fuel on the fire; but what’s worse is they are more concerned with power than in protecting the Constitution.

    They are lap dogs. They choose silence and go along with this madness. They choose to freely assent to war crimes, and they show they are a threat to the American Constitution.

    Yet, where are the JTTF and FBI agents? Surely, they have an oath – when will they stand up and refuse to obey illegal orders to spy on Americans?

    That’s right: They enjoy the White house abuse because it means they have more power to abuse. How circular. Does it feel nice go now that you go through training scenarios at Quantico, only to realize in the “real world” that you’re on the wrong side of the law?

    No wonder Americans refuse to cooperate with law enforcement: If you want to know where the criminals are, just look to those who took an oath – they violate it every day, then they murmur, “Something should be done.”

    You’re right. Something should be done: Something should lawfully be done to protect this Constitution.

    You have failed. You bring discredit upon yourself.. You are right there in the Joint Staff, within the JTTF, within the NSA, reviewing the intelligence files, and you are doing absolutely nothing to distance yourself from this illegal activity.

    What are you going to tell Americans? You’re hoping we wont’ find out. Big problem: We already know. You’re the threat, you’re the ones who aren’t doing your job; you’re the ones who are paid to take an oath; but you’re the ones who are lying and not ensuring this nation’s Constitution is protected.

    Get off your rear ends and assert your oath.

    If you don’t want to assert your oath we can lawfully make you, all the while stripping you of the power you refuse to freely assert. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t argue that you are protecting something – and should have power – all the while that you refuse to protect the rule of law, ignore treaties, and fail to assert power.

    * * *

    Will the US international Community stop or blockade the United States?

    Is the world waiting for the US to do what the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor, then gang up on America?

    Bush in 2006 is no different than Hitler in 1941.

    This reckless White House has no basis for using military force in Iraq or Iran. This White House staff and President are delusional about Iran. It is striking they are at odds with what the Iranians want to do for Israel – embrace peace and recognize Israel.

    There is no basis for anyone in the White House to tell anyone – either within the Oval office, or to the outsiders – that the Iranians are or are not doing something. Rather, the issue is what is the White House doing or not doing.

    This White House is out of its mind. They have no information to justify this recklessness. They are not legitimately using power. They are abusing it.

    They may be civilians, but civilians can be tried for war crimes.

    SUMMARY: American should stop acting like the Nazis.

    But they choose to do what the Germans did. Americans are delusional, stupid, hypnotized, and untrustworthy. They blindly obey illegal orders.

    Americans wants summaries, they want a sound bite. Here’s the sound bite: Your leadership is no different than the Nazis.

    * * *

    American citizens should ask you local officials and law enforcement: How do they wake up and get work?

    With all this non-sense going on in the world, and their refusal to face reality, it’s a real question: How do the people that you interact with actually – physically – get up in the morning and get to work: What’s their through process.

    Ask them how they can reconcile the steps of getting to work – with the steps of following the law. There’s a disconnect: The same steps aren’t being followed.

    let’s review:

  • A. There are certain steps to get to work. They can do that. Great.

  • B. There are certain steps to follow the law. They can’t do that. Why?

    See the pattern: They can do something simple; but when it comes to something that they get paid to do, they have trouble.

    Let’s review: They can follow steps to get to work, they just can’t follow steps at work. Translation: Your leaders are idiots and they freely choose to do this. And you freely choose to accept them as your leaders.

    Why do you do that?

    * * *

    Americans often complain that things are too long, complicated, or rambling. But what do you want: You want a sound bite? Here’s the sound bite:

  • Sound bite: You should not obey illegal orders, but you do so

  • Sound bite: Despite being “too busy” to read the laws, you do have time to commit violations of the law

  • Sound bit: despite being “too busy” to review your oath of office, you do have time to rubber stamp.

    Nobody made you choose that. But there you are: Actively choosing to do so.

    And even the most stupid of Americans know this.

    * * *

    Time to call the American leadership in the Joint Staff, White House, and Congress what they are: Rebels against the US Constitution. They remain a threat to the US Constitution.

    The US approach to all things isn’t to solve problems. But they invariably spread the mess around.

    Why isn’t the US working with the Iranians to recognize Israel?

    Rather than work with Iran, the Americans want to attack one of the sources of regional stability: Iran.

    Who’s inciting more riots? Americans.

    Who’s wishing Saddam was back? Americans.

    * * *

    The US leadership is reckless. They refuse to accept the Iranian interest in Iraq. The Americans deny that talks are occurring.

    The US government has to accept that it made a mess in Iraq; but it refuses to do so. Rather, it wants to pretend the same failures in Iraq will magically not happen in Iran.

    How does this happen: A track record of failures, no roadblocks, and a green light to commit more reckless war crimes in another country?

    In the ideal world there is a mechanism that stops this. But not the Americans. They refuse to assert their oaths of office.

    Iran wants to help. The US wants to fight Iran more than it wants peace for Israel.

    * * *

    The issue is what is to e done to force the American government to assert the rule of law and not make accusations.

    There’s no telling how the NSA is being used to undermine the debate. The public can make adverse judgments.

    Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush are delusional, not fit to lead, and interfere with the laws of the land and mislead the country. They ineffectively and illegally use power. They ignore information that well advises them of the laws and risks; they embark freely on illegal war. They have no legal foundation for their abuse of power abroad or at home.

    * * *

    Why is America unwilling to let Iran develop commercial nuclear power?

    What’s the reason for the deadline?

    Where’s the imminent threat?

    Why is an ignorance about reality accepted as “good enough” to wage an illegal war?

    How can there be an “imminent threat” when the potential risk is ten years away?

    What if the same standards were applied to America: Why should the world assent to American lawlessness; and what is to prevent the free people of the world doing to America what America does around the globe: Engage in illegal warfare?

    The laws of war are simple: If you follow them, then you can try others if they violate them. But when you violate the laws of war, others may legally ignore the same laws.

  • A. If the US Joint Staff wants to support illegal war, then are Americans authorized to support illegal activity against the Joint Staff and their families? Ask the Joint Staff what they prefer: the right to a abuse others, or the right to a safe and secure home for all.

  • B. If the Joint Staff wants to support an illegal threat against the Constitution, may Americans support illegal action against the Joint Staff and their families which violate their rights? Ask the Joint Staff what they prefer: The right to a civilized society, or the right to be uncivilized.

  • C. If the Join Staff wants to support violations of the rule of law, may Americans support illegal action against the Joint Staff and their families? Ask the Joint Staff: what do thy prefer: The prudent use of force, or the right to be free.

  • D. Why is it “OK” for the American military to be illegally used against Americans, but it is “not OK” for Americans to illegally use similar things against the Joint Staff? Ask the Joint Staff what they like: Illegal war, or the rule of law.

    Why is there a double standard on whether the Joint Staff does or does not support their oath: One day, when it comes to illegal use of power, they assent to it, and refuse to get away from that illegal activity; but when the same laws of war are violated on them, suddenly, they claim that they have the superior right to violate the rights of Americans. That does not follow. Their thinking is warped. Yet, they claim to be leaders.

    They are war criminals.

    * * *

    The US violates the Non Proliferation Treaty. It creates new weapons that violate promises to do otherwise. Then the US has the audacity to blame the world for manufactured problems.

    Why should the world take America seriously?

    What’s really stopping America from letting the Iranians develop nuclear power?

    Why is the US fully supportive of the UK and Indian nuclear programs, but not similar programs in Iran?

    Why did the Vice President in the 1970s support nuclear power for Iran; but has reversed himself in 2006?

    The only explanation is that the US is not interested in a solution. Rather, they want excuses to assert power.

    Lets apply the lessons – of the US failure to support Iranian efforts to recognize Israel – to the US over the NSA issue. The US is not serious about doing what should reduce terrorism; so why should we believe that the NSA is being used to fight terrorism. If that is what the NSA is about, then there’s be fully support for the Iranian effort to recognize Israel.

    We can make the adverse judgments that the US – when it illegally uses American combat power and forces inside the NSA against Americans – is not really doing it to protect Americans from terrorism. Rather, it is doing it for other reasons:

  • To monitor those who dare challenge the illegal abuse of power;

  • To interfere with those who choose to not support the reckless White House;

  • To get in the way of those who choose to assert the rule of law.

    This is a reckless system feeding off itself to perpetuate more abuse of power.

    * * *

    The US failure to accept an effort to recognize Israel – regardless the source – undermines the US position. The US has no credibility. The US sticks to a belief about the world which is at odds with the real options to achieve what it says.

    The reasonable conclusion is that the US is not a serious negotiator for peace. Rather, it simply goes through the motions to justify war and abuse power.

    No wonder the world not longer is in America’s court. Indeed, the arrogant Americans use the world’s disdain as the basis to then appropriate more money for weapons it will use in those illegal wars.

    * * *

    Let’s consider the NARUS STA 6400 system. The NSA, Joint Staff, and Patriot Act are linked: There are mechanisms to monitor the public, abuse power, and then continue with illegal activities.

    The job of the world is to continue gathering evidence of the illegal NSA and DoD activities. They with the military contractors defy the law.

    The DoD and Congress have failed in their oath to prevent the illegal use of military force.

    The issue with Iran is that this failure continues. There are no questions. Rather, they blindly assert power. This is known well.

    Why is the leadership afraid of asserting the rule of law?

    How much money is the Congress and Joint Staff paid to assent to this rebellion?

    This DoD is not to be trusted to protect the Constitution. Rather, they are war criminals and in rebellion.

    * * *

    What is it going to take to get the US back under the rule of law?

    What will it require to get accountability for war crimes?

    What will compel Congress to review the matters/

    What are the real consequences on leaders for war crimes?

    What will shut down the flow of money to the military and contractors for illegal purposes?

    What will reverse this insane momentum?

    This is an escalator of support, excuses, and resources for anther round of war crimes. The US is delusional. It commits the most absurd things as if the entire legacy of Iraq did not happen.

    The issue before us: hat is to be done when the leadership is at odds with the law; and the use “war” as a protect to violate the law, torture, and ignore the bill of rights; and the Congress refuses to act.

    Arguably, we need a New Constitution to compel Congress oversee, get facts, and challenge the Executive. This transitory oversight – that ebbs and flows with the political winds – is not inspiring, nr does it given any confidence that there is a solution. Rather, a lawful solution must be one that compels action where action is not taken.

    The way forward is to force people to rise above their loyalty to a rebellion; and compel people to remove themselves from illegal war, otherwise they are responsible for the results.

    The US merely looks to Iran as another playground to get decorations. But we have heard nothing of what will be the cost in terms of civilian deaths. Those are real people. There is no merit to the argument that those so abused will rise up against the Iranian Leadership. Rather, they will be lawfully entitled to wage war on American families in American towns on American streets.

    Something needs to be done to shut off the illegal use of power in America. The money needs to be shut off. There needs to be a real impeachment. We need a new crew that follows the law.

    Congress does nothing. The US population has already been abused by its own government. That it may or may not be abused by outsiders is of little consequence. The Joint Staff and JTTF know full well they are loyal to a document they openly defy, and destroy. What’s worse is that they explain away their abuse as legitimate.

    But the American public knows better. We have already been abused. We have already had our rights violated. We have already had our homes intruded> We have already been ridiculed and smeared for speaking out about what is happening> what are you going to do: Actually do what you’re already doing?

    It’s too late to believe that we might lose something if we speak out. Rather, the US population is powerless as long as it is silent. This government has already abused people for speaking out. Why be afraid of something that is not possible, but has already started.

    This president invited the Iraqis to “bring it on” when it came to attack on Americans in Iraq. Those attacks came.

    The next attacks on Americans are already known to the Join Staff. The world gathers, plans, and actively knows it is only a matter of time: Will the Americans attack first, or will the world finally stand up and force the Americans to choose: To impose the rule of law from within, or have it imposed from without.

    Americans are idiots. They will not wake up until it is too late. It is the job of the Senior Executive Service and retired Command officers and retired military personnel to remind the Joint Staff that the stakes are high: Whether this Constitution as it exists will be protected, or whether a new one is required.

    If you refuse to protect the Constitution when it is easy, we should have no confidence you will do so when it is hard.

    Americans should have no reason to trust the Executive, White House Staff, Congress or DoD leadership when it comes to Iran. The Americans have lied. They create illusory timelines. The way forward is to remind the leadership that they must assert their oaths, or they will lawfully have other options rammed down their throat. It is up to Americans whether they choose to self-govern, or have that governance imposed on them lawfully in the wake of a failed system.

    If you want your system, you have to preserve it. If you do not want your system, others will compel you to comply with theirs.