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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Caption Context

Title: Is it Context or Contest?

John has a caption contest. [Click the image for detail]


John asked for captions. Here are my entries, the numbers correspond to the image number:

1. NSA can't read this, they only do digital.
1. These are not rugs.
1. Filing cabinets not permitted in dishwasher.
1. Batman doesn't use paper.
1. Katie Couric won't need these.
1. Who needs back-ups or filing cabinets?
1. Power supplies may not work.

2. The way to a man's heart is to rip it out.
2. What would George Clooney do?
2. Open Heart surgery may require a Band-Aid.
2. Chest x-rays here
2. "Darn, lost my keys."
2. "Ticklish?"
2. "I'd take you into the tent, but we're remodeling."

3. Rotate the image counter clockwise, and the man will do back flips.
3. Avoid bean dip on game night.
3. Crawl quickly to avoid the Crazy professor's Ebola.

4. Finger painting made easy.
4. Chocolate chip cookies were an accident.
4. Bewitched can give you gas.

Comment: CH2CH3 is anti-viral CLick; Benzene, Similar to Ethyl Benzene; Propionic acid and Ethyl Acedate; Ethyl is CH3-CH2; Unable to see the chemical symbols on large view, it's a Carbon compound, and similar to what is on page 2 of [ Click The OC3-CH3 compaound is unique, [ Click ]]

CH3CH2 does not match exactly, here [ Click ]

5. If standing in a septic tank, put your hands on your mouth, not throat.
5. Practice opening bottles with both hands.
5. If you get cut in half, end it quickly.
5. Avoid insulting your meal hosts -- it's free.
5. If you can't breathe, drop your hands.
5. Universal sign: "Choking on I-Pod"

6. Three fish are the same as a bat-sparrow.
6. Lent: It's about the fish.
6. If you eat fish, you may turn into one.

7. To get a better view of the Apocalypse,
pull over, stop the car, and stare.
7. To see the sunrise, follow the arrow.
7. Martian Sunrise.

8. Handy Banana holder.
8. This is a non-American Car -- notice
the seat is on the right of the stick shift.
8. How to raise and lower the torpedo shield.
8. To remove the wheels, raise the lever.
8. This is a mirror image -- where's the mirror?
8. If you are nervous, grab something.
8. Repetitive motion may relief tension.
8. Shoo-weeing!

9. Confusing signs are unwelcome.
9. Smoking allowed.
9. No road -- why drive?
9. Avoid straight lines, curves are better.
9. Yes, this is a mess. We had to have 9 boxes.
9. Don't try riding telephone poles while approaching a bridge sing.
9. If we wanted you to know, we'd tell you.

Comment: Number 9 really didn't "hit me" with anything.

Other entries: [ Click ]